Dell GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop i5577-7359BLK-PUS Review

Few names in the computer industry are as recognizable as Dell for a multitude of reasons. This company is known for creating quality products that everyone can afford. Budget is often a determining factor in whether you can purchase the device you want. So, when looking at the Dell Inspiron 15.6 Gaming laptop, it’s nice to know it can fit your needs and budget. Gaming laptops are often selected by individuals that want a high-powered machine with amazing graphics. To be a recreational device, you must be able to operate these data intensive programs that are known to clog up computers. The attention that is given to the specs when creating these devices, are why they are so popular with users.

Originally, laptops for games were solely sought after by those playing games on them, and because of these specific needs a “gaming laptop” has always been a category. The attention to detail that companies make in crafting these devices creates advanced machines with the highest level of functionality. Performance is one of the most important things you require from any technological product that you purchase. So, if you seek out products made specifically for those that need dependability you are sure to have a good device. This dedication to craftsmanship is why gaming machines are some of the top choices when purchasing computers in today’s market.

Price Point

Your budget defines everything that you do including eating habits, shopping expeditions, and your quality of life. So, it should come as no surprise that your spending limit will greatly influence the device that you choose to bring into your home. Depending on your specs, you can spend a little or a lot on a computer. This Dell is one of the most affordable recreational device options in the industry, and is available for under 900 dollars. This device, with all its capability, it worth well over that price, so you’re automatically getting a deal. Those that are seeking a laptop under 1,000 dollars, that out performs the competition, should look no further than this gaming machine.

Last price update: 2018-02-24 19:25:11
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Dell GTX 1050 Gaming LaptopThe second thing that buyers notice, when purchasing a new computer, are the components that are under the hood. Just like buying a car, it’s important to know that the engine is going to get you to where you need to go. A computer can look nice, but if the hardware is lacking you won’t be able to use it for your daily tasks. This computer has a 15-inch screen which is the perfect size to travel with without losing clarity in the graphics. All too often, people find themselves with small laptops that do not have a detailed enough screen. You don’t have to worry about this potential problem if you purchase a 15-inch. This Dell also has the highest-powered processor on the market with an Intel Core i7, and a decent amount of memory at 8 GB. It is possible to customize this laptop, but in doing so you will increase the amount of money you must spend.

Dell Inspiron i5577-7359BLK-PUSMain Specs
CPU7th Generation Intel Core i7-7700HQ
GraphicsNV GTX 1050 4GB GDDR5
Display Size15.6-inch FHD
OSWindows 10 Home 64-bit English
Memory8GB 2400MHz DDR4 up to 32GB
Storage128GB Solid State Drive + 1TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive

Last price update: 2018-02-24 19:25:11
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Price is a deciding factor with this device, considering you will get a lot of power while not sacrificing in affordability. Another benefit to this machine is its overall size, and the graphics available on the screen.

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The memory available in this computer is going to be discouraging to some buyers. Consumers choose to buy gaming devices because the performance options are supposed to be superior. However, if you don’t have room to store your files, as well as your games, you’re not getting the best use out of this device.

All in all, this Dell GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop is a good find if you’re confined to a budget, but still need a powerful machine to run your programs. Although there are not a lot of extra bells and whistles with this device, it will get the job done in your daily tasks. Remember, PCs are easy to modify, so if you need more storage Dell should be able to accommodate you for an additional cost. Those buyers that want to get the most for their money, are making a good choice in the purchase of this computer. You can trust a Dell to perform as well as competitors at a reduced-price point.

Last price update: 2018-02-24 19:25:11

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