HP Chromebook X360 11” AE030NR – A Chromebook That Is Not Just For Students

HP Chromebook X360 11” was originally a laptop designed for students and educational institution and means the public users have not chance to buy it. Few months after the release, HP finally announce it’s would be available for public and here we are now with the device. For around 250 dollars, I think I am getting a huge deal here. It features of 11 inch screen which has a full 360 degree rotation for transforming it into multiple modes, a new generation of Celeron processor, and a solid battery life. This thing is impossible on Windows, but totally possible on Chromebook.

As long as you do not mind less application support, this system is perfect for your both entertainment and work usage. Google now let their users to install Android application and games into Chrome OS and be ready to find dozen of new games and apps every day. By seeing how great the specifications, I think it’s worth to take look into it much further and find out how it works on satisfying our needs. Without further ado, let’s we jump into the article.

A Ruggedized and Flexible Design

The Chromebook X360 is not considered as one of the best in term of design here. I have seen so many laptops done much better than this case. The chassis is created from entirely plastic and finished in silver lining. The design is lack of detail and I am not finding any interesting to expect here. However, the build quality is solid in my opinion. There is no crackling or weird sounds on flipping it into the tablet mode and put it back. The hinge holds the base pretty strong and it’s flexible to move around. Having a convertible system is sure feel like a dream as it offers better productivity to our life. Reading in tablet mode and streaming movies on tent mode are just few examples of activities you can do here.

Moving to the connectivity, I am quite surprise to see of USB type-C supports here. There are two USB C ports that accompanied by two USB 3.0 ports. We have total of four USB ports available as soon as you unbox it for the first time. HP puts each one of them on both of left and right sides and easy to reach by your hands. I do not really know HP manages to put such a well complete connectivity in this low budget price.

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Display and Inputs

HP Chromebook X360 2 The 11 inch screen is equipped with 1366 x 768 resolution in IPS panel. The viewing angle is wide although the glossy panel is making it hard to see on low brightness level. It produces huge amount of colors and details, but sadly the brightness level is low even when putting it on 70 to 80 percent of level. An indoor usage is totally okay, but be ready to put it on 100 percent when you are in outside. I have seen much worse display; I think the quality is okay for the price. One worth thing to mention here is the protection; it has Gorilla Glass 3 protection that similarly used in many smartphones now.

Move lower little it from the screen, you soon see of its small size keyboard. The keys feel soft and comfortable for typing in long usage. The travel distant between keys are not short and its rarely for me to accidentally press the wrong buttons. The same thing goes to the touchpad that offers similar clicky responsive. If you are lucky enough, there is a stylus pen included on the package that works pretty great on taking note and navigating through the system although its size is larger than what I got from Samsung.

HP Chromebook X360 11”Main Specs
CPU Intel Celeron N3350 1.1 GHz
Graphics Intel HD Integrated Card
Display Size11.6-inch
OSChrome OS
Memory4GB DDR4 Memory
Storage16GB EMMC

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Hardware and Software Configuration

The Chrome operating system is not new and has been available for many years right now. For some reasons, the developers have lack interest with this environment and as the result the apps support are less than we expect from Windows. For taking care of this case, Google is allowing their users to use Android applications through its emulator and works perfectly fine here. Much important software like Microsoft Office mobile runs smooth and the performance is almost comparable with the native Android. Everything is thanked to the Intel Celeron N3350 and the 4GB of RAM. The processor is not just powerful in performance, but efficient in power consumption.

Running the OS for all the day should give you up to 11 hours of battery usage. A heavy usage usually offers of 8 to 9 hours while a more light usage like editing document and streaming movies will give better result. I am always able to through the day without any single charge and just leaving its charger completely behind. This is what you get from Chromebook and could be the consideration for using it from now.

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Final Thought

Based on my reviews with it for a while, I am so happy with the performance and battery life. I do not have much complaint to say considering its price range that is affordable to take by everyone. It offers a better value than most of Windows laptops right now. This is a good chance for you to step forward and trying Chrome for the first time. The operating system is not so bad like many people say about. The choice is always yours, so just take your time and decide the best for you. Make sure to check our latest articles and mind leaving any comment for further assistance here.

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