Apple iPad Pro 11 Inch 2018 (WIFI, 256GB) Tablet Review

Apple still continues to release another tablet in 2018 despite the market is being such small nowadays. We need to accept the fact that the popularity of Microsoft Surface (now Surface 6) has lead us to a brand new market where people prefer to have a convertible laptop rather than buying just a tablet with no functionality like a laptop. Releasing another expensive iPad becomes a huge gamble for them because there is a huge chance the system won’t sell that much although I find it as hard to believe because IOS users run out in option for this case. There is no way for us to taste of IOS in bigger screen rather than just buying this device.

The new iPad costs an incredibly expensive price point this time. The 11 inch model with 256GB storage I have now costs for nearly 1000 dollars which having a similar price to iPhone X. The 64GB model cost you a cheaper price for under 800 dollars, but users won’t bother about this model because the storage is not expandable and means you are stuck with the current storage forever. Let’s take a look inside and see how this new model worth for its expensive price tag. Without further ado, let’s we jump into the article.

Case and Looks

I notice a brand new design as soon as I take it out for the first time. I suddenly notice the surrounded edges look a bit narrower and making it looks more modern. You soon find the bezel is much smaller this time, but still having a relatively enough bezel for allowing you to hold it nicely without reaching the screen. Unfortunately, this year they reduce the color options to just two of them which included silver and grey one where the gold and rose are completely missing. This kind of decision is hard to believe, but I guess their popularity is not as popular as these options and they decide to just throw it away.

The build quality is still as amazing as always in my opinion here. The chassis is built from aluminum for back and sides while the front glass is fully protected by Gorilla Glass. The new chassis brings a much thinner and lighter chassis although it’s just 1 mm thinner than the 2017 model. One thing I really love to see here is the new USB connectivity they add here. The Lightning port is no longer featured and now it uses of standard USB type-C where users can use any sort of USB C cable without need to buy their proprietary accessories anymore. The magnetic sensor is once again coming and works well for connecting the keyboard.

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Display and Audio

Apple iPad Pro 11 Inch 2018 2 Its 11 inch display features a retina display resolution and looks pretty great for any content I previously see here. I notice the brightness is slightly better this time and even looks very bright during outdoor usage. For running games and streaming web contents, I have no problem at all and this can be the perfect place for enjoying multimedia consumption. On the top of its display, you should find the camera that works as for taking the picture and for the Face ID recognition feature. There is no fingerprint scanner and means this is the only safest way to ensure the security of your tablet. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Tab S4 still has fingerprint this year.

As for the audio support, we have of four speakers placed surrounded of each corner. The stereo speakers produce decent amount of audio quality with nice and precision bass reproduction. When putting the speakers at the max volume, they sound loud enough and should fill any small room without any issue. However, due of its missing of the headphone jack, the wired external audio output must be done through its USB type-C port and means you need to buy a separate adapter for this case.

Last price update: 2019-02-07 14:12:08

Apple iPad Pro 11 Inch 2018Main Specs
CPU Apple A12X Bionic CPU Hexa Core 2.4 GHz
Graphics Apple A12 Bionic GPU
Display Size11 Inch Retina Display
Memory 4GB DDR Memory
Storage 256GB EMMC

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Hardware and Software

The new A12 Bionic processor is extremely powerful and considerably as more powerful than the latest Snapdragon 845 processor here. It has of six cores CPU and divided into two clusters that consist of performance and power saving clusters. We are seeing of similar case in Snapdragon and Mediatek processors where the manufacture put different clusters for ensuring its performance and power consumption. How does this processor perform in our daily task? Well, it’s powerful enough to let the apps opened and closed instantly and yeah it can run of Fortnite in stable framerate without any issue.

The always problem found in iPad every year is not located on the hardware, but on the software. This time, I don’t see some new improvements in the functionalities beside than some unworthy features like AR support, multiple account management, and new camera effects. The IOS 12 looks promising, but I expect of features like mouse cursor support and Windows like features at this point. I am seeing Samsung puts of DEX integration into their tablets and it works well when connected to the bigger minor or even using it in portable way. I see no reason for Apple not to do the same way here.

Last price update: 2019-02-07 14:12:08
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Final Thought

The ipad Pro 11 2018 is a wonderful and nice device with great display, nice audio support, and powerful hardware performance. The sad thing, the price is actually considered as too expensive and kind of overpriced. I won’t give my complaint toward the price as long as Apple provides us of nice software upgrade where it’s being the biggest problem since it’s launched. Well, this is a pretty great tablet, but it cannot be considerably as good replacement for our laptop and that is the problem. For you as the multimedia fan users, I still recommend you to take it as it runs pretty good for these kind activities. The choice is yours, so feel free to take any consideration about it.

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