The Fragmentation On Android Is Not Only Google’s Fault

Many people seem to get on some problems on getting up to date OS on their Android. This is already a common problem on this system and Google still do not have any further solution on this case. Many people criticizing this problem and give a bad name for this system. This problem is actually not a just Google’s fault, but the manufacture is playing their role on raising this thing. The company already put their new update every year, but it backs to the each manufacture to decide if the device should get update or not.

The problem here Google never put any specific rule for the company to give update for amount of time. I have heard they decide to realize that thing in order to keep the fragmentation. But, we still do not hear any further information about it. Is it that really Google’s or manufacturer’s fault? Well, let’s talk it further.

That is what we are going to talk about here. We are going to talk about this case further. To make it easier for you to under, let’s we jump into the article.

What Is Fragmentation?

What Is Fragmentation

Basically, fragmentation is referred to the spread version of Android that still running wildly in the market without any control. The adoption in Android is far slower than what IOS brings here. On the IOS, people just easily get the update and given in duration of weeks. In three or four months, the total percentage for new system adaption will be more than 50 %. This is so different in comparable with Android where in two years, we only get the total percentage for only around 15 percent and even less. We are not going to see one hundred percent percentage here.

It’s a really downside for this ecosystem and the problem is going to be worst in the future. I always think this matter as Google’s bad treatment on their system, but now I see that there are some articles said that issue is not totally Google’s mistake. You will see article such as from Boy Genius report imply about this case.

Comparing It With Apple

Comparing It With Apple

Basically, Apple produces their smartphone and send them update directly when it’s available. Apple is totally responsible for updating the hardware as well of the software. They could it freely without any problem since they are the one who makes the smartphone. Here, Google is only prepared the software while the hardware backs to the company.

They are trying hard to solve the problem and as the result they decide to make Nexus, Pixel, and Android One project. They want to make some rules on both hardware and software and force the manufactures to provide update for two years. Sadly, the project is not that successful and end up in bad result. Now, they go with different approaches and we need some times to see the result.

So, Who Causes Fragmentation?

Who Causes Fragmentation

If Google releases system update regularly, then why some companies such as HTC, Samsung, and LG could not do the similar thing. They should be the one who blamed since they are also responsible here.

Basically, when the update is finished through the process, it gets shipped to the chip manufactures and they will provide proper updates for the chip. Lastly, as soon as those processes are done, it backs to the carrier to approve update and process is end.

They would never have any problem on making update since the source, approval are there available. But here, economic is playing vital role. Team and planning are needed to do all the process started from to get update done until to testing. Everything is great if the smartphone is selling well, but totally different when sale is bad. The money is lost and there is no way for them to give support. This is always happened in many companies and we have seen so many results.

Final Thought

Those are information I know about it. I need to say that Google have to provide great solution to avoid further problem. If not, then we might see worst problem in the future. Well, it’s just matter time to see the result. I hope this information is useful for you. Thank you for reading the article and please leave any comment or suggestion regarding this article. At last, see you again on the next time.

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