How To Improve Battery Life On Windows 10

If you already upgraded your system on Windows 10, then you are already in good way because it comes with so many great features that would improve your work and efficiency. The enhancement itself is not only coming for the performance, but also the battery life is also improved. There is a new power management that helps on controlling how your laptop or your PC on managing the power efficiency. It makes me really surprise because there are not too many people know about it. The native power plan is already good enough, but it still needs few tricks or tweaks in order to make it better. Here I am going to show you how to optimize your Windows 10 battery consumption, so it could last until the last drop of it. So, here we go.

Battery Saver

Like I said earlier, the new Windows is coming with new battery saver feature. You just have to point yourself into setting and then choose battery saver. Here there are some tweaks that you can test which one is good for your needs. The normal setting for battery saver itself would start to jump out when the battery reaches 20 %, but you could change to what you want when you need it. Remember that you might getting a performance decreasing in order to get the battery life better, so it is not suitable for gaming or opening some resourceful apps.

On the same screen, you could see the choices to make how long your laptop or your tablet before its entering the sleep mode. If you only use it rarely, then I guess you have to set it with minimal number. There is also one thing left that you could do here, you could adjust some apps in getting of your system and set the rules for them. There are so many applications that eats lot of your resources, so make sure to check this setting.

Adjust Your Power Plan

This is might be the old method that already here for such a long time, but it is still a nice feature to improve our battery consumption. This kind of setting is available on the system setting or control panel behind power and sleep setting. This adjustment would not improve your battery greatly, but you could still get some more juices from it.

Here, you have to click the Additional power setting to make a fully control on your power plan. Few tips from me, it is better to set your Windows to the power saver in order to get more juices when you are on the airplane or when you do not it to access some great apps. You could also set it to the balance in getting the balance between the power and efficiency or you can set it the performance mode when you really need a high power, but your battery would draining fast in return. There are also some tweaks left such as controlling how long your HDD is still active or we could also set how long before our laptop going into hibernate mode.

Turn Off Some Unnecessary Connection

People sometimes really forget about this kind of thing. They might think it simply, but it is actually pretty important in getting more juices for our laptop. You probably already have a WIFI and Bluetooth feature on your smartphone, so you might have to turn it off as soon as soon as you do not need it. The easiest thing that we could do here is by switching the mode into airplane because Windows will automatically turn off all of the connections.

Do not also forget to check of your screen brightness in the Display setting on your system to adjust the brightness. Set it to the almost minimum, you might do not feel it right as soon as you set it, but you would get used later.

Plug off Unnecessary Accessories

Mouse and USB drive will eat your battery like a crazy, so you just have to plug it off as soon as you stop using it. To make sure of it, you can check the USB by touching it. We can feel that the USB is warmer even though we are not using it. It is the sign that it still transferring some powers to the device. Using a track pad also feel better rather than using mouse because like I said before, it is getting some of your juices.

Update The Software

The earlier build of Windows 10 is not coming with a perfect adjustment, so make sure to update it to the latest as soon as you could. Newer build means coming with better enhancement that not only improve the stability, but also the battery life. The update is not that big and the system would detect automatically what kind of update that is the most suitable for your system. It will never update anything that useless to your system.

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