Three Ways To Customize Android That IOS Still Can’t Match

Android is full of customizable option that could be swapped easily with its default features. We could change it with any third party applications without any rooting process or easy to use. Almost every of them are free to customize to our needs as long as we want to make some adjustments to the system. This is probably the biggest selling point of this Android where IOS could not do much here. Android is open source and IOS is not. You would find so many good things are not available there.

You are given freedom to do anything without any great limitation there and there. If you want to do some tweaks, then I have some good recommendations to try which is free to download and install. I have prepared you three ways best customization that still better to do it on Android that still not available on IOS. That is what we are going to talk about here. We are going to talk about it further regarding the freedom that it offers to us. To make it easier for you to understand, lets we jump into the article.

Add New Features To Our Lock Screen

Add New Features To Our Lock Screen

You could change the lock screen here with some great choices outside there. This is not going to be the popular option here, but it still handful and excellent replacement. Changing lock screen is not only given us different look, but also comes with some handy features. One of the most interesting choices is Next Lock Screen which is created by Microsoft. Yeah, it’s really weird to see Microsoft’s applications here, but for these couple years, they have tried to be more open. The reason might want to make people getting used with their interface in Windows 10.

Another great choice to have here is AcDisplay which is good for its features. AcDisplay is probably one of the best choices for now. Users are able to see their notifications without needed to open the device. It comes handy especially when the notification is not too important. Its darker interface also will save our battery on the devices that feature of Amoled screen. Just try it and see how it works.

Set Our Default Browser

Set Our Default Browser

Apple gives us a pretty strict rule on IOS where they do not let us to change the default browser. The only browser available is Safari to stick with. On the other hands, Android let you to download any third party browser such as Firefox, Opera, and many more. The default browser can be set through the Application setting. There, you see all of browsers installed and just select any one of them.

Google does not put any restriction, and the developer is able to use their own engine which is good since we get another experience. For example, Firefox is using specific rendering engine and not based on Chromium which Chrome has. It has different features and different optimizations. Just work around to see what kind of browsers that best to you.

Use Different Messaging Applications

Use different messaging applications

If you are getting tired with stock message client, then just get another SMS client. There are so many SMS clients that give us other features and interesting look. Android Messages is one of best solution here with its simple and clean interface. It’s not just a normal SMS client since we can send video, photos, and even sticker in single place. We only need to ask them to install the client and we could share what we like here.

Another interesting feature to see is ability to send the message from the computer or tablet. Just sync it with our Google account and start sending message from the computer. It feels so amazing especially when we want to reply the message in the middle of works. My other recommendations should be Pushbullet and Mighty Text even though some features are limited to the subscription. But, it’s still worth application to mention here.

Final Thought

Those are my recommendation relating this case. If the freedom on customization is what you are looking for, then Android is truly designed for you. Well, it backs on you deciding it, so feel free to make choice. I just hope the information is useful for you. Feel free to leave any comment regarding of this article. At last, thank you for reading the article and see you again next time.

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