How To Remove Duplicate Files On Windows

For most of the time I am using Windows, I always find so many duplicate files that eats so much spaces from my HDD and it looks so annoying. You probably know that your HDD might be looks like your junk garage where there are so many not useful files there and there. Some of them also said that SSD is much better since they are coming with less space, but for me it is much similar because we could still find junk on it. Now the question is, how do we remove that junk easily? I guess this is the most asked question that most people need to know. Actually we could remove that junk file by using the native feature on the Windows, but the process is quite bit complicated and I guess many people would have trouble with it. For me easiest way to find that duplicate files is by using some duplicate files finder application. The good app would only need a single click and then they will find any duplicate files in the second. You could even manage which one that I should delete and which one that I should keep. For this case, I am going to recommend some apps that are completely free, so do you do not need to spend your money for this problem.



This is probably one of the best tools that you can depend for this case. It is not only useful for finding any junk file, but also it could boost your PC performance when you need it. I guess most of users know this application or even it is already on their computer and they do not know about its great feature. In this app there is a feature that called as “duplicate finder” that would help you solve your problem.

Once you installed the app, you just have to launch it and then go to the tools and click “duplicate finder”. There you just have to select any drive that you want to scan and then click scan. This feature is so well complete with their enhancement. There is also a specific search by typing your specific words or finding any app with your own types with its advance setting.

The only problem that I found here is the interface which is not good enough. It does not have a good preview for the files that you have searched, but luckily we can easily sort any files that we want to delete, so do not too worry for this case.

Volcano’s Duplicate Cleaner

volcano cleaner

This is the special app that has built in feature to remove any junk file. It means that you are not going to find any other feature here. One thing that I love from this app is the size itself. The size is only around 5 MB, so you do not have to worry about spending your computer spaces. Even though the size is small, the app is actually having a complete feature in term of removing junk.

First, it has three tabs that completely clean and easy to use that allows you easier on using it. the second, it has the ignore content features that will help you on sorting any specific name, size, and date to your files. This thing makes sure that you do not have to scan the whole of your computer that takes ages to complete. I really recommend using this feature on searching. The third, it is fully supported for finding audio files. The application itself has a special tab that allows the user for finding the audio files that entering their title, artist, or others important data.

Volcano’s Duplicate Cleaner might be an old app, but it is also gold for many users because of its great built in feature. Once again, one thing that I do not really like here is the interface which is completely old. The app is already released ages and until now the developer still do not upgrade it support metro UI. Well, the most important thing is the usage and not the interface.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Awesome duplicate

I really love this kind of application because its specifically made for finding duplicate photos. There are so many duplicate files finder app, but almost all of them are lacking on finding photos. You could still find it on them, but it does not have a preview feature that allows you to see each one of them.

This is going to be the best choices if you love of making or editing photos. It could even able to search the photo that you already editing by matching of its characteristics and size. I was amazed when using it of the first time because of its good feature. Now, you no longer need to worry of deleting any photos that you already editing because now you can easily do it here.

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