HP Pavilion Power Gaming 15 (8750H, GTX 1060) Laptop Review

It’s been years since HP has released of Pavilion Power as their gaming line up. Last year, I got the chance review their 2017 version and overall offer a proper budget option. It features a pretty good specification although it has so disadvantage on its low resolution display. In 2018, HP finally upgrades this line up with better specification. Interestingly, they decide to raise the price point, but as return adding of few things worth mentioning here. The 15 inch display now comes with 144 Hz refresh rate and the 1050 GPU is swapped with 1060 which considered as far more powerful.

For under 1400 dollars, the system is having a tough competitor to compete with Predator Helios 300 and Dell G7. All of them offer similar specification and price to consumers and it’s just a matter of taste for them to decide. I guess Acer should be in top place here considering their Predator series has a great influence among the gamers. Well, let’s take a look into this HP new player and see how it goes for satisfying our needs. That is what we are going to talk about on this article.

Design and Connectivity

Similarly like its competitors, HP has not changed much from its design but they made some proper changes that sure make you interested here. The bezel-less screen should be a good standard in 2018 and they finally remove its thick black bezel. It looks modern and cleaner than its predecessor moreover with the proper painted they have done here. The black surface feels smooth and looks elegant now although it needs some better detail here. The only detail I see so far is located on its LID surface where the HP logo turns into green as soon as you turning it on.

In term of build quality, they reinforce the plastic material for the lid cover and metal for surface surrounded the keyboard. The base area now feels sturdier and tougher than before and holding your hands on it won’t make it warped at all. Unfortunately, the lid cover feels weak and flexible like I expect here. Twisting the display could be done easily here. I really hope the lid is slightly stronger as Acer does something better at this case. The ports connectivity is standard and you might find standard ports and USB type-C available here.

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Display and Input

HP Pavilion Power Gaming 15 2 I am surprised on seeing how much the display significantly improved here. The panel now manages to cover of 96 % SRGB color and getting of around 300 nits brightness. Both of color accuracy and brightness look better and even more impressive when seeing the panel fully supports of 144 Hz refresh rate. This panel works perfectly for running games or enjoying multimedia consumption like streaming movies. I have not checked the base model equipped with 60 Hz panel, but I am pretty sure they add similar improvement here. I just hope they did similar thing last year and makes it more popular and nowadays.

As for the input, we are offered the similar keyboard here. The keys are well spaced and offering responsive and tactile feedback. Unfortunately, I do not really like its green LED backlighting. When combined with black keys, I often find it hard to see what I am pressing especially during the days. The keys just mixed bland with its green lighting. In term of look, yeah the new LED looks so much better and cooler, but in usability I find it as hard to use here. They can actually increase the brightness, but not being a good solution here.

HP Pavilion Power Gaming 15Main Specs
CPU Intel Core I7-8750H 6 Cores 2.2 GHz
Graphics NVIDIA GTX 1060
Display Size15.6 IPS FHD
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory 16GB DDR4 Memory
Storage128GB NVMe SSD + 1TB HDD 7200 RPM

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Gaming and Battery

The combination between I7 8750H and GTX 1060 are good enough to let you enjoy every single game in right manner here. The processor itself is a brand new thing from Coffee Lake generation and show improvement in performance thanks to its six cores CPU. The 1060 in other side is still considered as one of the best mid end GPU especially when seeing how it handles most of games nowadays in good result. For a good test, I put Assassin Creed at high setting and really playable at around 40 to 50 FPS. The same case found on GTA 5 as the game runs up to 50 FPS at very high setting. Sadly, using maximum setting is not recommended at all here as many games run below 30 FPS, just find a better alternative if you expect something more powerful here.

HP adds of quite big battery at this case with 70 Wh, but for some reasons it lasts shorter than I expect. The battery completely runs out in 200 minutes by running games for nonstop. As comparison, I have Helios 300 15 2018 with only 52 Wh battery and manages to run for 343 minutes. I guess the battery life is just reduced by its brightness. Sadly, reducing the brightness level won’t make any big difference at all here. Make sure to consider everything before you decide to take it.

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Final Thought

The Pavilion Power 15 2018 basically just offers much better experience than we have last year. The new I7 processor and 144 Hz monitor are just enough to make a move here considering on how it runs better than its predecessor. However, some problems like mediocre keyboard experience and poor battery support are still being introduced here. I am not seeing that HP is going to make an update, so better to see what your needs here. The choice is yours, so feel free to take any consideration about it. I just hope the information is good enough for helping you choosing a good option here.

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