How To Automatically Upload Photos From Our Digital Camera

I have to say that the development of smartphone is really fast. Every month we see good devices are coming out with new feature and of course new hardware. The development is fast and even faster than computer that has been here for such a long time. The main reason is because people only need one computer, but could be more than one for smartphone.

Camera is probably the most important thing they see. Now it comes with bigger pixel and even dual lens one for taking image beautifully. It reduces people need on using digital camera because they could bring and do it anywhere with single device. Now everyone can be a good photographer with their camera and its advance feature.

Not all of us switch to smartphone because the feature and quality is always better. The main problem we get from this camera is the way to upload our data. We have to do it manually by picking each of them manually and then upload it. it is tough for our times because sometimes we just want upload it all. I have good recommendation for you on solving that problem. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s jump into the article.

Automatic Upload

I am pretty sure that not all of people are having digital camera with WIFI feature on it. We could still able to save our data by connecting it through the computer. Just remove of the SD card and plug it into the device. Most of notebook or laptop right now have slot special slot for SD card. If not, then you need to buy an adapter to make it works. Just plug it and let the system do the process automatically.

One of the greatest apps for this case is probably Dropbox. Dropbox is very popular because of its integrated feature. When you connect the memory card, a window popup is come out and you will have a chance to import it. The process is very simple and easy to finish.

Another good choice for this case is Google Photos. The feature is basically similar to what we see on Dropbox. I prefer to have this one because we could just use our Google account and then integrate it with our smartphone. Its making my job easier to sort everything since Google Photos is offering us better interface. Well, just pick which one is good for your needs.

WIFI Enabled Memory Card

The product is not really common and popular among the users. The reason is because the price is more expensive than common one. It has the similar thing like normal SD card has, but with WIFI chip and additional software. It features of faster transferring to the internet or to computer without needed any cable as the bridge. You do all the process with WIFI.

Eyefi is popular choice if you decide to get it. The price is quite expensive, so be prepare with it. There are better choices on Amazon. Just make yourself there and find some sort of them. For other option, I will recommend you on Transcend or Toshiba.

Smart Camera

The last option would be buying camera with WIFI option. Newer camera right now is coming with this option. Buying them is not that recommended especially if you already get your old one. The feature itself is not necessary and we are able to have it with SD card above. It’s another case, if you still do not get your favorite camera. Then, I recommend you on getting it since the price is not much different. As for the price, you get more features and make yourself easier on capturing lot of photos. Storage always becomes a big problem for a photographer and we can just transfer it easily to the computer or internet when it’s full. That is a good solution right?

Final Thought

Those are my top recommendation about it. There are some options and just pick one depending on your needs. The cheaper option is using software, but we could make our way with memory card for better option. Everything is back on you on deciding it. I just hope the information is useful for you please leave any comment or suggestion in comment box below. At last, thank you for enjoying our article and see you again next time.

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