The Top Reasons To Finally Upgrade To Windows 10

It has been few years after Microsoft announced their next generation OS that we know for now ad Windows 10. It comes with great feature that offers us better flexibility in doing anything that we want. One important enhancement is the security which is better than what we see on the previous versions. So, there are so many reasons to not move into this new ecosystem.

Even for now, there are still so many people who keep sticking with their old OS. The reason might because they do not like the feature itself or just because the performance on gaming which is seems worse here. Here, you have to know that Windows 10 is becoming better and better with their every update. On the anniversary update, they gave us so many enhancement that fixes many things and enhancement.

Now it might be the right time for you to go next. If you still cannot make your mind on this case, then we are going to show you some of its great features. You might change your mind after seeing this article. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s jump into the article.

Long Live The Start Screen

Windows 8 is considered as bad and failure by many people including me. There, Microsoft decided the start screen with the desktop menu. Many people see it worst because we have to move into different interface to see everything. It looks worst and considered as worst idea.

Now, Microsoft seems to know what their fault and try to make something better. They come with new solution to combine the start menu and the start screen. It’s a pretty nice compromise in my opinion. We could get the Windows 8 modern style while keep maintaining the familiarity and functionality of start menu.

The transition is really smooth here and it looks better in every way. Customization is also there, if you want to make it colorful like you want. Everything is resizable, configurable, and colorful. You could try it and see how it works to your needs.

Direct X 12 Support

I have to say that performance on gaming is pretty good here. Some of old games could not be run here and the performance what I see now seems to be better on Windows 7 or 8. Despite of those problems, This OS is actually bringing new thing that should make gamers happy.

Now, we move to the next generation of Microsoft gaming API that they called as Direct X 12. The main goal of this next gen API is to reduce the overhead on the driver and mean of some games would likely run in great performance in comparable with Direct X 11. I still cannot find much difference here, but I see that many developers already start to use this technology. Now, we see that many games starting to force us to use of Windows 10 in order to run it. This trend will raise and at the end we see that the old Windows are not supported anymore. So, it might be right time for you to move now.

They Finally Know What Is The Best

They Finally Know What Is The Best

There are other important things that gaining attention here. You can see now that Internet Explorer now replaced with Edge that better not only in interface, but also in performance and security. The Windows Store what I get right now is also better in term of experience and selections. You are no longer to install application manually because many of popular applications already make the way here.

Moreover, once Microsoft perfects their continuum feature, we would see a smooth transition from keyboard into touch screen and even our smartphone. We would able to use the smartphone like a computer in every way.

I see a very bright future with their great plans. We would get better support and new feature in the future. I really recommend you try it since it brings so many new things and old upgrade that make everything running better.

Final Thought

Those are information I know about it. You could upgrade the system right now or wait for it to be better. Everything is back on you on deciding it. Well, I just hope the information is useful for you. At last, thank you for reading the article and leave any comment below for any assistance. See you again next time.

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