How To Easily Take Screenshot On Our Device

Everyone nowadays is so familiar with using gadget. It’s included of smartphone, tablet, and computer. As they grow with it, they become more and more familiar with the feature and functional. They could do anything with it without anyone needs to tell. The main reason is because they have used it for such long time. Human is really good in knowing or understanding something. As soon as they get something new, they will try to explore and find the best way to fully maximize its performance. This thing is also happened to me and that is pretty normal.

Even though we already get used with it, there are still some cases where do not know where to go or what to do. On this case, we will talk about taking screenshot on the gadget. I have tried to ask this thing to my friend and not all of them are able to do it. Strangely, they know how to take photo from their camera. They said that they are not too familiar with it. Well, if you still do not know how to do I am going to tell you the easiest way to do it. There are some shortcuts that let us do it easily. To make you easier to understand, let’s jump into the article.

Windows 7 and 10

For the older version of Windows, taking screenshot could be done by pressing of print screen button on our keyboard. The button is locate near of F12 button on the top right. You soon will find it easily. Here, just press its button anywhere wants you to take shot. It does not really save the screen, but you need to copy it into the clipboard. After you get it works, open Microsoft Paint or Photoshop and then press CTRL + V to paste. You see the screen is taken and click save function to save it to your hard drive.

The process on Windows 10 is pretty similar, but Microsoft now including new modern tool for easier usage. Here, you still have to use print screen button, but now you do not have to paste it anywhere because the process is automatically done. The image is placed on folder pictures/screenshot on computer. I have to say the process is much easier and fast to do.

Microsoft Surface

I found it interesting when I see my surface keyboard because I cannot find any button to save screenshot. I do not really know what they are doing, but here the only option available is using button combination. Use of FN + Win + Spacebar buttons at the same time for this case. It would be hard at first, but you soon get used with it.

The older and newer model of Surface is also let you to take it easily by pressing the power and volume down button for some times. I am happy they include it now as it allows us getting more flexibility.



There are numerous ways to do it on Mac operating system. The first option is by pressing of Shift + Command + 3 for taking entirely image. The photo is saved on the desktop. For more specific images, your option will be using Command + Control + Shift + 4. The result is much similar, but now it’s also opened built in selection tool. Drag any area or edit anything that we want. The selection area is flexible and included many options for effect and many things. Just get used with and you will find it useful later.

IOS And Android

IOS And Android

On Iphone or Ipad, press your power and home button at once. The content or results of images are saved on Camera Roll Folder. The image is high resolution and depending on the specification. It is quite easy right?

For Android, universal command for getting screenshot is introduced on 4.0 version. For every tablet and smartphone, the key used here is Power + Volume Down. I guess many of manufactures are using this method. Some company even offers better solution by giving this option on the status bar. The entire screen then placed on folder Pictures/Screenshots. Just make yourself into the gallery and you would find it soon.

Final Thought

Those are some methods that work on some types of devices. Each of them is sometimes different, so it’s better to remind of it. It might be useful for getting your best moment when needed. That is all I can tell here. I hope it’s useful and see you again on the next article.

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