Lenovo Thinkpad A485 (Ryzen 5 2500U, 8GB) Business Laptop Review

Lenovo Thinkpad A485 is their latest attempt to provide the users with decent laptop with relatively powerful hardware, but coming with decent price. For years, they always stick with Intel Core processor as the main hardware to power their entire Thinkpad series. Fortunately, for these couple of years they also stick with AMD for providing a much cheaper version, but still promising of what users want as return. This year, the AMD Ryzen is very popular among the PC consumers thanks to its great performance. The Ryzen mobile is also made appeared and it offers of decent performance especially in GPU sector.

I have got a chance to review the A485 with different model for this time. If you want to go see its Ryzen 3 model which is more affordable, you can check of this link below. For this case, I want to see the much powerful version for it considering sometimes we don’t only go with light task such as editing document and sometimes need to deal with more demanding things like rendering video and doing 3D graphic work. The Ryzen 5 should provide a better CPU and GPU for that case. Let’s take a look at it further and see how it works on us. Without further ado, let’s we jump into the article.

Case and Looks

Although the A485 appeared as cheaper model from Thinkpad line-up, Lenovo does not make any compromise in term of design and build quality. They basically put the same case like its higher end model, but only have a shortcoming in connectivity. The build quality and design are overall promising with the chassis is built from rough plastic. The chassis is then covered with black finishing surface which sadly pretty easily to be a fingerprint magnet here. In term of build quality, the chassis rigidity is impressive. It resists to our pressure decently and the lid cover also promises of similar impression here with almost no way to easily twist it.

Lenovo mentions of MIL STD 810G durability certificate during its marketing, but they don’t mention what kind of test it’s passed during the testing process. But, I am sure the chassis will stand enough even during some heavy pressure or work. They only not mentioning the keyboard is having a water resistant feature and means just be careful for putting of water around you as there is no way for the laptop to surface from its catastrophe. The overall impression is great and it just needs some small improvement in few matters.

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Configuration and Hardware Maintenance

Lenovo Thinkpad A485 2018 2 I have seen of numerous of hardware options available for users to afford here. The cheapest model users can afford is the model equipped with Ryzen 3 processor. It costs for under 700 dollars and might be the right choice for users in relatively low budget to spend. The higher model itself is powered by Ryzen 5 CPU and this is what I have for this review now. The configuration itself does not just end with the processor inside, but you can also choose how big the storage and memory capacity you want depending on your budget. Lenovo basically offers of freedom for us to spend our money for what kind of things we want.

The hardware upgrade option is considered as great considering almost all components for except the CPU is upgradable. First, it has of two RAM slots which one of them is available to expand the memory. Secondly, they give us 2.5 inch slot for adding HDD and offering another M.2 slot for adding SSD storage. Keep in mind, the M.2 slot is relatively small and the only SSD model should fit here is the 2242 which some users are rarely used here. It’s sure you need to spend more for buying a compatible SSD model here.

Last price update: 2019-06-11 12:56:06

Lenovo Thinkpad A485 2018Main Specs
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 2500U 4 Cores Up To 3.6 GHz
Graphics Radeon Vega Graphic 8
Display Size14 Inch FHD IPS Panel
OS Windows 10 Pro
Memory 8GB DDR4 Memory
Storage 500GB 5400 RPM HDD

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Performance and Battery

The Ryzen 5 ULV processor featured here should offer the performance that you are looking for although it’s still slower than the Intel Core I5 8250U from 8th generation series. The CPU itself features of Zen architecture and quad cores processor clocked between 2 GHz to 3.6 GHz. In real life usage, the CPU itself only manages to reach of 2.8 GHz because Lenovo intentionally limits its power consumption for just 32 watts for short amount of time. This way uses for them to save more battery life, but end up holding its maximum performance. I recommend you to make a BIOS upgrade as soon as you can because it will improve its performance especially in boosted clock mode.

AMD is always par in term of battery life with Intel, and then this thing is basically proved right here. Lenovo puts of dual 24 Wh battery and it sadly only lasts for maximum 5 to 6 hours during heavy usage. More normal usage might give you around 7 hours, but it’s hardly reached during some cases. You can go with the 72 Wh model if you need more battery, but it actually costs you a lot here. In comparison, the HP Elitebook 745 G5 has almost 2 hours more battery with the same result it our test.

Last price update: 2019-06-11 12:56:06
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Final Thought

The Thinkpad A485 is only failed to meet my expectation in matter of battery life while the rest of things like performance, design, and keyboard quality are meeting my expectation. But for under 900 dollars, it’s hard for me to make a complaint especially for a Thinkpad business series. Lenovo has done everything in order to make it well equipped and promising of decent price and their hard work is worth here. You could easily take this laptop as your top recommendation if you expect a device which should offer what you need for right now. The choice is yours, so feel free to take any consideration.

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