LG Gram 13Z970 U.AAW5U1 13.3” Review – The Great Business Laptop That Won’t Break Our Pocket

LG is not a company that really put their effort to jump into the laptop market. For couple of years, we only have seen few their devices that was released every year. Although, they only have few different line ups, this series is never fail to make the consumers get interested on it. The main reason for this case is probably because of the design and price. They put of great design in such a competitive price. There is no reason for people to not easily fall into it.

The Gram series now has got their 2017 line ups with some improvements on the overall design and performance. The battery life and his power are so amazing in comparable with the other competitors at the same price. This one is easily the best choice that would not break your bank. It’s worth to consider if you are in need for portability and battery life. I am pretty sure you want to hear from it and you are going to have it soon.

That is what we are going to talk about here. We are going to talk about it further on this article. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s we jump into the article.


Keep in mind that product is coming with three different versions, the only different is located on the display size and nothing more. For this review, I got the 13.3 version which is the thinnest and slimmest among of all. As the name it says, the weight is really light and we could easily lift it up with single hand. The thing is possible thanks to the magnesium alloy material that gives better look and durability than plastic material. Sadly, we would get lighter weight, but in return the body looks less- premium. It’s still sturdy and strong although the look is not that premium.

The body measurement is measured at 0.6 x 12.1 x 8.3 inches. I always never get any problem on slipping it through the back on my travel. The Razer Blade Steal is a good comparable here where it looks thinner and thicker, but has better material. However, the Blade price is more and more expensive and I think it as pretty normal. I am satisfy enough since we have lighter option, but in such a good price.

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Full Of Features

Gram 13Z970 2The first thing that I check is the storage. The system features of 256GB onboard storage which is not that big, but good enough on storing many applications and data. The SSD storage is far expensive than HDD, so I can understand why they were only able to fit 256GB one. The micro SD slot is available if you think the storage is not enough. You could install the application the SD card, so you should not too worry here.

As for connectivity, the slim design does not get in way on port selections. On there are three ports that included of HDMI, USB 3.0, and USB type-C port. On the right side, there are audio jack input, single USB 3.0 port, and micro SD slot. The others connectivity to find are WIFI and Bluetooth 4.1 for connecting through the internet and sending data.

Last price update: 2019-02-01 18:38:48

LG Gram 13Z970Main Specs
CPUIntel Core I5 2.5 GHz
GraphicsIntel HD Integrated Card
Display Size13.3-inch
OSWindows 10
Memory8GB DDR Memory
Storage256GB Flash Memory

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Long Lasting Battery

The Intel Core I5-7200U and 8 GB RAM might be slightly behind for now, but it does not mean the laptop is not able to do many things. Opening multiple tabs on the Chrome while streamed the 1080p video did not slow down the system at all during my test. Scrolling the web browser feels so smooth and giving me the top notch performance. Any normal task such as editing documents and taking note should be done easily without any issue.

Your productivity would be also supported by good battery life. The battery lasts for 12 hours and 20 minutes on browsing with WIFI. The 12 hours is a great result since majority of laptops only run for around 9 hours until the battery is dead. The battery problem is always the case for many machines, but you are not going to find it here.

Last price update: 2019-02-01 18:38:48
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Final Thought

Those are information I know about it. The Gram 13 is competent choice that will save your money from buying more expensive product. The price is worth, so just take it and I am so sure you would be satisfied. Well, the choice is yours, so feel free to make any choice. I just hope the information is good enough for you all. At last, thank you for reading the article and see you again.

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