Lenovo Yoga Book Review – The Thinnest and Lightest 2 In 1 Windows Laptop

Lenovo Yoga Book brings of versatility and portability into the maximum level. The system features of 360 degree hinge system that allowing you to transform into multiple modes easily with only few swaps. There are four different modes available included of the lay flat mode for taking note and drawing, the watch mode for streaming your favorite movies, the tablet mode for browsing, and the type mode for supporting your productivity. One thing that I love here is located on its keyboard and touchpad. It has of touchpad and keyboard that is free from travel. The portability is the main selling point here.

The tablet itself is featured of Windows 10 as the main operating system, so never worry of losing your productivity because what we have here is a full fledged Windows machine in compact size. I guess its worth for us to take look inside especially considering its hardware. That is what we are going to talk about here. We are going to talk about it further on this article and find how wonderful it is. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s we jump into the article.

Versatile and Compact Design

The Yoga is having similar design like its older brother and only appeared to be smaller and lighter. The system is insanely thin and light for some reasons. The chassis is created from magnesium alloy material and wrapped in luxurious and premium touch. The black finishing looks very well made and it does not look like a cheap device at all. There are two versions available here, the first one is the Android version and the second one is the Windows 10 version. For this review, we just going to focus on the Windows version as for me it’s more appealing.

The volume and power buttons are placed at the right side of its chassis and so easy to reach with our hands. The speakers pump out loud from this tablet thanks to the Dolby Atmos technology support on the inside. One worth mentioning thing here is the display. The display features of 10.1 inch screen that combined with 1920 x 1080 resolution. The panel has 16.7 millions of variety colors and featuring a totally bright 400 nits of brightness. The IPS panel used here is probably one of the best to consider on this price range.

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Tactile and Solid Typing

Lenovo Yoga Book 2Well, I got so many big problem and bad experience on typing in 10.1 inch screen laptop. The keyboard for me is just too small and making my hand cramp and hurt for typing on it in long usage. When I got this device, I was bit skeptical for its quality of typing, but luckily what I though is not happened here. I could not just believe how well it works on supporting my activity. The keys are surprisingly comfortable and accurate. It has a nice and solid feedback to every pressed on my finger. I do not really know how they make it so possible.

I am able to type for around 89 words per minute with minimal error rate. Without an auto correct from Windows 10, I still got some errors there and there, but we have to be realistic that this is a small laptop. We cannot just compare the result like what we have on bigger machine like Thinkpad X1 or Macbook Pro. This is might not going to be you primary laptop replacement, but should be enough for your travel work or students who need to afford a cheap and solid system.

Lenovo Yoga BookMain Specs
CPU Intel Atom X5-Z8550 1.44 GHZ
Graphics Intel HD Integrated Card
Display Size10.1-inch
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory4GB DDR3 Memory
Storage64GB EMMC

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Performance and Battery Life

In term of specs, the laptop really has pretty much standard specification. The Windows 10 is pre-installed as the operating system and powered by Intel X5 Z8550 processor alongside with 4GB RAM, and 64GB of EMMC. This hardware level will show some good performance for light and medium activities like browsing, editing document, and taking note. Just never expect to run some demanding apps like Photoshop or rendering video because you would be disappointed here. For taking more high level of applications, I recommend you to take its brother the Thinkpad X1 that has lot of better hardware.

With this amount of specs, I am able to run of work without any issue. Opening more than 15 tabs even is not showing any lag or stuttering here. The 64GB EMMC is small, but it runs faster than HDD and slightly slower than SSD. The booting processor is done really fast and great companion for our travel. The battery life itself should run for 8 hours and 22 minutes which is not bad for the price. The result is impressive here considering its very bright 1080p display. This could be the reason for you to take it as your secondary device.

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Final Thought

I think it’s hard for me not recommend this laptop especially after seeing so many great things from it. The Yoga might be a perfect system if only it features better specifications. With the price range right now, it’s impossible for us to make any complain since the price is already that cheap to afford. There is always a price for quality. If you can stand with all of stuff on the inside, then the product might be really made for you. I just hope the information is useful enough for you. At last, thank you for spending your time and please make any comment for further assistance.

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