Acer Aspire V17 Nitro (7700HQ, GTX 1060) Multimedia Gaming Laptop Review

Acer Aspire V17 Nitro is meant really designed as a fully gaming machine, but it fits of such a powerful component inside. The system is fully powered by Intel I7 7th generation processor and 1060 graphic card which should handle any game without any problem. Difference from Nitro series where it has gaming design, the Aspire Nitro comes with classic and typical design of Acer. They put such a simple design and seeing it from outside, you won’t notice the laptop is capable of running AAA games. By having of more simple approach, users can just carry it around easily without making all around notice you. This is the biggest selling point to expect here.

By putting the price for under 1400 dollars, the system is now comparable with similar devices come in the same price range from ASUS, Dell, and Lenovo. If you look for affordable approach and perfect multimedia companion that capable of playing games, this could be the best consideration for you right now. Today, we are going to take a look into it further and see how it works on us. Without further ado, let’s we jump into the article.

Case and Connectivity

The design has not promised any change so far comparing it to the last generation line up. I am not seeing this case as bad since the simplistic and elegance design look very promising here. The chassis itself is fully built from aluminum material for the lid cover and the plastic for the rest of areas such as base and the back unit. The surface then polished with some kind of black finishing and looks quite elegance to show to your friend. On the back cover, you are seeing almost anything for except the Tobi Eye tracking which kind of important feature here.

One big change they make here is they finally decide to remove the DVD drive. Well, users do not really need this feature anymore and they could just buy the external drive for around 30 dollars. In good way, now it provides more space for cooling system and I really hope the temperature can be better here. As for the connectivity, I am surprised of finding Thunderbolt 3 port here. The rest of ports connectivity is standard and mostly also available in its competitors. The overall impression for design is neat here and worth for its price.

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Display and Input

Acer Aspire V17 Nitro 2 The 17 inch display featured is produced by AU Optronics and offers of good color coverage although the panel looks dim in some cases. The 90 % SRGB color coverage is more than enough for allowing you to enjoy your games in many hours. The 307 nits brightness is brighter than most of its competitors, but I expect to see more considering users will take it often for outdoor usage. I think this is the best thing that Acer can do at this price range. This could be the main consideration for taking as your old laptop replacement.

As for the input, the keyboard somehow feels different comparing it to the predecessor. The layout is slightly modified and making some keys are smaller than I expect. The 2 mm travel distant is more than enough to make it well spaced enough. The backlit support is featured and coming with red backlighting instead of the white one we see commonly here. The overall typing experience is decent thanks to its smooth surface, low noise, well-spaced keys. I really hope the brightness is adjustable since there is nothing to keep the backlight being off as soon as you are not using it for a while.

Last price update: 2019-06-11 12:57:51

Acer Aspire V17 Nitro 17 InchMain Specs
CPU Intel Quad Core I7-7700HQ 2.8 GHz
Graphics NVIDIA GTX 1060
Display Size17 Inch IPS FHD
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory 16GB DDR4 Memory
Storage256GB SSD + 1TB HDD

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Gaming and System Performance

The Windows 10 is running smoothly as far as I tested for couple of weeks. The Core I7 7700HQ is bit old comparing to 8th generation line up, but the processor still remains as more powerful than the Core I5 8300H. The four CPU here operated in 2.8 GHz base clock and promising of good performance in both of single or multi task works. The 16GB DDR4 memory, 256GB SSD, and 1TB HDD are a fully complete package companion and won’t need you to make any upgrade for years unless you need of more spaces. All of the components included the memory and storage are upgradable and you have no problem at all for this case.

The gaming performance also feels decent here thanks to the GTX 1060 graphic card. Most of games are playable at medium or high setting and some of them in ultra-setting like the Witcher 3. Yeah some older games run better here since they come with less demanding specification. PUBG or Fortnite are only possible in high setting, but these games look crisp and detail enough at this setting. If you search for a laptop for playing the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2, I recommend you to take a look into this product.

Last price update: 2019-06-11 12:57:51
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Final Thought

The Aspire V17 Nitro is a very convincing machine for under 1500 dollars. The important features like performance, battery life, design, and battery life are overwhelmingly well positive here. I have only some minor features to complaint such as the slow SD card reader and weird positioning fingerprint reader. These things are just minor issue, but worth mentioning here. At last, as for the alternative I have of ASUS Vivobook Pro 15 K750UD as another recommendation. The choice is yours, so feel free to take any consideration about it. Thank you very much for reading our article and leaves some comment below for further assistance regarding the article.

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