ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 (Core M3, 8GB) 13 Inch Windows Tablet Review

The ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 is a quite interesting tablet to see in 2018. The reason why people get excited about here is mainly because of its performance. The device features of Intel Core M3 processor alongside with 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD. The specification is pretty interesting because Chinese manufactures usually put only Intel Celeron into their system, but seeing of a much powerful hardware is a good sign that they would even offer us a better hardware specs in the upcoming years. I have seen that Chuwi and few competitors have started to ship their devices relatively powerful specification.

Another worth mention about this product is the display. You get of 13 inch IPS display with 2K resolution. I can clearly say its panel looks better than the Microsoft Surface Go in my opinion. You are not only getting of bigger display, but also better quality. Unfortunately, the price becomes the biggest selling point here. They put of an under 600 dollars price and its might be hard to many people to spend that much especially comes from an unpopular brand like ALLDOCUBE. Let’s take a look inside and see how it works on us. Without further ado, let’s we jump into the article.

Case and Looks

No matter what you see and expect, a tablet will always probably offer the same design again and again every year. This thing also comes into this one. The entire chase looks familiar because it’s being typical of common products here. The back panel is completely made from aluminum, but I notice the frame sides are designed from plastic. I don’t mind with the case, but I really hope they put all of metal equipment in my opinion here. The build quality is decent and considered as not something should be easily broken. The front glass is I am not sure is protected by Gorilla Glass, but it’s resisted to scratch and abuse pretty impressively.

There are couple of ports connectivity that will accompany your journey on using it. It has no standard USB 3.0 port for some reasons, but it does have a single USB type-C alongside a support for transferring for data, external display support, and charging. You also have of a full support of micro SD slot for expanding the storage and a 3.5 mm audio jack for plugging the headphone. Unfortunately, it has only a single USB port for connecting your accessories and means you must spend a little more for buying an USB hub.

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Display and Audio

ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 2 The 13 inch IPS display looks so wonderful and perfectly suitable for editing photo and streaming your favorite movies from Netflix. I am so impressed on seeing how bright the panel even during the days. The panel manages to produce of up to 410 Lux of brightness and could go pretty dim when you put the brightness into the minimum. With this case, I can just adjust the brightness a little bit during the days and then adjusting to almost zero for seeing much better thing during the night. The screen has been fully laminated and not as reflective as common panel so far.

In term of audio support, the speakers will go pretty loud easily although I notice the sounds clarity is not so great. You probably know that audio is never being a good selling point for a tablet for except for the iPad Pro line up. Apple always puts of great speakers into their devices and even doing it better this year. However, iPad will cost you a lot and buying of a headphone can be a cheaper and better solution here. Yeah, the sounds do more impressive when using of external hardware and I really suggest you to do it here.

ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 13 Inch TabletMain Specs
CPU Intel Core M3-7Y30 Kaby Lake Up To 2.6 GHz
Graphics Intel HD 615 Integrated Card
Display Size13.3 Inch IPS 2560 x 1440p
OS Windows 10 Home
Memory 8GB DDR3 Memory
Storage 256GB Sata 3 SSD

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Performance and Battery

ALLDOCUBE puts of Intel Core M3 7Y30 from Kaby Lake generation. This processor is a pretty decent in term of performance, but coming with relatively low power consumption. In fact, they make the tablet completely fan-less and means there is no fan sound you are going to hear here. Even though of being completely without a fan, the dual core CPU can go up to 2.6 GHz clock during the boosted mode and making the performance runs pretty well. Sadly, the temperature goes hot very easily and sometimes will bother me. Keep in mind, it goes hot only during of gaming while the standard usage like editing document will not get affected.

It’s such a lame with its powerful performance, the battery life is pretty short. The battery only will last for 5 to 6 hours and never go beyond this result. Reducing the brightness and adjusting the Windows 10 into Power Saving mode never help the battery for gaining more juice. I am surprised on how bad the battery considering the power consumption is low here. I guess its 2K screen and the small battery capacity are being the culprit. I just hope they will notice this problem and providing a revision for this hardware.

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Final Thought

I don’t see the KNote 8 13 inch as the bad alternative for high performance budget tablet, but we does have of a good competitor like Surface Go and Lenovo Miix 520 12 inch which offer the same level of hardware in similar price. I am not sure why ALLDOCUBE are brave enough to put this device in quite high price level. I guess they don’t see that Microsoft will come with a great idea for making a cheaper model for Surface which being the toughest competitor yet here. The choice is yours, so feel free to take any consideration about it. Thank you very much for reading the article and feel free to check of our latest article.

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