Kano Computer Kit Review – Let your son making Their own DIY Laptop

There are so many different types of DIY toy kits that allowing our children to make all of stuff, but none of them are appeared to be unique like Kano does here with their Computer Kit. Kano Computer Kit is basically of Lego parts that allowing them to build their computer or laptop unit that should help them on learning of Linux and knowing how the computer is running. It features of engaging learning and some challenge that I am sure that is going to make their learning is fun. The kit is available for only under 300 dollars and I think it’s a pretty good price for this kind of system.

I have seen their marketing on the internet and YouTube for these couple of months and I am finally decided to take it and review it with my son. It turns out that building the system is very easy to do as the put so well manual instruction included on the package. If you are interested on this kind of things, I really recommend you take look on it further. As for now, let’s we take a look on it and see how it works on us.

Building Your Own System

Right from the start, the company will provide you some different parts that you need to assemble as a fully working device. It contains of dozen of wires and pieces, so make sure to read the entire manual before you decide to build it. The manual itself is made on colorful design and it shows the every step in very well instruction. You do not need to prepare anything like screw or tools here because everything it’s provided here out of the box and what you have to do is only spending your time on building it with your son or daughter.

In term of design, the Kit is actually looks pretty good. The company makes in different color choices and it looks colorful and as well of functional in my opinion. The kit itself is only weight for less than 5 pounds and considered as light enough to hold by six years kid. As soon as you unbox it for the first time, you soon notice of yellow bright of keyboard, a 10.1 inch screen, a white transparent case for fitting its display, and single board of Raspberry Pi as its powering system. Everything is very well made here and the build quality is better than what I expect here.

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Operating System

Kano Computer Kit 2 The system is powered by their proprietary Linux operating system. The OS features of very friendly users interface and swapping to different categories and navigating through the system feels so easy here. Few different sections are available here included the Story Mode which is an adventure game, the programming mode for let them to learn how to program, the art mode, and many stuff. All of these categories are placed in three different layouts similar to what we see on Android TV or Windows 10 start menu. If you are familiar with both of these systems, I think you should not find any problem here.

The each menu is created in big icon and easy to reach by our finger. Sadly, the 10.1 inch display is non-supported and the only way to navigate here is through the keyboard. Luckily, the keyboard is comfortable enough and feels solid in my test. The keys have nice travel distant and it feels clicky to my every pressure. The keyboard is also included of a touchpad that placed at the right side of it. I really have no such a thing to complain here especially considering its price tag.

Last price update: 2018-09-20 14:25:05

Kano Computer KitMain Specs
CPU ARM Quad Core Cortex A53 1.2 GHZ
Graphics VideoCore IV Graphic Card
Display Size10.1-inch
OSLinux OS
Memory1GB DDR Memory
Storage8GB SD Card

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Configurations and Battery Life

The system is available in two different versions here. The first one is the complete version that packs with sound sensor, 10.1 inch display and keyboard. This is what I got for this review and this might be my recommendation if you just want a complete package without need to add anything here. There is also a cheaper version here that only includes the base and not featuring of the sound sensor or display. Here, you have to connect it through the HDMI cable and it’s quite tough to do as it’s not that portable. This version is not very ideal for kids.

As for the battery life, the company claims that the device should last for 4 hours in single charge. On my test on entire week, I think this estimate is probably true. I mostly got for 4 hours and 10 minutes and sometimes 3 hours and 50 minutes depending on my activity and my system configuration. I think this result is not that bad as 4 hours is more than enough to learn many things here. Charging the battery takes a while, so better to have another activity while it’s recharging.

Last price update: 2018-09-20 14:25:05
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Final Thought

Kano is successfully of combining of learning and fun in one single educational system. I think this computer kit is a very smart and creative concept to have and I hope we would find many similar devices on the future. As for now, just make your way into this device and jump into a programming world with your children. I recommend you to check it further and see how it works on you. I hope this information is good enough for you take the consideration. Just leave any comment if you need of assistance regarding of this article.

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