How To Share Our Exact Location To Your Family Or Friends

Modern technology and smartphone development are making our life easier and better. With the current technology right now, it’s possible to know the location of our friends easily all the time. Imagine you are just doing a party and want to ask your friends to come in. Telling them the location through phone is not essential anymore. Its better when you do it through the application since they would know the right location at ease in no time. Google, Microsoft, and Apple have their own solution for this case with the current application for their operating system.

There are so many good choices for this problem, but not all of them are so accurate on getting our location. It would be bad if the location is missed from your physical location. I am pretty sure that you want to share our location even though it’s not all the time.

I have gathered three recommendations that majority of people depend on. That is what we are going to talk about here. To make it easier for you to understand, lets we jump into the list.

Find My Friends

Apple’s best solution for right now is through application that called as Find My Friends. If your family is an IOS user, I am sure that they have shared their location with you. I got this one when I see it for the first time. I was so surprised they do it automatically.

When we activate of ICloud Family Sharing, you are asked on getting information and location about our family member. If you accept it, the setting option for turn of it would be available later on Setting option. Just open of setting and then tap of “Share My Location” there just decide what you should do on this case.

Once the application is set up, launch Find My friends and see where they are located. The data is tracked on real time and it would be updated as soon as they move from the place. Many people still do not have this app and that is why I recommend them to install it. It’s available free to download, so just don’t waste your time and install it.

Google+ For Both IOS and Android

Google give their own solution by providing all in one feature on one application. Previously, they do the same thing with Google Latitude, but the service is discontinued and replaced by Google+. Google+ is basically like common social media where we can share videos, photos or anything there with location service is included there. Means you and your friends could share each other as long as the account is connected.

The biggest benefit here is the multi device environment. You know that not all of people are using of Android and IOS and it’s not a big problem here. Just visit of Play Store or App Store for downloading it. It’s free from any charge and what we need is only a Google account. I guess majority of people have it and it’s good for everyone.

Squad Watch

Squad Watch

If you are running of Windows mobile OS, then your biggest solution might be Squad Watch. The name itself is originally called as People Sense, but they change it with better name for some reasons. Squad Watch works similarly like we see on similar one. Application is working well even though it’s not perfect. I and many users reported the same problem with the connection. Sometimes the process is stuck on checking and it’s really annoying.

There are other choices which are better such as Glympse. Glympse is working greatly between multi-platforms without any sign up process. I found it better during my test and can be the best replacement for Squad Watch. The rating is good and I see a bright future here.

Final Thought

Those are information that I know about this case. Each of them is working greatly with some pros and cons. My recommendation here is picking one with cross platform environment for making the process is much easier. It’s just my suggestion and everything is back on you to decide. Well, I just hope the information is useful for you. Please leave any comment or suggestion for better choice on our comment box below. At last, thank you for reading the article and see you again next time.

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