Dell Latitude 7389 (7300U, FHD) 2 in 1 Business Laptop Review

Latitude series is very well known among the consumers for its premium business class laptop. The series has provided of so many good systems for many years, but now we are seeing a trend where the portability is being of important matter. This is where Dell makes some adjustment by adding of convertible design into their business class. The Latitude 7389 is a good example of what their prototype being a real thing here. It features the same design and specification, but coming with 360 degree hinge system where users can just flip it over to tablet mode. The portability aspect now becomes another it’s good selling point.

In term of specification, what we see here is pretty much standard things. Inside, you should find of Intel I5 processor from Kaby Lake generation, 256GB SSD storage, and 8GB memory. This hardware then is accompanied by 1080p panel which looks great for working and enjoying multimedia consumption. For under 1200 dollars, let’s see how far it goes especially when comparing it with similar option like HP Elitebook X360 who has more expensive price tag here. That is what we are going to talk about on this article.

The Overall Look Impression

The design somehow feels so boring here because they really put the black design without any detail at all. For me, the Thinkpad series is always being a good standard for premium laptop, but Dell just misses one thing here. I think by adding some details would make it looks better. In good way, the build quality is top notch as the plastic chassis has been roughened and showing no flex in both of lid cover and keyboard area. The glossy finishing is nice although it gets dirty easily in some points. The similar impression found on hinge system that holds the screen pretty well. It’s incredibly stiff and flexible at the same time.

Higher sturdiness and durable material means good things in term of quality, but it adds some effects to its overall dimension and weight. Yeah, the weight is cannot be comparable with similar competitor like Lenovo Flex as I measure it; the weight is being around more than 3 pounds. Believe me, you really need to get used with the weight here. At first, holding it in tablet mode will feel very different, but getting better as soon as you gets used here. There is always a good price for good thing here.

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Multimedia and Work Features

Dell Latitude 7389 The 13 inch display uses of an IPS panel and it looks pretty standard in my opinion. The hardware configuration probably already takes its budgets from it and as the result the display is cut off in term of quality. The panel only manages to cover of 70 % SRGB color and getting of standard 280 nits of brightness. The panel is never considered as bad as I have seen worst case here, but comparing with Elitebook X360 you should see a very big difference here. Keep in mind, there is a big price difference between these laptops, so I think the result is pretty normal for this case.

As for working, you are offered with a Chiclet style keyboard with a good layout and well-spaced keys. For some reasons, the keys are made little small here and people with big fingers should never find it as comfortable. In my opinion, the Thinkpad T470 is much better here in keys placement and everything. Thankfully, the additional backlit support might cover of this problem as users can freely type in darker condition. I guess the manufacture have to make some improvement for making a perfect adjustment for all users.

Last price update: 2019-02-07 13:47:16

Dell Latitude 7389 13 InchMain Specs
CPU Intel Core I5-7300U Up To 3.5 GHz
Graphics Intel HD Integrated Card
Display Size13.3 FHD IPS
OSWindows 10 Pro
Memory 8GB DDR4 Memory
Storage256GB M.2 SSD

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Software and Hardware

The Windows 10 Pro edition is pre-installed as the main operating system and impressively coming with less bloatware than I thought. We can still find their proprietary apps, but you are not going to see any weird apps and games installed here. I never find some of their application as so useful, so I recommend uninstalling some of them through the Control Panel. Some important apps like Microsoft Office is already installed and we are offered of free trial key for couple of months. The Windows Precision software works greatly and if you do not want to use its touchscreen, then the touchpad gesture could be your alternative here.

The good software will never be perfect if it does not come with great hardware and this case Dell is doing everything they can to make the system runs smooth. Inside, you find of Intel Core I5 7300U which is an ULV dual core processor from 7th generation series. The CPU then also powered by M.2 256GB class 20 SSD, and 8GB DDR4 memory. The performance is less powerful than what you have in 8th generation line up, but as long as your job is only related to checking email, editing document, and browsing, you will never see any problem here.

Last price update: 2019-02-07 13:47:16
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Final Thought

My last impression for the Latitude 7389 is quite good with some great aspects it brings like convertible design and powerful performance. Unfortunately, the display and keyboard are less impressive when comparing it to its competitors. I guess the price just won’t make it possible here for having all of good things. I leave the rest of things to you for deciding if the device is worth or not to take a look. The choice is yours, so feel free to take any consideration about it. Leaves your comment below and make sure to check our latest article.

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