Fusion5 10.1 A under 100 Dollars Android Tablet Review

Fusion5 is not a well-known brand in either of US and EU, but some of its products in both covering of laptop and tablet have received of good or positive receptions from users. It’s mainly because of their quality in such an affordable price point. This time, I am going to make a review about one of its tablets, the Fusion5 10.1 inch which recently improved with brand new hardware and coming with fresh Android 8.0 Oreo OS. There is nothing so special about its hardware, but just take a look into its price tag. It’s barely cost for 100 dollars and you will get of a 10.1 inch device with HD resolution, 1GB, and 16GB storage.

Most of 10 inch gadgets like Fire 10 HD 2017 will cost you for around 150 dollars and here you should get a similar product with similar hardware and less trouble in less expensive price. Of course, this is considered as a good option for users who want to spend as less as possible for getting a good companion for their children. Let’s take a look inside and see how it works on us. Without further ado, let’s we jump into the article.

Case and Looks

Fusion provides of two different models included the base model with 720p panel and the second model with 1080p resolution. Both of them share similar hardware and design with only difference in screen quality. For this review, I am getting the cheapest one for this review and I have checked it for couple of weeks. So far, the build quality is decent although I am sure the entire chassis is built from plastic included the back panel. Of course, anyone won’t make a complaint considering how cheap the price tag here. Amazon offers of similar design without any difference at all here.

Connectivity is an important aspect to discuss as people will depend on this matter for supporting their productivity. For the charging the process, they pick of micro USB at this case and I think it’s just impossible for adding a USB type-C. Interestingly, I find a mini HDMI slot and works pretty great as soon as I plug it into my TV. If you are a fan for streaming Netflix or Hulu, this is sure a good selling point for you. At last, we have of micro SD slot for expanding the storage.

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Display and Audio

Fusion5 10.1 2 I personally have nothing to complaint toward its display. The 10.1 inch IPS panel is decent although the color accuracy is far from being accurate. The brightness support is relatively dim, but should be enough for just an indoor usage. Outdoor usage will make you find a little time to get used with it. The 1280 x 800 resolution is easily called as 720p although it’s measured at 800p here. Not the most impressive way for reading the text because some small text will look blurry unless you make a zoom into some points. This case is a pretty normal and will work better in 1080p display.

A single or mono firing speaker is featured and I really recommend you to put of headset as the sounds produced are quite bad. It sounds distorted and worse as soon as I put the volume into 70 to 80 % and works better when I am pairing my headset. Your kids will personally never make a complaint because they don’t really care about it, but some people like us will see the difference in term of quality here. Not a big problem so far, but worth mentioning here.

Last price update: 2019-02-07 14:12:43

Fusion5 10.1 Inch Android TabletMain Specs
CPU Mediatek MT8167 1.3 GHz
Graphics PowerVR GE8300 Integrated Card
Display Size10.1 Inch 1280 x 800
OSAndroid 8.0 Oreo
Memory 1GB DDR3 Memory
Storage 16GB EMMC

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Hardware and Software

This is the 5 times of I am seeing of Mediatek MT8167 processor used because this is the only at least powerful and cheap processor any manufacture can afford right now. This chipset is released in 2016 and thankfully it’s already 64 bit. However, it’s still manufactured with 28 nm manufacturing process and making the power consumption is higher than most of modern CPU these days. As the result, the battery suffers of a draw back here and only last for 5 to 6 hours in single charge. It features of relatively small battery at 5000 Mah, so make sure to always fully charge before your activity is started.

The Android 8.0 Oreo is pre-installed as the main operating system and coming with no customization and easily called as Vanilla Android. In good side, the UI runs pretty smooth although I notice of couple apps running in the background for some reasons. The memory usage is also good and offering a good experience during the multi-tasking. In bad side, the OS lacks of customization features that some users love to see. However, its matter of taste and I personal love their decision to add stock Android here.

Last price update: 2019-02-07 14:12:43
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Final Thought

The popularity of tablet has been declined for these couple of years, but does not mean stopping of some manufactures stopped making of good products. Fusion5 is a relatively new brand compared to ASUS, Samsung, Lenovo which have years of experience, but so far they have released several good competitors toward these big brands. Their brand new 10 inch device looks promising moreover its coming with pretty competitive price. Finding a competitor will be hard here and this is probably the cheapest option one could afford right now. The choice is yours, so feel free to take any consideration about it. Mind leaves some comments for further assistance regarding the article.

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