How Do Movies Leak Even Before The Blu-Ray Is Come Out?

Piracy is not a new thing in the internet. We have seen this problem even before the internet is booming right now. The freedom here let other people to share many of files or data that violated the law. This is thing is happened to movies, music, games and even books. Stopping this problem would be impossible because will just do it again and again. As soon as something is shared, then its spread like a wild fire and people get access through it.

This case is also happened to our favorite’s movies that just aired on the theater. Sometimes we are wondering how they are possible to get the movie that the DVD itself is not yet released. Here, we always find the similar fact about it. The quality of this video is always stuck at the DVD quality and never better. The quality is even worst for some cases.

How is that possible? That is what we are going to talk about it. We are going to see it deeper on this article. To make it easier for you to understand, lets we jump into the article.

The Formats

When someone uploads the movies to the internet, the file itself would be marked in different kinds of formats. First, the earlier version here should be the “CAM”. The uploader usually put this word at the end the title. The tag implies that the video is getting recorded by using of camera that secretly done in the theater. Any authority prevents us to take any record and even get any photo of it, but they always successfully doing this job.

This one is considered as the worst version in term of quality. The audio quality is poor and sometimes we see the sounds of people talking and laughing. The quality is not watchable at all since the framing and sounds are worst.

The next, we get the better version that often tagged as “DVDSCR”. The word stands for “DVD Screener”, which is getting from the DVD copy that was sent the producers, critics, and journalists. The people getting this copy are basically the insider in film industry. There is no way for such common people get their hands on it.

Even though it’s considered as private matter, we can still see so many box office movies are leaked without knowing where it’s coming from. As the result, the company will release it near the premier to keep the movie is not leaking before the released.

How Screeners Leak

How Screeners Leak

Piracy is always becoming serious matter despite many of people have tried to develop some kinds of anti-piracy tool. That tool would be useless here because as soon as the DVD screener is sent, that DVD itself is already belonging to them.

Just imagine on when its distributed to thousands of people, getting each track of them is impossible. Some simple of watermark are not enough and they could just force remove it and share it through the internet.

It’s unavoidable and any authority cannot do much anything. It’s the fact that we have to accept right now. Luckily, the companies are still getting so much money from the screening, so they can continue on making a high quality movie.

The Problem With Piracy

Hollywood always posts their breaking sales for every year. These high numbers are possible thanks to the inflated cost on the ticket selling. The ticket selling numbers we see every year never get any better and we just see the similar numbers for every year. The theater gets better revenue because the ticket cost is always higher for every year.

The money that they lost from the leaking is actually not that much in comparable with the revenue that they will get from the screening. They would keep making movie as long as it’s making profit. But, soon or later, the authority needs to think further solution for this case in order to prevent any person leaks the movie.

Final Thought

Those are information I know about it. They might need to rethink their screener system in order to cut down the piracy. Well, it once again back on them on how they should take the problem further and hope it gets better. Well, I just hope the information is useful for you. At last, thank you for reading the article and see you again next time.

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