HP ZBook Studio X360 G5 (8750H, P1000) Mobile Workstation Review

We have seen of numerous of workstation released every year, but most of them are always coming with more traditional design although the manufactures always try to make it as portable as possible. There is no such an existence of convertible workstation so far until HP recently announced the ZBook Studio X360 G5 which combined of portability from thee X360 and the business line up from the Studio series. The result is considered as impressive as they manage to combine both of it greatly although they have to raise the price slightly high here. It costs for nearly 2500 dollars with some decent specifications.

Inside, they put of Intel 8750H processor from 8th generation and combined with Quadro P1000 graphic card. The specification is comparable with Lenovo Thinkpad P52 15 which in much cheaper price point here. Keep in mind, its convertible design makes the price is slightly more expensive and it’s considered as pretty normal here. This might be a good chance for users who want to afford a laptop with performance and portability in one package. Let’s take a look inside and see how it works on us. Without further ado, let’s we jump into the article.

Design and Connectivity

The Studio X360 really features a similar design to HP Envy 13 that I have reviewed couple of months ago. But, they no longer put of silver aluminum finishing, but instead adding of dark brown finishing that looks impressive. This is the first time I see that HP makes such an improvement toward this series. I really love this kind of new approach as I am getting bored with the same design treatment. In term of build quality, I find the chassis feels pretty great. The chassis is built from aluminum and have no problem at all in stability. The front panel is protected by Gorilla Glass protection and adding a more and durable glass to its screen.

Moving into the inside, the center or base are offers a similar impression in my experience. I don’t notice any slightly flex when pressing my hands or during the typing. At the top of the keyboard, you should find of 15 inch screen and surrounded by quite thin bezel. The bezels at the sides are thin, but the bottom and the upside bezels are thick in my opinion. As for the connectivity, there is a single USB type-A 3.0 port and another Thunderbolt 3 port. Then, we also have of HDMI, 3.5 mm audio jack, charging port, and SD card slot.

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Display and Input

HP ZBook Studio X360 G5 2 HP provides of two different display configurations included the 1080p and 4K resolution models. For this review, I am getting the 1080p model that considered as the cheapest model. Keep in mind, you don’t really need a 4K resolution display unless you want to do of professional video or photo editing. Testing the screen with the Colorimeter, the panel produces of great amount quality as the result is showing up. It manages to cover of 98 % SRGB color and getting of 378 nits of brightness. The panel looks incredibly crisp and bright at the same time. I have no complaint toward of this feature and you should have similar impression here.

As for supporting our workability, they offer of Chiclet style keyboard with 1.2 mm key travel distant. The key travel is quite cramped and it takes time to get used here. Its keys strokes are great, but the travel distant really prevents us for getting the maximum experience during our typing. As for the touchpad, the surface is created from glass and has been installed with Windows Precision Driver. It offers of comfortable and nice way to navigate around the system.

Last price update: 2019-02-07 14:13:00

HP ZBook Studio X360 G5Main Specs
CPU Intel Core I7-8750H Hexa Cores 2.2 GHz
Graphics NVIDIA Quadro P1000
Display Size15.6 Inch IPS FHD
OSWindows 10 Pro
Memory 8GB DDR4 Memory
Storage 512GB PCIe SSD

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Performance and Battery

The Intel I7 8750H 6 cores CPU is equipped alongside with Quadro P1000 GPU. There is an Intel Xeon model, but it costs a lot of money here. The I7 processor itself is more than enough even for the heaviest usage for Photoshop and CAD. The 6 cores CPU work at 2.2 GHz base and will reach much higher clock when needed as long as the temperature issue is not persisted. Fortunately, the thermal issue is still in acceptable manner although it cannot beat the performance in more traditional laptop. As for its GPU, the P1000 graphic is comparable with GTX 1050 in term of performance. It can run a game, but it’s specifically meant for graphic rendering and 3D application.

The battery life always becomes a big problem in workstation, but here I am surprise for finding the battery life is relatively good. The device easily lasts for 8 to 9 hours in single charge. The result is actually varied, but never goes below for 5 hours even in some heavy usages. The charging process is done through the proprietary charging port or through its Thunderbolt 3 dock that sold separately for around 200 dollars. It’s expensive for such a dock and will think you twice for having it.

Last price update: 2019-02-07 14:13:00
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Final Thought

The HP ZBook X360 might appear as pretty common workstation and that because we never find something such unique or so impressive about it. But, its 2 in 1 design is worth mentioning here considering it offers a more portable aspect into our hands. We are not seeing a 2 in 1 workstation commonly in the market and some manufactures finally showing an interested to make it. Lenovo has started it first by releasing the Thinkpad Extreme X1 which leading to huge popularity of this system. I recommend you to take a look into this laptop and see how it works on you. The choice is yours, so feel free to take any consideration about it.

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