How To Automatically Download Beautiful Wallpaper Every Day

Internet is such a nice place to spend. There are so many places and things to find without needed using of our effort. Just type what you are looking for and the search engine will give you some good lists about them. I have used internet for such a long time and its always making my life and work easier and before. In the past, it’s always harder on getting some inspiration, but now it’s everywhere and could be access anywhere we like. There would be more and more people jump into it.

Internet could be a bad place where you see many scam and other bad things. But, there’s lot of good things and beautiful on it. Photos and beautiful painting might remind you of it. I have good program that download it automatically into our computer and then place it into your desktop. Whether you love classic one or even the contemporary art, the program is ready to take you anywhere. I make the list of the best among them and it’s free from any charge. To make it easier for you to understand, lets we jump into the article.



Artpip is our top recommendation on this case. Artpip provides us top notch classic paintings into your Mac and Windows. I really love the interface and look very simple, but charming. Here, you only have to install it and the process is done. A good wallpaper is automatically swapped once a day. What I like here, once we the wallpaper is changed, Artpip gives us notification including the name of painting, year, and the name of artist. It also helps improve your knowledge about an artistic work.

The control setting is available if you need a control for painting era. Start yourself from the beginning era in 1700 until 1890. It backs to your needs on deciding it. I prefer the 1700 since it feels so classic and elegant. You could add more collection of photos for paying around 10 dollars. Some features are only available on paid one, so maybe you have to spend more for it. The free version is actually more than enough, so do not worry about it.



Splashy is considered as very unique because it offers you dozens of collection of photos and it’s totally free. Once the photo is downloaded, you can even use it for commercial usage. I was so surprised when I hear it for the first time. The quality really stands out and fantastic in every way. Splashy is very a good choice and can be installed on both Windows and Mac.

The app is also great in term of customization. By default, only random image is provided, but we are able to set for some periods or even category such as nature, people, object, and food. Everything is free and there is no way you will miss it. I personally recommend this one since it gives us lot of choices without any charge. Splashy is popular among the users because that reason.


Desktoppr is some kind of dedicated app is created to make users easier finding huge database of wallpaper. The application is totally free, but you need to have account first which is basically a Dropbox one. I guess most of people have it and if not, just create one on their register website. Once you get the account, simply sync it.

There, search anything we need by using the filter option. Just tap of cloud button if it’s necessary to be sent to Dropbox. Set any image for getting for our desktop. The process is that simple and not requiring any installation process. As for choices, you are not going to run out of them since the company always updates it regularly.

John’s Wallpaper Switcher

If you are looking for better flexibility tools, then you should get this application. We are able to customize image search from any source. There are some sort of sources that can be rotated. It’s extremely useful for getting better database and offers you nice flexibility. The Windows version is free, but the Mac one is different. It costs you some money to take it. I do not really know the reason why they decide it to make some price for The Mac.

Just pick any app that you think useful. All of them are good, so trying each one of them is recommended. I basically not have specific recommendation since you would find it by yourself. I hope this information is useful. At last, please leave any comment and suggestion below and see you again next time.

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