Dell Inspiron 15 7570 Review – A Cheap Premium Looking Multimedia Laptop

We actually have so many selections of premium laptops available right now, but unfortunately not many of them are so affordable and likely should force you to spend for more than 1000 dollars for getting it back home. Thankfully, Dell really knows about this case and trying to figure how to make a good looking system in affordable way. In the end, the Dell Inspiron 15 7570 is likely what Dell manages to do here. The system itself still costs higher than previous competitors, but keep in mind it has few worth things to check like premium chassis, display port, and USB type-C second generation. These features are rarely to find here and the company is making possible to have here.

That is about the design and for the performance itself, the thing is quite powerful here. The system is equipped with Intel Core I5 8250U processor and 8GB RAM a return. For storage, we have a 1TB HDD which is big, but sadly feels slow than EMMC or SSD. I guess this is the only way for Dell to cut its price. Let’s see how its cheap price point is capable to satisfy our needs. That is what we are going to talk about here. Without further ado, let’s we jump into the article.

Design and Build

I am not seeing any wow or surprising thing in term of design here, but I actually need to give them big compliment as they decide to put of all around aluminum chassis and not plastic. As the result, it feels premium and somehow looks sophisticated in my opinion. One thing worth mentioning here is the weight. The device is weight for around 2.16 kg which is fine to depend on during your travel. Not impressive, but good enough to support most of activities here. For build quality, I think everything is fine as I am trying to twist and pushing it with some kind of power. There is no such a flex or cracking sounds even under heavy pressure.

The company puts many worth features and the good example here is on the hinge system. The hinge itself allowing you to twist the screen into 180 degree and providing much better viewing angle when you put it on our laps. Well, the screen is not supported by touchscreen but it’s good to see they still play around with new features. As for the connectivity, we have selections of modern ports included of USB type-C from 2nd generation, full size HDMI, display port, three USB 3.0 ports, LAN, RJ45, card reader, and charger port for charging the battery.

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Maintenance and Upgradable Options

Dell Inspiron 15 7570 2 You probably know the basic hardware configuration is pretty standard especially by seeing that it only has 1TB storage and not getting of SSD. Thankfully, the company provides us a plenty of room to put of upgrades here. The dedicated room is not available in back area, but I think every user should not find any problem on opening its back cover. On the inside, I find of two dedicated RAM slots, 2.5 inch HDD or SSD bay, and NVMe M.2 SSD slot. Everything started from memory to storage are fully upgradable to our needs. This can be the huge consideration for taking it as you might need to do some upgrades for later.

I have double checked every hardware part and I am not finding any problem on memory. One thing I suggest you to do here is upgrading the storage itself. The 1TB 5400 RPM HDD is slow and even the booting process takes time to do. For budget option, users could just add 7200 RPM HDD that slightly faster here or adding 128GB SSD storage at the same price. I think putting SSD is a good option here as it will make your system much faster and of course more dependable for portability aspects.

Last price update: 2018-09-20 16:21:36

Dell Inspiron 15 7570Main Specs
CPU Intel New Gen Core I5-8250U 1.6 GHz
Graphics Intel HD 620 Integrated Graphic Card
Display Size15.6-inch
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory8GB DDR4 Memory
Storage1TB 5400 RPM HDD

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Real Life Usage

For most of time, I never find any problem on using it for support my productivity. The Intel Core I5 8250U processor is not considered as the fastest one, but offer good chance in doing anything from web browsing to editing photo on Photoshop. The 8GB RAM is sufficient enough to take 10 to 15 tabs on Chrome at the same time. The same thing goes to multimedia usage as the 1920 x 1080p resolution display is bright and crisp enough to show every detail on my Netflix movies. I just hope the brightness level could be higher here since outdoor usage forces me to adjust the brightness into maximum.

Furthermore for battery life, the thing is just not so dependable here. For most of time, I only reach of 6 to 7 hours maximum usage and the battery sometimes drops to 5 hours in heavy usage. This is the biggest problem I have so far. It forces you to always carry the charger as the USB type-C port itself only meant for transferring data and not useful for charging. There is always a price for cheaper product and the battery is cut off here.

Last price update: 2018-09-20 16:21:36
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Final Thought

The Inspiron 15 is likely one of the worthiest laptop to buy on around 800 dollars price point. With that price tag, the device is fully equipped with all metal chassis, portable design, and powerful performance. Dell offers such a nice deal to have in lower price point. Unfortunately, the battery is lower than my expectation and might keeping many users from getting it. Once again, the choice is yours, so feel free to take any consideration you have here. I just hope the information is sufficient enough to give you a choice. At last, thank you for reading the article and see you again next time.

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