How To Stop Skype From Starting Automatically Windows 10

Many people probably have already updated their OS to the Windows 10. The OS itself run very great with so many great optimizations from its predecessor Windows 8.1. For me I really this OS version because there are so many features that help me greatly in doing of my work. The back of start button for me is the main reason why I update my system. I guess I am not the only person who wants to get it back, but there are bunch of people also wanting to get it back because that is what Windows that we already know.

Great system does not mean it does not have any problem there and there. There are so many people making critic on how Microsoft force people to use their own internet browser and anti-virus. Both of them are great apps, but it still lacks many enhancements and features that we want. In the end we need to do some of complicated things to force it work. There is also one another thing that most people do not like, the problem is the automatically start of Skype app on the boot up. They think that making people receive their message automatically and login it every time we start our system will make our work easier. Yeah, it might be work for some of them, but not all of them think it necessary. I also the one that do not like it because sometimes the notification could get pretty annoying, I rather check it every time that I want and not automatically. It also can be pretty bad for your RAM because it eats a lot man and I really have to use a lot for running all of my apps.

So, why do not you turn it off? Well, I wish I could but it always started again and again no matter what I do to it. Yeah, it looks very ridiculous because there is no option for it. I tried to find some information and asking to some people and finally found the solution. It looks like we have to do some sort of things to make it work. I am going to show how to solve this problem because many people asking me to show it. To make it easier, here are the steps to turn it off.

How To Prevent it From Starting

The first thing that you have to do is making your way to the start menu and then launches the application. You are going to find the app on the list or you could make it easier by searching it. Then you just need to sign in to your account or if you already have it just click the tools and then pick option. There, open the general setting and then turn off the “start Skype when I start Windows” and then click save. You finally will not have to worry because from now it would never launch off automatically unless you start it manually.


Remember that doing those things never makes the Skype fully turn off, but it will still run on your background. If just do not want it to run for saving your memory, you could go to your notification area on the bottom right. Make a right click on the Skype and pick quit. That is an additional thing that you could do.


The steps are pretty much easy to do and I guess almost all of people can do it very easy. Do not worry anymore because of the Skype problem because finally we able to fully turn it off. I hope it will work on you and please making any comment if you have any question.

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