The Best Games To Play On Laptop Or Low End PC

Playing game is kind of activity that fun and enjoyable to do. Here, our minds only are focused on the game and makes us do not think anything on it. It’s such a good thing for getting of our stress. I have tried for doing Yoga and it does not work at all. My find cannot just focus on it and keep thinking about my problem and everything. If you are in the same boat like me, then you should try it for get rid of stress or even just enjoying your free time.

Finding a good game should be easy here because there are thousands of them outside there. But, could your PC able to run it? Yeah, that is the problem that most people have. We sure know that not everyone able or want to afford of Intel Kaby Lake or GTX 1080. The price is that expensive and it’s pretty though to consider.

Despite of that problem, we can still enjoying some good games with their low spec requirement. That is what we are going to talk about here. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s jump into the article.

What You Will Need

The first thing you should have here is basically an account of a service where you will download and buy the entire of game. For this case, Steam might be our best choice since the price and the games library are so big. I also love their refund condition that let us easily get the money if we are not fall into the game. The application itself is available for Windows, Mac. Another great alternative such as Origin is also good, but they have fewer choices here. Just create account and start picking the game.

Another thing is needed here is a controller, but not that important if you want to keep playing with keyboard and mouse. Just note that not everyone game like Street Fighter would work flawlessly with keyboard. I have tested it and I am not able to get of great combos. Controller is not something that expensive to approach. Xbox 360 controller is only around 30 dollars and could be cheaper with discount coupon.

2D Games

2D Games

Let’s start our list with this kind of games. The requirement for games specification is really depending on the graphic, so 2D games are great choice to be considered. 2D graphic does not mean the gameplay and story is bad. Here, you find something unique and enjoyable because of their different approaches.

One of the best known games for this section should be Shovel Knight. The game is coming from an Indie developer and looks very promising. Gameplay and music remind of me of the glory of 8 bit days. I finished the game and both story and music are great.

As for other recommendation, I will choose of Guacamelee, Bastion, and The Banner Saga. All of them are given great ratings by users, so do not worry if they are going to be bad. Just try it first and see by yourself.

Casual And Cross Platform Games

Casual And Cross Platform Games

Who is not familiar with Minecraft here? The block building phenomenon has spread around the world since it’s released. It’s becoming so popular because the approach in gameplay is very simple where people can build their building in a great word. Those great combination are just enough on making it greats.

Hearthstone might be your best luck if you are in love with card based games. Its cross platform with PC and mobile and we can enjoy it anywhere or anytime with our friends not matter what they are platform. Just take note that Hearthstone can be bored for gamers who do not like card or casual games.

The last option is given here will be Stardew Valley. If you are not familiar with this game, then you should be really familiar with Harvest Moon. Yeah, the basic of game is quite similar where you are given option to raise your plant and animals at your farm. The rating itself on Steam gets 10 and it’s a perfect score. The price for Stardew Valley is 15 dollars and that price is worth for its more than 100 hours gameplay. You get into with it as soon as you play it. Just do not forget about your life because Stardew Valley is so addicted.

Now it’s the time for you on deciding which game to take. All of them are good, so just take of the time on deciding. I just hope this information is useful for you. At last, thank you for reading the article and see you again on the next time.

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