Best Gaming Laptop under 800 ASUS VS Dell: Which One Would be the Best to Choose?

Are you trying to compare one gaming laptop to another? Let us tell you here that it would not be easy if what you are trying to compare is pretty much closely similar to each other. However, it is not like it would be so hard to find the best one between the two. Well, we would actually like to tell you the best gaming laptop under 800 ASUS VS Dell in this opportunity. Before that, you need to know some things to keep in mind when comparing laptops to find the best one that can meet your needs.

  • The Current Price Tagged on the Laptops
  • If people are comparing laptops, they will most likely buy the best one in the end. That is why there is no way we should just forget the price. Regardless of that, we need to know what we can get with the price tagged on the laptops. Who knows you can get better features with lower price? Well, it might be a hard thing to do if the laptops you are comparing have the same price. However, all you can do is just focusing on comparing the other things they bring with to offer to you.

  • The Features the Laptops Offer to You
  • Like it was said earlier, if the price of both laptops is the same, you need to compare other things, like their features. We will do comparison of ASUS gaming laptop VS Dell gaming laptop which have the same price later in this article. Indeed, there are many features in laptop. However, you can just focus on some important things. For gaming, you need to know at least the processor and the graphics. They are the most important ones and mostly different from one laptop to another.

  • The Portability Offered by the Laptops
  • People won’t buy laptops, if they don’t care about the portability they can offer. It is true that laptops are portable device to begin with. However, not all of them are portable enough for us. Even if you can’t see the product directly by yourself, you can get the insight of the laptop’s size by knowing the product dimensions. You can also know whether it is light or heavy by knowing the weight. Then, you can decide whether or not a laptop is perfect for you on the go.

  • The Look that the Laptops Have on Them
  • After you are done considering the price, features, and portability of the laptops you are comparing to each other, you can concern yourself with their looks. Although it might not have anything to do with supporting you for gaming activities, there is no person who wants to get weird-looking laptop. ASUS and Dell gaming laptops under 800 we would compare after this, will also discuss about their looks as well. It might depend on people’s personal taste, but it is worth to discuss about.

Those are all the things you need to remember when comparing laptops to find the best one of all. Now that you have known those things, let’s get started with the comparison then.

ASUS M580VD-EB54 Gaming Laptop under 800

Are you a fan of ASUS laptops? If so, there is a bunch of worthy laptops to choose for gaming. However, among those laptops, this one here is considered the best one of all from ASUS. Of all things, this M580VD-EB54 laptop is designed to run with powerful processor. The processor chosen for this laptop is the 7th generation Intel Core I5-7300HQ 2.5 GHz with Turbo up to 3.5 GHz Kaby Lake. It is the kind of processors that can help you tackle just every most challenging task. Of course, all can be done without any trouble for it allows you to do most challenging tasks with ease.

How about the graphics then? It is ASUS gaming laptop we are talking about here. You see yourself that the processor is so powerful like that. There is no need to ask about its graphics for it must be great as well. This is true for this laptop is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 GDDR4. With this graphics around, it becomes possible for you to make exceptional presentations as well as enjoy high definition movies and games. There is nothing more important than having good view of games we are playing, right? So, this is a nice thing to get from this laptop.

Compact Dimensions and Light Weight

ASUS M580VD Are you convinced enough with the processor and the graphics? This time, let’s talk about its portability here. No one would want to carry heavy laptop around. Surely, you would think the same as well. People have always hoped for getting laptop with compact design and this is what exactly you will get from this ASUS laptop here. Let us tell you here that its product dimensions are 15 inches x 10.1 inches 0.8 inches. For a laptop, this is one of the most compact ones around. It will surely be easy to store this laptop in any laptop bag you have. There is no need to buy a new one.

However, having compact body design does not guarantee that the laptop you choose is portable. You still need to know how heavy this laptop is as well. Even when it can slip in your bag easily, no one would get tired of easily for bringing it around with them. That is why you will need to find the lightweight one. You don’t have to worry though for this laptop weighs for around 5 pounds only. Although there are others that are lighter, this weight should be enough for you to handle. What do you think? If you really can handle it, this laptop really is a portable one to choose.

Affordable Enough Price and Chic Look

ASUS M580VD 2 We bring the discussion of the price here because we have said earlier that this laptop is the one priced under $800.00. You see, for gaming laptop, this price is considered rather affordable. There are others that are priced over $1,000.00 after all. That is why it is the price that you should be happy with. You need to understand that there is no gaming laptop that is priced really low. Gaming laptop is a heavy-duty one. It needs the best processor, graphics, and other features to withstand heavy gaming activities. So, it is understandable that it can be quite pricey.

How about the look then? Now that we have known the most important aspects above, we can talk about the look of this ASUS laptop in this discussion of best gaming laptop under 800 ASUS VS Dell. All we can say about this laptop upon our first sight of it is none other than it being chic in its look. It is a laptop colored in silver finishing. Silver-looking laptop with a bit black accent on keyboard sure is a beautiful sight to see. Furthermore, with the laptop having compact, lightweight body, we can’t argue more that this laptop just looks beautiful in every angle. Don’t you think so too?

Based on what we have discussed so far. This ASUS gaming laptop is designed to have powerful processor and great graphics to support heavy gaming activities. Moreover, this laptop really is portable as well, allowing you to slip it in just any bag and carry it around outside the house without feeling tired of it at all. What’s more? Considering all of them to be obtained with quite affordable price of gaming laptop, there should be no more things you can ask from it. Even it has really beautiful look on it you can be proud about when showing it to others.

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Dell Inspiron 5000 I5577 7359BLK Best Gaming Laptop under 800

Dell Inspiron 5000 I5577 7359BLK

Similar Graphic Card but Better Processor to Offer

Dell Inspiron 5000 I5577 7359BLK 2 Since you have known all the most important things about ASUS gaming laptop above, it is the time to talk about the Dell Inspiron one here and compare both of them here. This Dell Inspiron gaming laptop uses Intel I7-7700HQ with 2.8 GHz speed Quad Core with Turbo up to 3.2 GHz. This processor is better than what ASUS promises to us earlier. The difference is not that big on gaming, but it feels night and day on doing every day activities here. The good example here is on video rendering and Photoshop. On doing rendering video it takes my video done much faster. The same thing goes to the Photoshop where the loading times for some kind of features work better in such a reliable performance. For this case, I think Dell is the winner here.

As for the graphics, this Dell Inspiron laptop can be pretty amazing as well. These both gaming laptop above using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, I have no see any difference here in term of graphic performance. On gaming, Dell Inspiron a bit better than ASUS thanks to its more powerful processor. Not to mention, it offers more performance up to 8 or 10 FPS per game and the result would be better on some games that more demanding on CPU like GTA 5. However, don’t immediately jump to the conclusion from here. We still need to discuss other things to find out which one that really is the best among these two.

A Bit Bigger in Size and Heavier in Weight

Dell Inspiron 5000 Yes, it is the time to discuss about its portability here. You have known yourself that the ASUS laptop we are talking about above has its dimensions, 15 inches x 10.1 inches 0.8 inches. How about the Dell Inspiron here then? Let’s get to the point that the product dimensions of this Dell laptop are 10.4 inches x 15.7 inches x 1 inch. The dimensions here are length x width x height. You can see yourself that the width is similar, but the length and the height are quite far in difference. Thus, it makes ASUS laptop above smaller and slimmer than the Dell Inspiron here.

However, we can’t completely decide its portability without talking about its weight too here. As you know the ASUS laptop above weighs for 5 pounds only. What about the Dell Inspiron? Let us tell you here that this laptop weighs for 5.66 pounds. It is not that heavy, but it is much bulkier and heavier than ASUS. So, you can conclude that ASUS laptop above is more portable than Dell Inspiron laptop here. Considering that ASUS has smaller and slimmer body design than Dell, you can be sure that ASUS is better when it comes to portability. Let’s talk about the last things below.

The Same Price and the Pitch Black Look

As it was said earlier too, even this Dell Inspiron gaming laptop has the same price with the ASUS one above. All the things you can get from the Dell even with it being priced under $800 are actually pretty good ones. There are many other laptops that will charge more instead after all. That is why even choosing one between ASUS and Dell is not a bad idea. However, please do remember that the price can change from time to time. It might have been priced under $800, but there is always possibility that it will change later. So, keep yourself up to date about it.

We can decide certain price to be the best for you if you can really afford to spend it. It actually goes the same with the look. People have their own personal taste when it comes to appearance. The ASUS laptop above is indeed chic and beautiful with its Glacier Grey color. This Dell Inspiron laptop here might have been pitch-black in its color, but even black color is considered to be pretty cool to consider. However, if you want us to tell which one is better, ASUS is undoubtedly more beautiful. Its color makes it have more character that’s worth to praise.

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ASUS FX503VD 15.6” Best Gaming Laptop under 800

ASUS FX503VD 15.6”

GTX Ten Series For More Serious Gaming

ASUS FX503VD 15.6” 2 One of the most important things to consider from a gaming machine is graphic card. This is where the performance is dependable for the games running smoothly or not. Here, ASUS is better than what Dell did here by providing of GTX 1050 which is powerful enough to run most of games right now at medium and high setting. The GTX Ten series was firstly introduced by NVIDIA back in the 2016 and brings significant improvement over the last version. Their new Pascal architecture offering better compatibility to put on laptop as this GPU produces lot of power, but still with lower power consumption. As the result, the temperature is no longer issue as the machine using this GPU could steadily play any game for long usage.

If you just start into with gaming on PC, then you should likely have to pick at least GTX 1050 for your machine. There are some other lower choices that we are going to talk about next, but this should be a perfect choice for more serious gaming. For this case, ASUS provides a decent choice for a gamer that want to get proper machine, but with decent price.

Bulky Design and Average Display

ASUS FX503VD 15.6” 3 There are some sectors that need to be sacrificed in order to get that maximum performance. Yeah, ASUS does make some adjustment on design and its display. In term of design, there is not something bad to say from it, but this machine is actually quite bulky and hard to carry around. It features of 0.9 inches thickness, but 5.7 pounds of weight is not that light to fit into your small bag. This is not something that you can carry around anywhere you want, but perfectly for indoor usage only. Luckily, the build quality is top notch here and means you do not have to worry about it.

Move to its display, for once again the price is talking here. The screen could produce huge amounts of colors, but sadly the brightness is not bright. For some cases, I have to push the setting little bit in order to get it works for my need. The thing is not happened a lot, but it feels annoying sometimes especially when you are under the light directly. Well, I still have no complain here especially considering the price is already that cheap, but the people will think it differently. That is why I decided to stress this issue.

Fast and Reliable Storage

Storage is another issue that important here. There is no way for you to store all of your Steam games on 256GB or 128GB storage. Here, ASUS is offering us more with 1TB FireCuda SSHD storage. The SSHD storage is commonly used on gaming devices as its big and fast. It’s not faster than SSD, but still 6 times faster than any normal HDD. Many people prefer to have SSD over HDD right now, but remember that SSD is not really cheap to afford right now. The only solutions for many companies right now are putting of this kind of storage for their consumers. Remember that SSD is not giving that difference on gaming performance. You might get faster loading times here, but the framerate will still remaining same as the thing is forced to GPU and not storage.

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Dell Inspiron 15 I7570 7817SLV Best Gaming Laptop under 800

Dell Inspiron 15 I7570 7817SLV

Great Processor But with Underwhelmed Graphic Card

Dell Inspiron 15 I7570 7817SLV 2 Dell is on another league here in comparable with ASUS. The Intel 8th gen I7 8550U is truly beast with 4 cores CPU at 1.8 GHZ clock that could be boosted into 4.0 GHZ when it needs for more performance. Last year, Intel got so many critics from users because there is really no difference between Sky Lake and Kaby Lake. The only thing where they are difference is located on power consumption that slightly better, but the performance itself is not getting any significant boost. By the popularity of AMD Ryzen, they really need to do something here. The I7 8550U is their answer here and appeared to promise missing things on Kaby Lake.

The processor is great, but what about its graphic card? The graphic performance is great here, but not that dependable for serious gaming. The system is equipped with NVIDIA 940MX which is powerful enough to run of Overwatch and Rocket League up to 60 FPS. You can just throw any E-Sport games here and it should take it easily. This graphic card is not just designed for more demanding games like Assassin Creed Origin, Wolfeinstein 2, or any other similar games.

Slimmer and beautifully Craft

Dell Inspiron 15 I7570 7817SLV3 The design is really becoming the biggest selling point here. The product is beautifully craft with high quality material that later covered with platinum silver finishing. It looks great and showing it to your friend will never make you shame at all. I love its portability where I can just throw it easily into my small bag. With dimension at 9.6 x 14.2 x 0.7 inches and 4.41 pounds, this is a perfect device for people demand for playing games, but loves to take it around into their travel. This is where everything gets so good here and it’s not available on its competitor, ASUS.

Although the design is that slim, the port connectivity is top notch here. There are 3 USB 3.0 ports available for transferring and moving your data and another single USB type-C for connecting it to the bigger display, moving data, and charging it over. This modern port is so usable especially when you are on travel and your laptop running out of battery. Here, people could just charge it with their battery pack. It feels really great and so dependable when cannot find near place around to stop by.

Amazing Sounds and Breathtaking Display

The ASUS FX503VD performance is so powerful, but sadly its display is average. Like I said before, many people should not be bothered with it, but there will be many people that demand for more here. Luckily, the Inspiron 15 is packed with lot better display to show here. The 15.6 inch screen panel is equipped with IPS panel that offering crisp images and wide viewing angle. The images are sharp although the brightness is not really bright here. The company really pays their mistake on the performance by providing much better display here.

For adding more experience to your gaming, the MaxxAudio Pro is going to be your companion for a while right now. Its speakers are able to deliver of high grade sounds and immersing experience into your room. The audio has ability to automatically tune your audio depending on what kind of music you play. As the result, it sounds so great because we do not really need to adjust the equalizer anymore as we always do here. The highs, lows, bass, and even volume will be taken automatically here. I think this might be a good reason to take of this laptop.

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ASUS VS Dell Comparisons

Final Thought

So, what can we conclude in this discussion of the best gaming laptop under 800 ASUS VS Dell here? If you want us to decide, we will tell you in all honesty that ASUS M580VD-EB54 or ASUS FX503VD Gaming Laptops are better to choose. Its processor and graphical might lose a bit to the Dell, but it is not that a big deal for they are not that much different. Furthermore, compared to Dell, ASUS has better processor, portability, and look to offer. Added with both being sold with the same price, there is nothing more that can beat that ASUS gaming laptop. It would surely make a good purchase for you.

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