What Is Playstation Vue And What Should You Know About It?

There more and more online streaming devices right now for some reasons. The main reason why is it so popular because the demands from people are so high. Getting away from traditional TV is much easier and more popular now because they offer us a very good movies and shows that cannot be seen on the Traditional TV. Because of that reason many people started jump into it. People will never go easily with something when they do not have something good to expect.

We have seen so many video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more. Now we even see that Sony is starting to do the same case with their Playstation Vue service. I am not so surprise by their movement because the demands are high and many people would easily go with it since they have Playstation console.

But, is it that good in comparable with previous device? That is what we are going to talk about here. We are going to talk about it further and see how it’s comparable with another service. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s jump into the article.

What Is Playstation Vue?

This service is basically similar thing to what we see in similar service. Sony takes the traditional TV by providing us video streaming over the internet with most of favorite network channel and television cable at the same time. The service is available for anyone to try with some subcription.

Despite the name of Playstation that it has, Vue is not only available for a Playstation console, but we could also have it on Roku, Fire TV, Android, and IOS. It also works through the browser on our device even though the experience is not that good. I have tried it and the interface is not good and making the navigation is hard to do. I do not recommend it all on using it browser. So, just go with your Playstation console or smartphone.

In term of channel selections, they give us for more than 45 channels in the basic subscription and more them in the Ultra one. The basic access cost you around 40 dollars and 75 dollars for the most expensive one. Overall, the pricing is still okay since they offer us many choices based on our needs.

How Playstation Vue Works

How Playstation Vue Works

Here, you basically need to download their app into the device and then log into your account. When it comes to the navigation, then I would give them five stars since the experience is really good and familiar. The Interface is simple even though there are no channel numbers that let you easily pick your favorite channels. However, you can add your favorite channel and it will show up on your list.

Let’s talk about its biggest feature. Here, they have what they called as DVR service that it allows you to add the show into the list and then watch it for later. Sadly, I found that not all of services allow us to do it. I guess Sony should take this problem and their service is going to be that good.

The Bad Things From It

The Bad Things From It

Well, I could not find any bad thing to say here because not all of services are perfect. We are going to find some bad and good things about them. Vue is not perfect where we have some limitations on the demand content and less feature. It just backs on people on deciding which one is good or not.

But, if you are looking for easy service to put on your Playstation console, then this one is recommended for you. That is what Sony is planning from the start on this case. I just hope we could expect some new things to cover of its cons.

Final Thought

Those are information I know about. It’s turned out that Hue becomes a good choice because of the features and great service. You could try it when you think it worth enough to replace your current subscription. Just go with it for easier approach on Playstation or with go with another service like Netflix for more content. Everything it backs on you on deciding it. I just hope the information is useful for you. At last, thank you for reading the article and please leave any comment below for further assistance regarding this topic.

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