The Bad Side Of Open Source Software

If you are into with computers in many years, then you should be familiar with this term. Is it the term where the program source is open to everyone and people could jump into the case and help the development. It’s considered as a good idea since many people will help through the project and making everything is done easily. But, this case is also having their bad side which is tough sometimes for some reasons. More people jump into the project sometimes is not something that great and just makes the project is worst.

But, not every open source project is bad because we have seen so many great of them. For example, Cyanogenmod or Lineage now is a very popular one which has millions users. There are so many people into it and positive review about it. Its only one of them and there are more outside of there.

On this case we would see some downsides from it. We are going to talk about it further on this article and see what the thing that is bad from it. To make it easier for you to understand, lets we jump into the article.

The Delay And Glacial Development Pace

The Delay And Glacial Development Face

Many of this project sometimes suffer a delay and slow development face for some reasons. The new version usually coming late than what they have planned before. The similar thing also happened with feature that comes slowly and difficult to prioritize.

The greatest example we could see here is what happen on Ubuntu development. Few years ago, they attempted to launch of the Unity desktop and its Mir display server. This new version of system should be stable for many years ago, but we never really see it’s even for now. On the other side, Microsoft already makes their way with Windows 10 that introduced its vision for convergence.

I actually cannot a big complain here since they have done their job greatly. We only have to see how the project is continued and we might see its stable release in the next future. What we need to here is only waiting.

The Internal Drama

The Internal Drama

The code for a project is open to everyone and any user is able to make any change. It’s considered as a good because everyone could jump into it. But, that is not always the case here because if the community does not like the result of its changes, they can just take the old source and make new project with it. It often causes the drama on the inside and makes its split into multiple parts.

For example, GNOME 2 users are not that happy when GNOME 3 is release into the public. They were not that happy at that time and finally they decided to make a new project like Cinnamon and Mate. As the result, they have to make the work done from the scratch and it takes time until it’s fully prepared.

The Lack Of Serious Manpower

The Lack Of Serious Manpower

Like I said before, more people in one community is not always better. They could make their contribution here, but it would be useless when they do it badly or not serious at all. It only leads us into another serious problem that becoming worst.

Just take a look on the Heatbleed security hole we see in the 2014. Heartbleed open a great vulnerability in OpenSSL and making many people worry. You probably know that OpenSSL is a really important encryption library that used by many web servers and big companies.

It draws of so big attentions on seeing how underfund this critical issue and lead to some big companies to commit on giving their money every year to support the development of OpenSSL. This story really shows us how serious the issue here. I really hope they can make their way together to solve this similar case in the future.

Final Thought

Those are information I know about it. Everything has their bad and good side at the same time and it’s also included in open source software. We see it as a good thing because we are able to download the software for free and many more, but at the same time we also get many bad things from it. Now, we just need to hope that this related case would be better in next few years. Well, I just hope this information is useful for you. At last, than you for reading the article and see you again next time.

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