The Best And Cheaper Alternatives For Photoshop

If people are asked what the best application for editing photos is, then they probably will say Adobe Photoshop. Yeah, this kind of application is getting high popularity as number one choice for photo editing even for now. The main reason why people stick with Adobe might because the features itself are overwhelming and easy to find. The user interface here is also categorized as simple and learning every its feature could be done easily in short time. We only need to get used with it and you are going to find it easy.

Now, we have seen so many other great choices. I believe that almost of their features are much similar, but they come in cheaper price. You probably know the license for Photoshop is quite expensive and sometimes buying the new version is tough to do.

If you want to look over, then there are some other great recommendations that you might need to try. They have similar features and its coming in better price. That is what we are going to talk about here. We are going talk about the others nice selections for photos editing application. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s we jump into the article.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo could be your best selection on this case. This one is actually one of the biggest reasons that make me consider switching over. The software is available on Windows for around 50 dollars and it’s a good price for its nice features.

The features are great and there are so many good things here to find. It could do almost anything we find similar on what Adobe offers to us. The only thing we lost here is the ecosystem from Adobe, but we will never miss any important feature here.

For every day uses and even for photographers, the application does much good thing we need. The price is much cheaper and you get the similar thing here. You are basically only need to try it and see how it works to your needs.


Pixelmator is such a great software for this case, but sadly its only available for Mac and not for Windows. The feature here is not that much in comparable with Photoshop, but it’s more than enough for the cheap price. The price is only 30 dollars here and we could do much thing in editing images. Pixelmator is probably the cheaper option we can get.

I am not finding any big problem when I try it and the only bad thing I find here is the problem on the workflow. For some reasons workflow can be pretty unintuitive especially when you get used with Photoshop. It might takes time to get used with it and sometimes its tough when we have other things to do.

Pixelmator and Affinity Photos are having their pros and cons. Here, I find that Pixelmator is better on doing of vector work and design. It’s a nice choice for everyone and I am happy with the performance. This one could your best choice and be sure to check it.



Now let’s take a look on free option. I will be honest that GIMP should be made for everyone who needs a free option. The interface is not that great and learning on doing everything is tough here. There are lot of things that are convoluted and any other applications.

Despite of that problem, GIMP is still a powerful program and 100 % free. I could not make any complain since they do not put any price while the others companies do the difference. If just want to do some editing without need to do it professionally, and then I totally recommend it for you. The case will be different when you expect more because this one is not what you are looking for.

Final Though

Those are my recommendation about this case. The three choices above are having their pros and cons, so make sure to check it further. Just try how GIMP works since we do not have to pay for anything to get it. I do not have any personal recommendation and feel free to make choice. I just hope the information is useful for you. At last, thank you for reading the article and please leave any comment for further assistance regarding this article. See you again next time.

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