How To Unify PC And Android For Seamlessly Notifications

As soon as we get into the work in the front of computer, it’s hard for to us do anything besides than that matter. We need to be focus here and sometimes even the misses the important message from our smartphone. It’s tough because Microsoft is not giving integrated feature in the Windows for making seamless notification with Android. We can simply do it with Windows Phone, but using that phone is no longer considered as the best choice. The app support is nowhere to find and just making the work harder.

If you are tired uploading the files or sending it to just open it on the computer, then just try of this method. There is much easier method to share the files between these two operating systems. We just need to install the application and run some steps. You should not be worry because the application is free and easy to use. That is what we are going to talk about here. We are going to see further solution for this problem. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s jump into the article.



If you are using Android smartphone for quite times, then you should probably ever heard of this application. If not, then you have to give it a shot. I have to say that Pushbullet is considered as the most useful applications on Android because it allows us to control the smartphone through the computer. There are so many things it can do including sending SMS from the keyboard, mirror notification, and send links directly into the phone. It’s full of worth feature.

The universal copy and paste files are there for you that want to move the file instantly. Pushbullet comes with two versions that divided into free and paid one. The free version is more than enough, but it comes with some limitations such as limited send file size and few other things. For any normal usage, the free one is already good, but you could get the Pro version if you think it’s not enough. Just download it and see how it works.


There is no way for me not to include this one into the list. AirDroid is recommended among the users not only the feature, but also the usability. Basically, it connects of the Android into the PC and then gives us a desktop like interface in the browser. We can do anything from listening music, editing file and even manage our SMS and calls. The features are great and offer a nice deal for free users.

You are going to find many limitations on using Pushbullet not here. Almost all of functionalities are free to try with some limited quantity. For example, the maximum data transferred is only limited for some amounts in month. The connection to the computer is also limited with the maximum of two devices. I see that limitations as something as bad. It’s still going to be my top recommendation.



If you love seeing how the Pusbullet works in transferring file, then you got to see of this one. Portal is a perfect answer for many people who want a simplicity that only needs in transferring data do not care for extra stuff. Portal is made by the same person who creates of Pushbullet. It’s basically just a strip version of that application with only some minor features.

We could use it to transfer any file or folder between the devices without any problem. Portal is totally free and there is no any limitation to find. I will recommend getting it if you only need a way on moving file and not more. The interface is simple, easy to navigate, and all of features are free. Portal can be your best choice on this case.

Final Thought

Those are my top recommendations for this case. Now, we already see the easiest way to integrate our smartphone with PC. Each application is coming with their pros and cons, so it’s better to see them deeper to know which one is good for our needs. I do not have any personal recommendation and you are free to choose your own. I just hope the information is useful for you. Thank you for reading the article and please leave comment below for any assistance regarding this article. At last, see you again next time.

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