Are Cheap Android Phones Worth?

On choosing smartphone, you are given two chances here for your needs. First, you are able to stick with cheap device and the second choice would be expensive device. Both of them are giving us different values that have their own pros and cons. Expensive phone gives you better hardware and sometimes better quality software in few years while the cheap phone is going to give you less powerful hardware with limited software update. Choices are still back on people to decide because people have their personal preference on seeing thing.

But here, I am going to talk about the cheap phones here that crowded the market right now. Now they are becoming a popular choice right now because the hardware or specifications right now is so good and even almost could be compared with high end device. For 99 dollars, we already get an impressive device that could do anything from browsing into playing games.

Is it that cheap phone is still worth to try? That is what we are going talk about. We are going talk about it further about what good and things from it. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s we jump into the article.



For most cases, affordable phones always stick with low end hardware or the high end hardware that used from one or two years ago. Using old hardware is such a good way for the company to cut their price down, but still giving the consumer good performance. In addition, the camera quality is also really not that good even though the quality is still acceptable. We could still do a selfie, but do not expect such a high quality one here because the price is really talked here.

Here, in term of performance we will deal most of the times with Mediatek or Snapdragon 400 processor on this case. The performance is not that much here and many people decide to stick with custom ROM in order to make it better. But sadly, some of companies like Mediatek leave their source close and we cannot do much anything with it. The only choice is stick with stock setting and nothing more.

In term of performance, display, and build quality, the low budget phone is not that bad to try especially now some companies such as Xiaomi and One Plus are giving a very great choice with low price. But, one thing that we should note here is the camera quality. Their quality is never better even for now. If you are looking one with great camera, then cheap smartphone is not the one who made for you.

Reliable Update

This case is always becoming a big problem even for now. Buying a budget phone always like do coins toss where there are some possibilities. They basically already spend their budget on the hardware and spending more money on software update is something hard to do. If the sales are getting crazy, there would be chance they give one or two future update for the device, but if not then they will just abandon it and we have seen so many examples here.

In short, do not expect much for any update if you stick with budget smartphone. We cannot make any complain here since the price is already cheap here. You should go with better phone on Samsung or LG since they put high price here for the device.

So When Is A Budget Phone The Right Choice?

If you do not mid with the power or regular update, then just go with affordable one since you could still doing the same thing here even though the performance is slower. Texting, visiting Facebook, and playing Candy Crush Saga are still okay here and you will never find any problem as long as the expectation is not that big.

The thing will be different when you are looking for power and features here. The performance camera and features are their biggest selling point here. You get high quality camera that worth for the price. Plus, you also get their big branding name and you should not be embarrassed to show it to your friends. That is the pros and cons about it.

Final Thought

Those are information I know about it. Smartphone choices are back to each person preference on satisfying their needs, so there is no such a bad device here. Just pick one that suit to your needs and you are in good way. I just hope the information is useful for you. At last, thank you for reading the article and see you again.

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