ASUS Vivobook E203MA Review – An Ultra-Thin and Cheap Companion for Travel

The ASUS Vivobook E203MA is appeared as the cheapest one for users who look a capable machine for their travel companion. The laptop is basically an upgraded version from its last year version, the E203NA. Few notable changes are made included of its new generation processor. The performance and efficiently are slightly improved although finding a big difference is absolutely hard to do here. It’s a big chance for users who have not got a good cheap system, but its old users might need to hold yourself because you are not going to find any difference here. Like I said before, the improvement is only seen on hardware.

The rest of specification is pretty interesting and very typical of budget device. You get of either 11 or 14 inch screen depending on your needs and budget. The 4GB RAM and 64GB storage is appeared as the solution for running the system and saving our data. ASUS puts of Windows 10 S which completely like a basic version. Thankfully, the free upgrade to 10 Pro is available through its Windows Store. Well, let’s take a look at it and see how it goes. That is what we are going to talk about here.

Case and Looks

The entire chassis is fully built from plastic and then covered in matte gloss finishing. I can say the chassis looks very great and does not feel cheap at all. The build quality is satisfying as there is no hard or sharp edge. The color variation is available if you get bored with black one. The white one is becoming a good alternative at this case. Due its plasticky material, still find the base is easily twisted by pressing it a little. The similar case is similarly found in other budget competitors, so not a big problem here. The battery cannot easily removable and there is no way for us to make a hardware upgrade.

Talking about portability, 2.2 pounds of weight and 11.3 x 7.6 x 0.7 inches are pretty amazing here. Holding it my single hand feels easy and the grip is so solid and won’t make it fall off from your hands. As for the connectivity, we have three USB ports included of two USB 3.0 ports and a single USB type-C. We also get of HDMI for connecting it to bigger monitor and a micro SD slot for expanding the storage. The overall impression is neat although some laptops from Chinese brands would offer you rugged and better design.

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Display and Input

ASUS Vivobook E203MA 2 The display quality is very standard, but it still looks brighter and crisper than most laptops from Acer or Lenovo. Sadly, the screen is very reflective during the days and hard to see with low brightness setting. ASUS can add of matte finishing, but they never do it at their budget machines. The screen manages to produce of 60 percent of SRGB and getting of 230 nits of brightness. The result is standard and as for comparison, we have of Lenovo Ideapad 120S who has slightly lower quality, but having a matte finishing which more dependable for outdoor usage.

As for the input, the keyboard is decent as long as you are okay with short travel keys. It takes time to get used due its small size keys. I often accidentally pressed the wrong button when reaching other keys. The backlit support is completely missing and a pretty normal situation. The same goes to touchpad where it offers smooth surface and multi gesture options from Windows 10. The touchpad is quite small and sometimes making a gesture or blocking the entire document is tough. Overall, the keyboard and display quality are just and I won’t give my further complaint here.

Last price update: 2019-02-07 13:45:41

ASUS Vivobook E203MAMain Specs
CPU Intel Dual Core Celeron N4000 1.1 GHz
Graphics Intel HD Integrated Card
Display Size11.6-inch
OSWindows 10 S
Memory 4GB DDR4 Memory
Storage 64GB EMMC

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Performance and Battery

We are finally seeing of Intel N4000 processor used in many cheap laptops. This processor is based on Gemini Lake generation and featuring a dual core CPU at 1.1 to 2.6 GHz clock. The CPU is capable of running in completely fan-less or passive design since the 6 TDP watt is low enough and putting a heat sink inside is more than enough. In comparable with N3350, the difference is never being as very noticeable. I only find the cache is increased to 4MB from 2MB and means per clock performance is slightly better. Combined with 4GB RAM, the Windows 10 runs nicely without much lag on doing light usage.

Battery is another huge selling point to expect here. 7 to 8 hours is a good standard result for taking care all of your needs in single day. Streaming the HD movie for nonstop even offer more impressive battery at 10 hours. The big battery and low power consumption making it possible of reaching this stage. The battery would be fully charged in nearly 2 hours from 0 to 100 %. The battery can be a good consideration for taking it as a secondary system.

Last price update: 2019-02-07 13:45:41
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Final Thought

The Vivobook E203MA provides of plenty of usable features in budget. Finding a good laptop around 200 dollars laptop is hard because there is always a cut off thing we get. But, here almost everything started from design, battery, and performances are impressive. The problem is just basically on its storage which 64GB is small enough for some users. Thankfully, the storage is expandable through micro SD slot. I leave everything to you on deciding of everything. Feel free to share of your comment bellow and make sure checking of our latest article.

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