ASUS TUF FX504 Review – A Long Lasting Range Gaming Laptop

ASUS has always of tradition to put of high quality component to each of their laptop series. On gaming series, sadly we have not seen any big impact on this series. Surprisingly, the company now brings their TUF moniker to their newly introduced gaming series that basically promising of sturdier and more reliable way to depend on. The ASUS TUF FX504 is the first system that getting treatment and coming with lot of improvement over its predecessor. It still features of NVIDIA GTX 1050 like its last generation, but now we get of Intel 8th generation Core I5 8300H processor that should be the main selling point for this case.

In term of design, ASUS has not brought any difference at all. The black plastic shell is back again, so never expect of something different here, or you would be disappoint here. The main consideration for taking this machine is the price that only costs you for not more than 700 dollars. Finding similar choice with newly hardware like this one is almost impossible to find here. I think its worth for us to take look inside and see how it works on us. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s we jump into the article.

Case and Build

The design is never becoming the main focus for a budget device and the manufactures are more interested to take most of their budgets to the performance. The similar case is happened here, but ASUS adds of extra longevity to make sure it lasts long enough. Yeah, the build quality is pretty amazing here as I never find any weird stuff or cracking sounds eve when pressing the center area with some amount of powers. The thing is more impressive moreover with their newly patented Anti Dust Cooling technology that specifically designed to automatically expel the dust out. This is actually not a new technology, but it’s good to see that see new features here.

Measuring at 15.1 x 10.3 x 1 inches, the laptop itself is only weight for around 5.1 pounds. 5.1 pounds is not so impressive with 0.98 inch thickness for standard nowadays, but it still allows you to fit into a small bag in case you want to carry it around. As for connectivity, we have of good amount ports included of USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, USB type-C, micro SD slot, and power jack for charging the battery. Overall, I have nothing to complaint on both of its build quality and design.

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Display and Keyboard

ASUS TUF FX504 2 The 15 inch screen is featured here and it’s equipped with either of TN or IPS panel that coming with 1920 x 1080p resolution. For this review, I get the TN one and it looks pretty great in my opinion. The panel manages to cover of 100 hundred percent of SRGB color although it runs at 60 Hz refresh rate. The color accuracy is totally mind blowing and would be perfect if only the brightness is slightly higher here. Using it for indoor usage is totally okay, but should give some problems on outdoor usage. Streaming movies and playing games are enjoyable here, so be ready to see something great here.

As for the keyboard, the Chiclet style keyboard is introduced and features of 1.8 mm travel key. I need to say that 1.8 mm key travel is common in 15 inch device, but it really offers of comfortable and solid experience on typing. At bottom of its WASD keys, they add of inlet fan that so useful on preventing hot air to keep flowing on the inside. I tried to do gaming for 6 hours straight and keyboard surprisingly does not feel so hot on this case.

Last price update: 2018-09-21 17:14:17

ASUS TUF FX504Main Specs
CPU Intel Coffee Lake Core I5-8300H 2.3 GHz
Graphics NVIDIA GTX 1050
Display Size15.6-inch
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory8GB DDR4 Memory
Storage1TB FireCuda SSHD Storage

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Hardware Performance

The Intel Coffee Lake processor is started to dominate the market and the FX504 is considered as the earliest system to have of Intel Core I5 8300H chipset. The processor itself is not special because the performance is so similar to what we have on Core I7-7820HQ. Intel jus offers the same level performance here, but in much cheaper ways. The CPU features of 2.3 GHz default clock and 3.9 GHz maximum clock. When combined with GTX 1050, you could expect of amazing experience especially on gaming. Most of games are playable at medium or high setting and included of newer games like Final Fantasy 15 and Far Cry 5.

Furthermore, for accompanying you on saving dozen of your games they give us of 1TB SSHD storage which is faster than normal HDD, but still far slower than any SSD. The system boots up slightly faster when I compare it on using HDD, but sadly I am not seeing any difference on gaming especially on loading time. SSD is always offering us a faster time on loading the texture and all of stuff, but sadly the thing is not happened here. Considering the price itself already so cheap, I guess there is nothing to complaint here.

Last price update: 2018-09-21 17:14:17
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Final Thought

The ASUS FX504 is a pretty good looking and capable machine despite its budget price. We are not seeing improvement over design, but we get of better performance to expect here thanks to Intel new generation chipset. The processor is not only manages to deliver higher performance, but also delivering of lower power consumption that making of less heat. If you love to spend your money lower than 1000 dollars, and then I recommend you take this product as your main choice. The choice is yours, so feel free to take any consideration here. I just hope the information is satisfying enough to support your preference. Feel free to check another article and mind leaving any comment for further assistance.

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