HP Elitebook 830 G5 (8550U, Full HD) 13 Inch Laptop Review

HP Elitebook 830 G5 is arguably is considered as one of the best 13 inch business system any users could afford right now. In the same 13 inch model, HP has of Spectre 13 which interestingly features similar pricing here. But, keep in mind that laptop is specifically never meant for professional usage and only meant for standard usage and media consumption. For a truly professional category, the manufacture has Elitebook series and coming with much better security and of course a better keyboard support. Today, we are going to take a look into its smaller version. The laptop comes with 13 inch screen size and interestingly coming with any features provided in much larger version.

The keyboard, display, and everything is totally similar although they slightly need to reduce the size due its smaller chassis. Previously, I have checked its base model equipped with Intel I5 8250U processor. Now, I decide to do another test with the higher end model considering the price different is only around 100 dollars. Let’s see of this 100 hundred dollars price different will bring a better experience and of course a more performance to depend. That is what we are going to talk about on this article.

Case and Looks

If you are familiar with their Envy design, then you should be really familiar with its design here. The entire chassis is created from aluminum construction and then covered in smooth white surface. The white texture feels smooth and impressively does not become a fingerprint magnet easily. The dimension and weight are smaller and lighter here, but comparing it with similar competitors, you could see the size is slightly bigger due its large chin. However, for me 3 pounds is something very acceptable for this kind of a laptop and still considerably as portable to carry around over your bag.

Additionally, for increasing the security for its quality they add of Gorilla Glass protection into its screen. As the result, the panel is very resistant to scratch although any small object like sharp dust will scratch the screen pretty easily. In good way, even the sharpest knife should never make any scratch at all here. The placement of webcam camera is nice at the top of screen and feels much better than what we have in HP Spectre or Dell XPS where the manufacture decides to place the webcam below and making it looks really weird.

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Connectivity and Maintenance

HP Elitebook 830 G5 8550U 2 The connectivity is remaining similar here and overall I am pretty happy with it. On right side, we have of Thunderbolt 3 port, HDMI, RJ45, proprietary docking port, USB 3.0, and audio jack. On left side, we see only of smart card slot and another USB 3.0 port. For some reasons, the ports placement seems to be unbalanced as most of ports placed in right side and leaves the left side completely empty. I guess adjusting it a little should make it runs much better here especially for a left handed user like me. Not a big problem at all, but worth mentioning here.

As for maintenance support, since we have no maintenance hatch we need to open the entire back cover by removing some screws to get inside. There are total of 8 screws so make sure to keep all of them as soon as you remove all of them. Interestingly, the inside are bit crowded and leaves almost no space for air to breath. I manage to find of two DIMMs slot inside and an NVMe SSD inside. We cannot put any extra memory and storage as all of slots are used, but in good way users can just swap it with much bigger space they want.

Last price update: 2019-02-07 13:47:09

HP Elitebook 830 G5 13 InchMain Specs
CPU Intel Quad Core 8th Gen 1.8 GHz
Graphics Intel HD 620 Integrated Card
Display Size13.3 IPS FHD Panel
OSWindows 10 Pro
Memory 16GB DDR4 Memory
Storage512GB SSD

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Performance and Stress

HP decides to remove the discrete graphic card for a good reason and swap it with Intel integrated card at this year model. Previously, we have seen its predecessor suffer of great throttling and the manufacture does not really want it to happen again. For this review, my unit is equipped with Intel I7 8550U processor from Kaby Lake R generation. This processor is a direct upgrade over its Kaby Lake generation. The numbers of cores are increased to 4 cores in total although Intel forced to reduce the CPU clock for just only 1.8 GHz. In term of performance, this CPU runs faster than the last generation and slightly better than its I5 version. I am able to see that the performance runs better for 20 to 25 % thanks to its higher clock in base and turbo boost mode. 20 % number is not great, but shows big difference in multitasking works.

Since the last time I checked inside, the component inside is crowded. I am so worried the temperature is going to be a big problem especially seeing the I7 comes with higher clock speed. Thankfully, the cooling system is capable of managing the temperature although during the heavy loads, it drops the speed to only around 2.3 to 2.5 GHz. In lighter test, the CPU could easily reach 3.0 to 3.2 GHz during some cases. The fan speed runs very quietly even during my heavy test. Overall, I am so happy with the performance improvement and minor temperature issue it brings.

Last price update: 2019-02-07 13:47:09
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Final Thought

If you do not mind to spend another 100 dollars, then I really recommend you to take its high end model. With that amount of money, you can expect more performance during your usages. I do not really know why HP puts the similar price point here and making their consumers confuse. Well, I guess that is the part of their marketing, so I am not going to give any further complaint here. Feel free to share your opinion as the choice is matter in your hands. Make sure to check our latest article and thank you very much for reading our article.

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