Xiaomi MI Notebook Air Review – A 12.3 Inch Budget Powerful Notebook

Xiaomi finally revealing their first notebook to worldwide market and the result is not bad at all here. The Xiaomi MI Notebook Air features of pretty good specification for under 700 dollars. The system is powered by Intel Core M processor, 4GB RAM, and 128GB SSD. Yeah, the performance is not really the biggest selling point here because you have to take look into its design that completely mind blowing here. The 12 inch machine is having a beautiful and solid design and more special because it’s only weight for around 1.07 kg and considering as the lightest laptop available right now.

It’s such a huge bummer that the performance is not so powerful here. I guess they do not want to kill their older brother the Notebook Pro which has more powerful performance and bigger display. Yeah, segmentation product is very important to keep the market as competitive as possible. I think its worth for us to take look inside and see how it works on us. That is what we are going to talk about here. Without further ado, let’s we jump into the article.

Design and Connectivity

Xiaomi introduces a fairly simple design with not much optimal thing to find here. There is no footprint, logo, or anything that will bother you here. The design here is pretty identical to its previous generation. With silver finishing to its entire chassis, the design looks pretty great and at the same time feels very solid. I am surprised on seeing how well the build quality is. Measuring at 30.9 x 21 cm, the system is really small and light. It’s still heavier than Macbook Pro, but keep in mind that is a high end laptop and I guess this is pretty normal. The design itself is still considered as one of the best one to find at this price point.

Overall, I never have any bad thing to say from it included the connectivity. We have of single USB type-A port that placed at the left side and another single USB type-C port at the right side. As the companion, we also get of HDMI port that support 4K screen, micro SD slot, and a small LED indicator that showing the battery capacity. My biggest complaint here is located on maintaining support where Xiaomi does not give us a chance to upgrade the RAM here. You will be stuck with 4GB RAM, but thankfully the storage is at least upgradable here.

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Display and Keyboard

Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 2 The display features of 12.5 inch IPS panel that produced by Sharp. The 1920 X 1080p screen is great and delivering of high quality images. It could cover of 86 percent for SRGB color space and getting 355 nits for brightness. The screen is crisp and bright at the same time. The color accuracy is interesting here because it’s successfully distributed around 90 percent that even high end product cannot achieve it. Well, you probably know that Chinese manufactures always provide worthier hardware than its price and the thing is true here. This can be a good consideration for taking it back home.

As for the keyboard, the same design continues here and mixed very well with its overall design. In term of experience, I think the feel is pretty decent here and allowing me to take care everything in a good way. The gaps and spacing are quite cramped and it takes couple of tries for me for getting used here. The backlit support is introduced here, but sadly the brightness level is not configurable and having only single level option. Keep in mind, typing in 12 inch machine is not that optimal, but still pretty usable for daily activities.

Last price update: 2019-02-01 19:20:26

Xiaomi MI Notebook AirMain Specs
CPU Intel Core M3-7Y30 1.0 GHz
Graphics Intel HD Integrated Card
Display Size12.5-inch
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory4GB DDR3 Memory
Storage 128GB SSD

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Hardware Configuration

The system is equipped with Intel Core M3 7Y30 processor that considered as very efficient dual core CPU. The CPU is clocked at 1.0 GHz and up to 2.6 GHz for turbo boosted. The power consumption is very low and because of this case many manufactures decide to add passive cooling because the heat produced here is really low. In term of performance, the thing is lower than Intel Core I3, but still more powerful than the Intel Celeron processor. This is a good hardware for users who prefer to have relatively powerful performance and expecting long last battery. I have tested it for running few notable applications and the system is running smoothly.

The last worth mentioning thing here is the battery. During the most cases, the battery should last for 6 to 8 hours depending on your usage. The battery is quite far than I expect considering how low the power consumption is. But, yeah Xiaomi adds of low battery capacity here, but thankfully they give us a good power adapter that would charge your battery in very short time. The battery can be better here, but considering the price range itself, there is no complaint from me.

Last price update: 2019-02-01 19:20:26
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Final Thought

The MI Notebook Air is seriously an impressive device for under 700 dollars. The design is the biggest selling point here as it looks gorgeous and should not make you shame at all on showing it around. The performance is however is not really powerful, but it still has long last battery that will keep your job running. If you want to expect more here, then just check the MI Notebook pro which featuring better things in every aspect. The choice is yours, so feel free to take any consideration here. I just hope the information is good for you. Feel free to check our latest article and mind leaving any comment for further assistance here.

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