ASUS Vivobook Q405UA (8250U, 8GB) 14 Inch Laptop Review

ASUS is once again really pulling their consumers to spend more money after releasing of the Vivobook Q405UA. For this time, your budget should be pretty safe because for just under 600 dollars you will have a convertible notebook with 14 inch display, 8th gen I5 processor, 8GB RAM, Harman Kardon speakers, fingerprint reader, and fully backlit keyboard. It’s just impossible to find a similar option with the same specification mentioning above. Even Lenovo or Acer will give you less demanding specification than we have here. In budget price level, the display is always considered as bad point because manufacture will fit of 720p panel, but the same case is not occurred here.

The only thing worth mentioning here is the build quality. The aluminum chassis is not appeared as strong as I expect. I notice of slightly flex during typing although won’t bother me a lot here. I guess the only option for them to reduce the price is by decreasing of the chassis material quality here. However, the thing is not something will break easily unless something bad happened to it. Let’s take a look inside and see how it works on us. Without further ado, let’s we jump into the article.

Design and Connectivity

In term of design, I am not really sure that ASUS will really fit a 100 hundred % aluminum material because the chassis feels bit of plasticky in my experience. I guess they just put of plastic case with some kind aluminum finishing. Thankfully, this kind method really covers its material pretty nicely and looks sleek and premium. The chassis features of 19.2 mm thickness and weight for 3.5 pounds. I still consider the 3.5 pounds as a common and should fit any small bag without any issue and won’t hurt your back while carrying it around. Overall, ASUS offers such a great impression toward their budget system.

Moving into the inside, I see of similar design approach. Inside, there are a fully backlit Chiclet style keyboard, fingerprint reader, and 14 inch display. The keyboard itself feels comfortable and backlit support works well although it only has a single brightness level. The 14 inch panel itself is surrounded by thin bezel and ASUS mentions it has of 78 % screen to body ratio and I can confirm their statement is true here. As for the connectivity, there are three USB ports included of 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, and 1 USB type-C ports.

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Display and Speakers

ASUS Vivobook Q405UA 2 Its 1080p display is considered as the biggest selling point because it’s hard to find a similar competitor with full HD panel here. For this case, they put of quite impressive IPS panel with average color accuracy and high brightness support. It’s a perfect place for enjoying multimedia entertainment although in some cases the color accuracy is bit lack. Some images appeared as grainy and feel unnatural. It still looks great, but won’t be comparable to any more premium panels. It’s already considered as kind enough for ASUS to give us such a quality inside, so I have no complaint at all toward this matter.

Furthermore, the manufacture works really hard to improve its audio quality. The speakers are equipped with SonicMaster technology and have been certified by Harman/Kardon. The audio quality is not something really great here, but worth mentioning. It can produce of high quality sounds and should fill any small room without any issue. I just find the sounds started to get distorted and harsh in the maximum volume and I feel the bass power should be slightly better. Playing with the SonicMaster will improve the quality as long as you want to adjust it manually.

Last price update: 2019-06-11 12:56:56

ASUS Vivobook Q405UAMain Specs
CPU Intel Core I5-8250U Up To 3.4 GHz
Graphics Intel HD Integrated Card
Display Size14 Inch IPS FHD
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory 8GB DDR4 Memory
Storage 1TB 5400 RPM HDD

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Hardware Configuration

You are not going to see of Intel Core M or Celeron processors here, but they crazily put of Intel Core I5 8250U CPU from 8th generation. This processor is more than powerful enough for rendering 1080p video and editing some photos in more professional usage. The four cores CPU clocked at 1.6 GHz and easily reach up to 3 GHz with appropriate temperature support. The 8GB RAM feels incredibly fast and I have no problem in multi-tasking, but I would give a stress toward its storage. The 1TB HDD is incredibly slow and the booting process even takes almost 3 minutes for the desktop screen to pop up. Putting of SSD is expensive for them, so they end up by adding of HDD.

The only truly complaint I want to talk about here is the battery. The battery comes with small capacity and only last for 5 to 6 hours in single charge. Getting more battery is truly hard even reducing the brightness won’t give much effect to its end result. The charging processes is done only through its proprietary charging and fully charged in less than 3 hours. No fast charging or USB type-C charge support provided by ASUS.

Last price update: 2019-06-11 12:56:56
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Final Thought

The 5 hours battery found in Vivobook Q405UA is considered as bad and troublesome for many users, but you should have in mind it’s just impossible for them add more into the features. The current price level keeps them for adding a better or more quality hardware. They have worked hard for providing one of the best options for this price level and the result itself does not disappoint me at all here. If you have not made any choice for what kind of laptop you want to afford, then why don’t you spend your money into this one. The choice is yours, so feel free to take any consideration about it. Thank you very much for reading the article and see you again next time.

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