What Is NFC And Why It’s So Important Now?

When you see on the specifications your smartphone, then you probably see NFC feature there. NFC hardware is considered as pretty popular right now and has been included in many smartphones over the year. This thing might become the future of security keys, payment, and even for boarding pass. It’s a great upgrade from QR codes that looks clunky and old for now. We need to see better approach with it and this is the main reason why the companies develop of this thing.

Even though many people use of this thing on their daily usage, many people still do not really know about it. I even see some people do not how to use it despite the smartphone is equipped with it. It should be better for us to see how it works and know it further.

That is what we are going to talk about here. We are going to see it further on what it is and what we could do with it. There are so many things are available to try with this feature. To make it easier for you to understand, lets we jump into the article.

What Is NFC?

What Is NFC

NFC is a new standard that allows of smartphones and other popular device to make communication via radio signal when they are located in the right proximity. This feature is actually working similarly like RFID even though here the range is much shorter. The range is much shorter with the maximum range only 4 inches. This range is really short, but it’s considered as better because eavesdropping is harder to do.

To establish the connection here, both of supported smartphone and tags should be in their range and we also need to touch or get it closely in order to make it works. The process is very simple here since we do not have to do anything besides than get it close to activate it.

Almost all of devices right now in Android have supported this feature. You are going to find it on Samsung, Google, HTC, and other devices easily. Be sure to check its specifications and see if the feature is there.

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

This is probably considered as the best functionality that it has. Here, the payment works similarly to what we see on MasterCard’s PayPass. Just wave the device into the payment terminal and it would automatically finish your payment. You no longer have to bring your credit card since doing with smartphone is easier and more efficient.

We can also doing the same thing in another case. For example, there are so many parking meters right now that is installed with NFC and allows people to pay their parking from their smartphone. The process is done similarly where we need to wave our smartphone into the device.

In the future, we will see more and more compatible device. We will be able to do transit pass and security pass and other things easily later. This is a just a start and we even could expect something that great with it.

Transferring Data Wirelessly

Transferring Data Wirelessly

Some data can be transferred wireless between two gadgets by using their NFC feature. Android smartphone has a feature that called as Android Beam that allows us to share contact, internet sites, video, photos and many more. You could do it instantly through the applications and its working really good.

Here, you just need to make the two phones back to back and the contents you want to send would be received shortly after the process. We might able to do the same thing with Bluetooth and WIFI. But, doing it in Bluetooth and WIFI are harder because we have to do the pairing process. Here, pairing process is no longer needed and it is better in my opinion.

The similar sharing features also can be found on Windows Phone and other operating systems. Just make sure your device is supported. If yes, then you are no longer having any problem to worry on this case.

Final Thought

Those are information I know about it. It seems that NFC is going to be a popular feature in some years. Now we already so many great things and we could expect a bright future with it. Now, it’s the right time for you to try it. Well, it backs on you deciding it, so feel free to do anything. Thank you for reading the article and please leave any comment for further assistance regarding this article. At last, see you again next time.

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