EVGA SC 17 1080 Review – The Latest Option for Desktop Replacement

EVGA SC17 is latest attempt from the company to jump into a mobile market. They have announced few notable systems few years back, but I think not all of them feel so appealing to the consumers. Here, they decide to fix always everything and upgrading the components with the most advanced hardware available right now. There is plenty of power on the inside thanks to the GTX 1080 GPU, Intel I7 overclocked version, and 4K screen. By seeing the hardware it’s unquestionably a perfect choice for a desktop replacement if only the price could go lower here.

The company has great competitors in the same price range here like Razer, Dell, and ASUS that promising the similar hardware level, but with their big names here. Let’s see how it stands out in comparable with those devices in term of hardware level, design, and of course battery life. That is what we are going to talk about here. We are going to talk about it further on this article. To make it easier for you to conclude, let’s we jump into the article.

Build and Design

If you decide to get something different or unique here, then just make your way into Alienware here because its design is not stand out here. The thing is not bad, but just there is no flashy thing to show up here. Both lid and interior are created from aluminum and it feels remarkably and solid in my opinion. They really do not put of cheap materials here. The bottom of surface itself is created from plastic, but still holds pretty solid here. I think with this build quality, the device might manage to accept some punishment or bad situations here. The design is not that attractive, but having a solid and impressive builds quality.

8.93 pounds is heavy for a laptop, but for some reasons it looks so thin. When it’s closed, you see how slim it is although still not as the same level with Razer Blade. Its impressive considering it as VR gaming machine here. Move inside, you soon notice a 17.3 inch screen and fully customized backlit keyboard. On its left and right sides, you are going to find of combinations of USB 3.0 ports, Thunderbolt 3 ports, HDMI, charger port, and display port. Everything is very complete here although once again feel so common here.

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Display and Keyboard as the Selling Point

EVGA SC 17 1080 2 I really think they put such a brilliant 17.3 display here. All of content included of YouTube videos, images, and even games incredibly look so crisp and details. It’s impressive by seeing how 4K resolution is capable to put on laptop and deliver such an amazing experience to their users. Seeing the wild life videos on YouTube never stop impressing me as long as I watch for many hours. The brightness itself is fully bright and so usable for different kind of situations. No such a bad thing to say from this part.

Move little farther from its display, the users will find its keyboard. It features of backlit and Chiclet style keyboard. Typing on 17.3 inch display is always good as I remember. I manage to type for 93 words per minute with no issue here. The keys are featuring of wide amount of travel and offers of great pleasure to every key pressure. The dedicated keys for overclocking the processor is available and with single button you are able to overclock its Intel Core I7 7820HK into higher clock for a better and higher framerate for your games.

EVGA SC 17 1080Main Specs
CPU Intel Core I7 7820HK Unlocked Version 3.8 GHz
Graphics NVIDIA GTX 1080
Display Size17.3-inch
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory32GB DDR4 Memory
Storage256GB NVMe SSD +1TB HDD

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Good and Bad Things from It

For good thing, let’s talk about its performance. The hardware configuration is considered as one of the best right now and really showing of beast performance here. Trust me; I am even able to run of Virtual Reality games at the maximum setting here with no lag. The 32GB RAM is big enough to hold dozen of tabs on Chrome or running so many applications at the same time. The same thing goes to the storage as it offers of hybrid storage. I am able to find of 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD which both of them are upgradable. These storage are more than enough to store all of your Steam games and you still have chance to upgrade it later with bigger capacity.

Then for the bad thing, I need to say the battery life is reducing pretty crazy here. Browsing to the internet and editing document offering an average battery usage here and it’s even worse when I am streaming a video here. Watching a 4K video will only give you probably 2 hours of usage with 50 percent brightness setting. I end up on always plugging it to the charger because it runs off so faster. Reducing the resolution on gaming or streaming 1080p videos giving better result here, but what is the point of having 4K display when you need to see the contents on full HD resolution. Thanks god, this is not a business laptop and means there is a low chance for you on taking it out.

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Final Thought

The EVGA SC17 is having a well balance between of hardware and price point. The 4K resolution and hardware are impressive, but it gets the point where the battery needs to go lower here because of the price. I think they really want to offer of reasonable price point here and making it higher or more expensive is a bad idea as Dell and Razer are always great in this market. I really recommend you to take it if only you do not mind with the short battery life. That is what you need to think of here. The choice is yours, so feel free to take any consideration. Have a chance on reading our other articles and be sure to leave any comment for further assistance.

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