Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Inch 2017 Model Review

Tablet is no longer popular anymore due of the popularity of Windows convertible laptop and how big the smartphone now is. For few years, people always pick of a tablet as some kind of entertainment place where they can enjoy of games and multimedia purposes in much bigger size of screen. Sadly, we need to accept the fact that smartphone is getting bigger and bigger every year as the manufactures try to make it bezel-less and fitting more screen into the chassis. Despite of this issue, the tablet still could see of educational institution as their main market especially in elementary and junior high school. Previously, Apple has launched its new iPad Pro 12.9 inch with some improvement in camera and performance.

The device started for under 800 dollars and fully equipped with A10X new generation processor, 4GB memory, and 256GB storage. With the additional of new 120 Hz screen, the entertainment for purposes for games and video look even better than before. Let’s take a look inside and see how worth it is comparing it to Windows laptop. That is what we are going to talk about on this article. Without further ado, let’s we jump into the article.

Case and Construction

On paper, you will never see any difference in term of design because they would have no mind at all on keeping the old design as people still love it pretty much. I just notice the only difference they make here is located on the camera hump that now looks more protrudes. The entire cases included the front panel and back cover feel and look similar. In term of build quality, the unibody case feels very premium and I am not seeing any bad or unfinished process surround the edges. I have tried to press the back area with some amount of power and likely handle the pressure really well. Making it warp will take much power to do it. You might see some ripple effect during this case, but its overall considered as normal at all.

The placement for home button, volume, power, and rest of stuff are very familiar. For this review, I am getting the WIFI model and I cannot review furthermore about its LTE capability, but I think it should work fine as users I never hear any complaint about it. Similarly like other tablet, the component inside like storage is not upgradable unless you swap the entire motherboard which is going to be tough at all. The battery is also not removable here and means swapping it with the new one will take some professional to do it.

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Display and Camera

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Inch 2017 2 The display gets some improvement in all around sectors included its refresh rate and the brightness. However, it still features of similar resolution at 2732 x 2048 and 4:3 screen to body ratio. Well, I guess they have no reason to add bigger resolution as it won’t make any difference at all in this a small screen. The 120 Hz refresh and HDR support are not uncommon, but this is the first time of Apple puts this in their tablet. You will easily notice the screen manages to show more accurate colors and detail images in support content. The images also look smoother thanks to its high refresh rate panel. At the end, they put of 650 nits brightness and should be enough for outdoor and indoor usages.

I have not got any change to test the camera quality for more detail considering I am not really good into this case, but you should easily notice the improvement in images quality especially in taking of photos in low light condition. The noise is more minimal and I see of more details at this case. The main 12 MP camera is able to record of UHD video in 30 FPS mode or having of 1080P video, but in 60 FPS mode. The images taken quality would not be comparable with high end smartphones like Huawei P20 Pro, but the camera still takes of decent images to show to your family.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Inch 2017Main Specs
CPU Apple A10X Processor 2.39 GHz
Graphics PowerVR Integrated Graphic Card
Display Size12.9 Inch Retina Display
OSIOS 10.3 or Later
Memory 4GB DDR4 Memory
Storage256GB Flash Storage (EMMC)

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Hardware and Software

Apple puts their latest generation A10X processor inside and the result is very satisfying in term of performance. The IOS 10.3 runs smoother and some games even more playable at this new hardware. I was playing of Fortnite for a while and run really great although I see the Nintendo Switch version has better features and better graphic. The 256GB EMMC is really big and should take any files or games you want without needed to afraid of losing anything. Well, I love the kind of idea of Apple to put of micro SD slot, but we will never see it coming soon or should never come at all here.

At the top of its hardware, the system runs of IOS 10.3 or higher depending on how old the model you get right now. I recommend you to stay on the latest firmware by upgrading it as soon as possible. The manufacture promises of few years software upgrade and I love to see more features and improvement toward its hardware. Some features from IOS 11 like taking note directly from the lockscreen similarly like we find in Galaxy Tab S4 is worth to try here.

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Final Thought

The new iPad seeing another hardware revision this year and it looks like Apple will still try to maintain the popularity of iPad despite its popularity coming to end now. For under 800 dollars, you should get so many things that never available in any tablets like HDR and high refresh rate display. Still, with that amount of money you are able to buy of proper 2 in 1 Windows laptop with 8th generation processor. If you take it seriously as for entertainment purposes, then this should be a good option. Just never take it meant for working because this is not the most suitable device you want here.

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