The Best Weather Apps For Android

I guess I have to say that Android is becoming one of the best choices for many people. Its might because the feature itself or just because it full with so many great applications that we use on the daily life. Whatever reason it is, I think that Android is such a great OS with so many possibility. In the past, we see that it does not have too many supports from third party developers, but now it’s crowded with anything that we want.

Talking about application, I think one app that people should have is probably the weather. Everyone has at least one weather application installed on the phone. Here, there are so many great choices to make and pick each one of them seems to be very difficult. So, we have decided to show you our top recommendations in order to help on you getting the best one.

The term of “best” is actually very subjective, but here we only pick the simplest one in term of interface and access. One thing that we keep important are the efficient and accuracy that would server most people’s needs. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s jump into the article.

Google Weather

Google has their great solution for this case. This one is actually not an actual weather app, but it’s just a quick link generated to Google Now. Its fast, efficient, and has a very minimal layout. Here, it offers daily info starting from current conditions, wind speed which is my favorite, hourly forecast, sunrise/sunset times, and precipitation. It also gives us chance to see further details for tomorrow condition. It’s considered as great feature where we could decide where to go for tomorrow without worry the condition is bad.

Sadly, Google Weather is not offering us an ability to take it into our widget. You cannot just simply add it, but we have to install another application in order to make it works. The other problem I found here is the missing function of radar. It is very useful for getting more details, even though for me it’s not too important feature.

You would get some great things and bad things at the same time. I still recommend you try it because the access is very easy and you are not going to find any problem on using it. Just keep way if you are looking to put on the home screen, because it’s not what you are looking for.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky

Dark sky started their rough start when its launch on the Android. It received so many critics because at that time they become the first company that offered paid weather service. Everyone was so surprised because the IOS version is free to download. Despite with so many controversies, Dark Sky is still considered as good choice here.

It features of one of the greatest radar I have seen before. It also has up to date forecast that making their adjustment every minute. The widget feature is here for you who wants to get every update at ease. We can try the free and the paid version here. The paid version cost around 3 dollars and you get extra feature for it. The free one is already good enough as long as you do not mind with fewer features. Just try it and see how it works.

Go Weather

Go Weather is among the most popular choice available here. The application supports basic feature that includes of wind, weather, radar, and forecast. It uses of AccuWeather as its service and looks pretty amazing and usable at the same time. There are 200,000 locations worldwide available and we will see more in the future.

The app is also coming with live wallpapers, widget, and other features. There are two various versions here. The most expensive version costs 19.99 dollars and it’s quite expensive for an application. Well, just stick with basic version since we only need the basic feature.

Final Thought

Those are our top recommendations for this case. Each one of them is having their pros and cons, so it backs on you on deciding which one is good or not. If we are looking for feature, then Go Sky or Go Weather are your choices. Just stick with what Google has offered for simpler and basic choice. Pick any of them and you are ready to go. I just hope the information is useful on you. At last, thank you for reading the article and please leave comment for any assistance.

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