How To Build Of Retro Console With Raspberry Pi And Retropie

Nowadays there are more and more people jump into gaming. This kind of activity is really fun and enjoyable to do. Here, you really have to put your mind completely, so we can fully enjoy it. This is the main reason why gaming is really good to get rid of our stress. We do not think anything at that time besides than what our see. As soon as you get into with it, there is no way you are able to stop it easily.

Buying a gaming console right now is considered as expensive and it costs you for more than 200 dollars. I guess it’s pretty tough for many people. Yeah, we could afford that much, but we also have too many things to consider. I also do not really like newer games now and I prefer to have retro games on my console. If you are on the same boat like me, then you should really try out our idea below. We are going to make of retro console with some hardware and software. To make it easier for you to understand, lets we jump into the article.

What You Need

On this case, the first thing that you need is a Raspberry Pi and its accessories. This micro-computer is needed to run the emulator software later. If you already have Raspberry model 1 and 2 I think you are good now. If not, then get one of them from some online sites for around 40 dollars for the model 3. That is quite cheap and I think you will not have problem with it.

In addition, micro SD card is required to store of our games and operating system. The last thing we need to prepare is an HDMI cable to connect it to our TV, keyboard, and a good power supply. The internet access is also recommended if you want to get more apps. Just connect it through your Ethernet or simply connect it with the WIFI if you get the model 3 version. On this version, the WIFI card is already included, so you not need to have external device.

A Good Case

This step is not really that recommended, but it looks so good if you have it. It depends on your need here to not or include it. But, if you want a full experience with the device, then you should have it. There are two choices are available here. The first, you make it by yourself and means could take some time to finish or you just simply buy one from the online store such as Amazon. There are couples NES and SNES cases to get. I have bought one of them and it looks pretty good nice even though it’s made from plastic. The plastic is rug enough and very lightweight.



Next, there is no play to play of our games without a good controller. Playing it with keyboard would be hard since there are many buttons that need to press. The experience is not that much in comparable if you are using a true classic controller. Just take of your old controller or Xbox controller for easy approach here.

For more retro look, there are two approaches here. First, is using Retro Link Controller and the second is using Classic USB NES Controller. Both of them are great, but I prefer Retro Link since the build quality is better. I feel the shoulder button is also better and comfortable for long usage. Just get some reviews of them if you are still not sure to pick one of them,



The last step here is going to be the software. There are so many software are recommended. But on this case I would take Retropie as my top choice. I really love this software because the interface is really simple and also full with good settings. We are able to adjust anything including the control, display and many things.

It features many of classic emulator including of SNES, NES, Sega Master System, PS1, Dreamcast and many more. No need to install or download any emulator because everything is already completed here. Just download of their OS and install it into your system. The process is very simple and the instruction is available on their websites. Now enjoy your time on playing classic games.

Final Thought

I spend for only around 70 dollars to get everything. In return I am able to play so many good games from the previous generation. Old games are still good even though the graphic is not that good in comparable with newer games now. Just test it by yourself and you will be amazed on their simple gameplay and good story. At last, please leave any comment or suggestion below.

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