Apple Macbook Pro 15 Inch 2018 (8750H, 555X) Business Laptop Review

The Macbook Pro 15 2018 is getting the same upgrade like its 13 inch model where they now use of Intel 8th generation processor. Different than its smaller version, the 15 inch model here spotted with more powerful hardware and not featuring an Intel ULV processor anymore. Inside, there is a Coffee Lake based processor with 6 cores CPU alongside with AMD RX graphic card. The performance improvement is significant especially considering the CPU has more cores now. Apple also provides the one with Core I9 processor although for now i do not really recommend you take it due its thermal throttling issue.

The I7 version is more than enough to let you doing anything you want here. Like always, Apple adds of quite higher price than its competitors and now costs you around 2300 dollars. Keep in mind, you could find better choices like Razer Blade 2018 or XPS 15 with better hardware configuration at similar price. Once again, that is for Windows and in Mac we have of no other choices here. Today, we are going to talk about it further here and see how its worth for us. Without further ado, let’s we jump into the article.

Design and Connectivity

The design is remaining similar to their previous generation, but for some reasons I do notice the chase is slightly bigger and heavier. Interestingly, the weight is lighter here and means they have to throw something in order to make it possible. I really want to know what it is considering they do something so amazing here. In term of build and stability, everything is excellent and both of outer and inner lid feature an amazing material quality and perfectly fine for long term usage. Apple provides of two different tone configuration and users could choose between of gray and and silver depending of their needs.

As for the connectivity, you still stuck between of Thunderbolt 3 ports and means buying or using adapter is necessary. The XPS 15 is slimmer here, but it carries lot of better connectivity here. If they want, I think Apple manages to do something better here. One thing I should appreciate here is located on its weight. Yeah, the 1.8 kg for 15 inch laptop is truly amazing and easily making it as the lightest 15 inch machine available right now. The overall impression for Macbook would always remain similar thanks to their high quality design and material.

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Input and Display

Apple Macbook Pro 15 Inch 2018 2 If you think the previous Butterfly keyboard is too noisy, then you should check this one because the keyboard is now more quite. Here, they basically put the same keyboard, but inside they add of some kind of silicone membrane to reduce of the pressure. It’s worked for reducing the noise, but this is an overall same keyboard where it has of short travel keys. Typing works fine here, but it’s considered as ultimately comfortable in my opinion. They decide not to add of numpad keys because it should be worst at this case. If you do not really like the previous keyboard, then you find similar impression here.

Apple adds of new interesting called as True Tone display into their Macbook line up. Well, this feature is not actually new and found in their IPhone and iPad. Technically, the screen will adjust the images color depending on the temperature and ambient surrounding you. Basically, the screen is now more comfortable to use in any situation you want thanks to this feature. The quality is also important as it covers of 98 % SRGB color and having 492 nits brightness.

Last price update: 2021-01-04 15:46:38

Apple Macbook Pro 15 Inch 2018Main Specs
CPU Intel Hexa Core I7-8750H 2.2 GHz
Graphics Radeon Pro 555X
Display Size15.4 Inch Retina
Memory 16GB DDR4 Memory
Storage256GB SSD

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Performance and Battery

The Intel I7 Coffee Lake 8750H is a brand new processor released last year and spotted in many gaming laptop due its powerful performance. The processor uses of a standard 45 watts TDP and will perform so much better in term of power in comparable with its 13 inch version. The RX 555X graphic card is slightly faster, but never to think of playing games here because it’s almost impossible here. On the other side, doing heavy works like video rendering and editing work so impressive. The additional of new cores help so much on reducing time for editing my video so far. If you look for performance, then I recommend you to check this model.

The battery life is pretty much standard here with 6 to 8 hours of usage depending on your activities and system setting. Any light work like document editing should give great battery support while heavy usage reduces the overall result. I have done the test for couple of times and I always find the similar result. The battery at this case is great although not yet considered as impressive like what Gigabyte does with their Aero 15x 2018.

Last price update: 2021-01-04 15:46:38
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Final Thought

The Macbook Pro 2018 is once becoming another great deal for users expect to use of Mac in 2018. While it brings great improvement in hardware, the price becomes a huge trouble here. 2300 dollars is expensive especially when you have so much better choices at lower price outside there. Right here, this is the only choice you want from Apple and if you do not think much about the performance, then the 13 inch model I have reviewed previous before is more than enough. Once again, the choice is yours so feel free to take any consideration about it.

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