Samsung Notebook 9 15” NP900X5N-X01US Review – Sturdier And Faster Than Ever

In the Ultrabook design, there are three components that should be included. Those things are included of portability, performance, and resolution. All of them must come in one package in order to deliver the maximum performance to the consumers. The people will need portability to easily carry it around for their productivity as well as the performance to support it. At last, resolution is also important because sometimes we want some entertainments like watching videos. For this case, all of those concepts are coming in the Notebook 9 by Samsung.

It packs with high end processor that could be depended on doing any task. Great and compact design and high quality display. The laptop itself does not to be struggle on joining the high end line up series thanks to its nice features. Many people still wondering if they should buy or not buy it since the price is quite expensive. As for the answer, you are going to find it soon.

That is what we are going to talk about here. We are going to talk about it further on this article. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s we jump into the article.


The total design that it has looks so modern and sleek. The look itself really reminds me of Macbook which is nice in my opinion. I personally love the machine with simple design and everything I am looking for is here. There are not too many details to find and there is only a simplistic silver Samsung logo that placed on its lid. The magnesium alloy material maybe looks so cheap, but it does a great job in term of build quality.

In term of portability, the weight that only 2.73 pounds and 0.61 edges making it as perfect companion for our travel. It’s much slimmer in comparable with Spectre X360 and only a bit thicker than LG Gram 15. Still, I was so impressed on seeing the company really able to fit everything into such a tiny and small device. This is maybe the right time to swap from your heavy and thicker laptop into this one.

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Display And Audio

Notebook 9 2The display is pretty crisp and details in every moment I was using of it. The color reproduction itself I think is perfect and giving me a wonderful experience. I tried to test it with benchmark and got the 114.9 percent on producing gamut color. The number of 115 percent is something to proud of and making it as one of the best 15 inch ultrabook in term of display.

As for audio, the speakers feature a dual speaker that placed at the bottom. The sounds are clear, but the bass itself is not too punchy. Using equalizer itself is not helping much since the hardware really makes difference. But, the quality itself is top notch although playing heavy rock song is not that enjoyable. No big complain since they already stress the budget on the other sectors.

Samsung Notebook 9Main Specs
CPUIntel Core I7 2.7 GHZ
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 940MX
Display Size15-inch
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory16GB Flash Memory
Storage256GB SSD

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Keyboard And Fingerprint

The keyboard performance is quite mix in my opinion. At the same, the keyboard feels too shallow and cheap, but I did not get any problem on doing fast typing. I was able to type for more than 85 words per minute which is great and surpassed my standard. The accuracy is perfect and have not brings the issue. If you have chance to test it, then you should find it by yourself.

Nowadays many users get so worry on people will break their system and stealing the data. Many companies really know for this case and the result they give a great solution for this problem. Fingerprint reader is placed on the right side of keyboard and we could log into the Windows instantly as soon as you put the finger. This extra security probably would save your more time.

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Final Thought

Those are information I know about it. It seems that Samsung really wants to compete with the other companies in this market. The machine is their answer for anyone who is searching for high class productivity machine. Well, the choice is yours, so feel free to take the consideration. I just hope the information provided is good enough. At last, thank you for reading the article and see you again.

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