MSI GF72VR Gaming Laptop Review – Your Way to Virtual Reality Experience

MSI is just announced their new products and it looks lot different than the rest of their lineups. Here, they specifically want to target consumers market by providing high end hardware and high refresh rate display for only under 2000 dollars. The system features of Intel Core I7 7th gen processor and GTX 1060 that allowing you to play any of VR games or running any AAA games at high or maximum setting. By doing of this case, we only have little things to compromise such as the missing of optical drive and some other things.

I still find this system is worth to take a look especially by seeing its hardware that is so powerful for the price. I just hope the temperature is not an issue here like we find on similar MSI products. The chassis is incredibly small and thin and I am afraid it will be an issue here. That is what we are going to talk about here. We are going to talk about it further on this article and find out how good it is. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s we jump into the article.

Design And Features

The GF72VR feels so familiar in my eyes because it basically takes the similar approach on what they did with GE72VR. The entire chassis is constructed from aluminum lid that finished in black detail. The gamer feeling is so incredibly strong here especially when seeing of red and black combination design and MSI logo placed at the center of lid. The aluminum construction only features on the outside and not on the inside. The keyboard deck itself is created from plastic and I think I never have any problem with it. My biggest issue is located on its aluminum lid that so easy to become of fingerprint magnet. It’s just tough to always clean it after I carry it for around.

The chassis has an average size and weight in comparable with similar products. The device itself is weight for around 8 pounds with dimension at 16.5 x 11 x 1.1 inches. Carrying it around is not impossible here and feels quite tough for the weight itself. As return for its big and heavy design, it has lot of places to fit of connectivity. There are still of USB 2.0 on the lift side, but you will soon find of USB 3.0 and USB type-C ports on the right side. Here, we got total of four USB ports that I think more than enough for plugging some accessories and plugging your controller.

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Input Devices and Maintaining

MSI GF72VR 2 The Steelseries keyboard is once again introduced here. The keyboard is able to maintain its quality and it feels so comfortable for both typing and gaming. The size and spacing for keys are well defined and it gives of nice and tactile feedback to my every finger pressure. The keyboard will feel remaining as comfortable as long as you want. The RGB lighting is back again here and now it has 3 zone RGB illuminations which is cool for users that want unique lighting. There is no limit for you on making of greatness here. This can be a good reason for taking it as your gaming system.

One worth mentioning here is the upgradable option. There are plenty of room inside although gaining the access into the parts are quite bit hard to do. I need to remove total of 20 screws in order to get everything off. Luckily, all of screws are using standard from Phillips and I think you will not find any problem on removing it. As soon as you get everything done, you would see SSD slot, dual RAM slot, 2.5 HDD slot, and CPU and GPU component for adding and removing of pasta. The fans itself are incredibly easy to clean and I think MSI really cares for their consumers as they make us so easy to anything with their system.

MSI GF72VRMain Specs
CPU Intel Core I7-7700HQ 2.8 GHZ
Graphics NVIDIA GTX 1060
Display Size17.3-inch
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory32GB DDR4 Memory
Storage512GB SSD + 1TB HDD

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Gaming And VR

The combinations of Intel I7 7700HQ and GTX 1060 score for 5015 on PCMark 8 and I think the score is not that bad for the price. In the result on gaming, it gives similar impression on my every test. I tried so many games here and all of them run so fine at high setting except for Final Fantasy 15. Battlefield 1, the Witcher 3, and Call of Duty WWII are playable up to 30 FPS all the time even under some stresses. The only exception is on Final Fantasy 15 that looks quite bad with the highest setting. I manage to put high preset, but I have to adjust some of them into medium to boost the framerate. Well, the game itself is already so damn good at this setting and I think I have no problem with it.

For further testing, I also tried few VR games like VR Chat and LA Noire VR. I have no issue here with 1080p resolution setting although on this case the fans go loud pretty easily as soon as launch the game. The battery life is also shorter on this case mainly because VR activity is demanding to do. I manage to get a solid experience here without getting bothered by any problem. Just prepare to jump into a VR world by using this machine.

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Final Thought

The GF72VR is an effort from MIS to provide of low budget gaming device to their consumers. Some of parts work so fine, but it also has few compromises as return. The performance is so powerful, but sadly the battery life is shorter than I expect. Luckily, its bright display and solid keyboard could cover most of problems happened here. For the price, I really have no complaint to say from it as the price is quite cheap for this kind of system. The choice is yours, so get chance on getting it as long as it works on you.

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