How To Open Office Files Without Harming Our Computer

You probably know that many files and data coming from the internet could be dangerous for our PC. The file itself could even come in installation package, theme, and even office documents. I see that people now are getting smarter and they even use of office document as a tool to steal the data. Many people think that office file is considered as safe to open because it’s just a document and nothing more. But now, we have to accept the fact we could not feel safe anymore on opening it.

Few months ago, I have tried to find some documents for my work. Finally, I get what I am looking for and get the document. The website looks so fine in my opinion and nothing is bad. Everything is until I see what I have just downloaded before. The file is weird because the size is so big for just a word file. The size is 15 MB for just 20 pages of documents. I decided to run the anti-virus scan and the application see it as virus.

That is what we are going to talk about here. We would tell you how to open document from internet in the safest way. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s jump into the article.

Stay In Protected View

When you download and open any document from the internet, the application will open it in the “Protected View” by default. It is not going to happen on normal document and it’s just happen for the one that come from internet. You would see a yellow banner on the top of window. Here, we are not be able to edit the document as long as you are in the protected view. You have to enable normal mode to edit, but do it when you think it as safe file.

The protected view will help you on avoiding any malware or dangerous attack, but if you choose to disable it, the malware will start the attack and might be dangerous for the system and your data. The feature is enabled by feature, so you do not have to touch anything here. You could disable it from the option that located on the Trust Center Setting. I do not recommend you to turn it off unless you want something bad to happen.

Keep Office Updated

Keep Office Updated

It’s very important to always keep up to date with newer version of application. It’s similar to the system, applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Reade also need an update. Office software has been the main target for many people and Microsoft always makes the patch to fix the security problem.

Installing the system update will automatically update the version of Office application. When you do the update, make sure to including of this one too. Just keep the option is enabled and we would see regular update here. Now, you are ready on doing everything since you are on the latest version of update.

Quick note here, Microsoft still only support of Office version from 2010 until the 2017. It means, the version of 2007 is no longer support and you should get the newer version if you still have it. The upgrade option is there, so just use it to make an upgrade.

Open Risky Documents In Another Application

Open Risky Documents In Another Application

If there is document file that you need to edit but you are worried on opening it, then you just have to use another application to do it. Any online editing should be fine here because they do the entire job in the cloud and not including our system on this case.

For example, we can upload the file into Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive and then edit it online. Those are web applications, so you are not going to find any problem. I always do it in some cases and I do not find any problem on using it. You should not be worry on editing feature because everything is there and much similar to what we see in offline.

Final thought

Those are information I know about it. From now, you should be careful on getting and downloading any file from unknown source. It can be malware and very dangerous. The tips above would help you on preventing further problem. Well, I just hope the information is useful for you. At last, thank you for reading the article and please leave any comment below for any assistance relating this article.

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