How To Connect Of Keyboard, Mouse, And Gamepads On Android

Android is becoming one of the best smartphone OS for right now. It only takes a while for the OS to be famous and we almost could see them anywhere we go. The reason why it’s so popular is because of the support from Google. Google has everything that we need from the internet. It’s including of email, search engine, cloud service, maps and many more. Could you imagine how good it is when you have all of those things on single device? This is what Android brings to our life.

You probably do not know that some accessories such as keyboard and mouse are not only supported by Windows or Linux. We could even plug all those accessories easily on our Android device. As for keyboard, we just plug it into our tablet and make some editing. I guess that is far easier than doing it on touch keyboard. It minimizes the error that we make. For doing it, there are few things we need to have. I am going to tell you on this article. To make it easier for you to understand, lets jump into the article.

What Is Needed?

What Is Needed

Tablet and Android smartphones do not have standard USB port and come with micro or USB type C port. Because of this case, we cannot plug any USB directly into it. Basically, to connect of our accessories what we need here is a USB on the go cable. USB OTG is kind of adapter that will let us connect anything included mouse, keyboard, and even gamepads. This cable is not that expensive and it costs only 1 or 2 dollars to afford. There are two different types of them, the first one with cable and the second one in type of adapter. I recommend you to get the adapter one since the cable type one is so annoying.

USB OTG is also usable for other USB devices such as flash drive. I often connecting of thumb drive and I never have any problem on it. What you see and get is much similar on Windows. So, you will not having any difficulty here.

Once, you have the cable just plug it into your device together with the device. As soon as you connect, you could see a notification that there is a device is connected. Most of smartphones and tablets right now support this feature.

Wireless Connection

Wireless Connection

If you think connecting it through cable is annoying, then we just need to go with wireless one. The process is very simple and much similar to what we have done on the wired connection. You could connect any device as long as it has Bluetooth on it. I have tested of keyboards and mice and they work perfectly without any issue.

For the process, the first thing to do is turning on of the Bluetooth. Just go into setting or just turn in from the status bar notification. Next, make yourself into setting and pick Bluetooth option. There, you will see the device and then just touch them and it pairs your device.

How To Know If It Works

How To Know If It Works

There are some signs that will show you if anything is connected. For the mouse, the cursor screen is appear on the screen and tries to navigate yourself into some apps. Use the right click to enter application. Just reconnect it if you do not see anything. It should be done on first try, but sometimes it misses the chance.

Keyboard, keyboard should work really fine for typing and even navigate the system. The mechanical keyboard allowing you type faster in comparable with typing on the screen. Some shortcuts such as copy and cut are usable on this case. You can find much good software editing like Microsoft Office Mobile or WPS Office.

Gamepad, the only way to test the gamepad is through playing of some games. Remember that not every game is supported. Games such as Sonic and many emulators are supported. Connect our gamepad and launch the game. Press the button and see if it’s working or not.

Final Thought

Those are some good information that I know about it. Android can do many things similar to what expect on Windows with some effort. We need an accessory to make it works, but it can be pretty good when you have to do something, but you do not bring the laptop. This idea might be the best solution for us. At last, thank you for reading our article and please leave any comment or suggestion in the comment section.

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