Top 7 Best Toshiba Laptop January 2021

When you hear the word Toshiba, I am pretty sure you know how big its name is used to be. Toshiba is very well-known company which has settled down its own name in the technology world especially in mobile devices for years. Toshiba is a quite excessive famous brand in term of gadget and electronic devices manufacturers from Japan alongside with Sony. With its own tag line leading innovation, this manufacture brand from Japan tries to lead us to the generation of technology by producing many innovative and impressive gadgets which will ease our work and life.Toshiba as a gadget manufacture company manages to battle with other brands in producing the similar electronic gadget and devices products. One of the high quality and recommended gadgets that you must own from this brand is chromebook laptop and touchscreen laptop. Those are pretty sophisticated and reliable options and have great performance for ding computing related works and other tasks.

They launch various of laptops every year and always seems to be excel in performance and durability. Furthermore, the integrated specs and design are created from the best quality materials which absolutely add your better long term support. In many years, this brand has survived from all tough competition from similar products released from other brands. Due of popularity of new convertible and portable devices, it resulted that this brand set some improvements over the design. The products were used to be designed with dark colors like grey and black. Now they are gradually changing and started of using more bright and vivid colors that sure should more users to come with. Toshiba offers you with many colorful options so that you will never have shortage options to choose with. Any color and design are mostly available to have. In addition to it, their systems feature quite tough and solid chassis and also feels quite easy to carry on even though not all of products are coming with this feature.

The portable devices either chromebook or convertible system from Toshiba come with specific and distinctive specifications, so that in term of quality one will assure your satisfaction for long term usage. The laptops from Toshiba can be the right choice to support most of your productivity and needs. The portable computers come with some series models. There is a chromebook which is suitable for the college students or touchscreen device which will ease your job to access some important matter like browsing and streaming movies when you go mobile or having a flight during your travel business. In addition, this high end spec gadgets from this brand absolutely usable in some ways for running some older and indie games. All kinds of machines whether to low end, mid end, or high end spec devices fully designed for its own purposes. You just have to buy the system which is suitable for you. To catch up more reviews in details about your preference toward Toshiba laptop, here we are providing some list of recommended and considered as the best Toshiba laptops in the gadget world.

Toshiba Tecra X40-E

Tecra X40-D 2
Toshiba are not releasing so many great products for these past couple years. I do not really know what is happening to them since they are so popular back in the old days. They actually still releasing few good laptops, but you have to see on this case. The good example is the Tecra X40-E. The package is light and slim with slightly plain finishing in the entire body. The look is simple, but yet premium as soon as you get hand on it. The magnesium alloy material is sure not that great or sleek like other material, but it does have great build quality including the hinge system that can handle few drops and bumps. The surface of the body is not slippery and means there is no zero chance for falling from our hands. The total weight for the package is around 2.7 pounds with thickens that only at 0.7 inches and making it as the slimmest notebook available in the market.

For balancing the productivity and portability, the company features 14 inch 1900 x 1080 resolution. It produces huge amount of colors and details although the brightness is not the brightest one. The thing is still usable in the outdoor usage without needed to push the brightness into the maximum. Surprisingly, it uses of touch panel and means people can just navigating through the system with their hands. The connectivity port is also not an issue here although the thickness is only 0.7 inches. We still have to bring the converter as the ports available here is the Thunderbolt port. But, they give two of them to use at the same time. Well, at least we are not stuck with single port like Apple did on the new Macbook Pro. I recommend it for you to check it and see how it performs on your needs.

Toshiba Tecra X40 E 1442Main Specs
CPUIntel Core I5-8350U 1.7 GHz
GraphicsIntel HD Integrated Card 620
Display Size14 Inch Full HD IPS
OSWindows 10 Pro
Memory8GB DDR4 Memory
Storage256GB NVMe SSD

Last price update: 2021-01-04 15:46:50
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Toshiba Portege X20W D1252

Toshiba Portege X20W D1252
The Portege is one of the newest lineup series from the company that offering high specifications hardware in such a good price. The thing is available at under 1000 dollars and as the return we get an interesting stuff on the inside. The design is modern, but yet simple. I am kind of person who loves a simple thing since there are not too many distractions on it The same thing goes here with the surface almost has no details. The convertible design allows you to turn it into multiple modes like tent mode that completely usable for watching movies on your travel, tablet mode that uses for browsing through the internet and traditional mode for working on your daily routine. We just received three different usages into such a small and portable device.

Moving to the inside, you would be welcomed by a full size keyboard on the center base. The keyboard layout is like typical of Toshiba and if you already get used with their products for years, I guess you are going to love it. The screen is considered as small at 12.5 inch, but all of the keys here appeared in normal size and I am not received any issue on typing. I was able to type for more than 95 words per minute on it with quite good error rate at around 2 percent. We need to get used with it for little bit, but it only takes few hours until we find our maximum productivity. Here, the display brightness is not really great and as the return its offering long battery usage that lost for around 8 and 9 hours in single charge. Carrying the charger around is not necessary anymore as the battery is rock. The Windows 10 pre-installed fully support Halo feature that works great for login into the account. The product is worth for the price.

Toshiba Portege X20W D1252Main Specs
CPUIntel Core I5 7200U 2.5 GHZ
GraphicsIntel HD Integrated Card
Display Size12.5-inch
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory8GB DDR3 Memory
Storage256GB SSD

Last price update: 2021-01-04 16:03:36
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Toshiba Tecra R950

2018 Version Of Toshiba Tecra R950
Toshiba Tecra R series was so popular back in the old days where it’s received so many praises from both of users and reviewers. Now they are back again in the late of 2017 with few minor upgrades in few parts. Keep in mind that this device is the refurbished one and not the new one. I decided to put it into the list because of the specifications that quite interesting to see here. The Intel I7 3540M is old for 2017 usage, but trust me the performance is better than most of notebook at the similar price with Intel Celeron processor. The performance is stable with only few minor dips on the heavy usage with 4GB RAM. The RAM is upgradable if you want to spend your time on upgrading it, but 4GB is should be enough if you just have in mind for light usage.

Like most of devices right now, the system uses of 128GB SSD that appeared to be small where the system already take off around 20GB and leave you only 100GB for saving the data and important stuff. One way to fix of the problem is by using of the micro SD slot and adds couple GB of SD card into it. That is the only issue I found here. The thing like display and keyboard are working great even though not the greatest one to expect. The keyboard is comfortable for typing in many hours as the travel distant is wide and the keys are big. Worth or not is depending on your preference, so I recommend you to check it further and decide if its fit or not to your needs. Everyone is having their own preferences, so take your time and make sure to see it later.

Toshiba Tecra R950Main Specs
CPUIntel Core I7-3540M 3.0 GHZ
GraphicsIntel HD Integrated Card
Display Size15.6-inch
OSWindows 7 Pro
Memory4GB DDR3 Memory
Storage128GB SSD

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Toshiba Satellite P55W 15.6”

Toshiba Satellite P55W 15.6”
If you think the 12 or 13 inch convertible notebook is not enough for you, then what about the 15.6 inch one? Well, I am not seeing there are too many companies that put a convertible design into 15 inch laptop now, but Toshiba did it in the 2017. It brings a great productivity, but with portability in mind. You can flip it 360 degree and use it in the tablet for the presentation. The display is big and make sure you are not missing any important point. The full HD display is a nice companion where the colors and images surrounding us are details. I do not really know how the company makes it so well. The weight is quite bit heavy, but this is not a big problem since this kind of device will only go around our office and not more.

For supporting the productivity, the Intel I7 6500U sits nicely alongside the 8GB RAM. The 6th gen processor is not far behind from the next version in term performance. The only big difference is only located on the power consumption that reduced little bit. This is the main reason why you are seeing so many complaints from people to Intel for the case. That is why Intel 6th chipset is worth enough for 2017 and even for couple of years. The system runs smooth without any delay or lag surrounding the work. The faster system runs means shorter time for us to finish everything. For storing data, it put 1TB HDD that not fast in comparable with SSD, but in return we get bigger storage for saving dozen of entertainment and important stuff. I guess the specification will make you interested on taking it back home. I leave the link below for checking it.

Toshiba Satellite P55W 15.6”Main Specs
CPUIntel Core I7- 6500U 2.5 GHZ
GraphicsIntel HD Integrated Card
Display Size15.6-inch
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory8GB DDR Memory
Storage1TB HDD

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Toshiba Port X30-D1356

Toshiba Port X30-D1356
Toshiba Port X30 has everything you expect for a business laptop. For the design, the look is premium with the black surface finishing on the entire body. Carrying it around your client or our friends would never make you shame at all. The minimalist look is plain, but yet charming when you get hands on it. The surface is nice to touch and not slippery at all. The keyboard on the inside is sure one of the best one that I have seen for this range. The travels distant between keys are perfect on balancing the performance. Typing on it for couple hours never make hands cram like I got on any similar products. This case happened because some companies put the keys are too near. Luckily, the case is not happening here.

Moving to the inside, The Intel I7 7th gen and 16GB RAM are waiting for you to test it. I did few tests on making sure the stability of the system. I made the stress test by rendering 108p videos while opened 15 tabs on the Chrome. The result is impressive because slowdown is nowhere to find. The apps opened and closed instantly thanks to the SSD support. The booting process only takes around 8 seconds until the lockscreen is pop up. I really never put it into the sleep mode and just turn it off for months. I just need to turn it on as soon as I need it since the booting is fast and not taking time. The battery lasts longer than you think with 3 cell battery. It’s easily last for around 10 hours with minimum adjustment on brightness. Use it on travel not making me worry as the battery lasts longer and the 512GB is big for fitting dozens of movies to enjoy. If you are looking for replacement of old laptop, then you are in good way now.

Toshiba Port X30-D1356Main Specs
CPUIntel Core I7- 7600U 2.8 GHZ
GraphicsIntel HD Integrated Card
Display Size13.3-inch
OSWindows 10 Pro
Memory16GB DDR4 Memory
Storage512 SSD

Last price update: 2021-01-04 16:02:35
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Toshiba Portege Z30 C1320

Toshiba Portege Z30 C1320
I received recommendation of this device from my friend after receiving a well response from him and decided to test by own. The overall thing is impressive and this is what of Toshiba needs to do for next. The build quality is what I love here. The package is designed with plastic, but the looks durable and handling the weight very much. The body is not flimsy and I do not feel afraid of breaking it easily. The rubber fit on the base is great and make a stable base when you put it on the table. I did try to push it around and moving it a little bit and it’s perfectly attached into the surface. The weight itself is light and I am able to throw it easily into my small bag. They pack it with very small charger to make sure people never bother on bringing it.

One thing that I need to stress is on the display. The display quality and brightness are top notch, but they decide to put of 1366×768 resolution for it while many companies are giving 1080p or even 2K display. I basically can live with it, but other users will think it differently. On the both sides of body, the ports selections are well complete. There are 3 USB 3.0 ports for transferring or moving the data at the same time and leave single USB for connecting mouse. Then, there are audio jack, VGA, and Ethernet ports. The battery is probably the biggest selling point to get here. It rocks for 9 hours fully usage until the battery is completely off. It runs for 2 days straight if you touch or use it rarely. The company really works hard to make it more appealing to wide consumers and no just targeting specific consumers.

Toshiba Portege Z30 C1320Main Specs
CPUIntel Core I7- 6600U 3.4 GHZ
GraphicsIntel HD Integrated Card
Display Size13.3-inch
OSWindows 7 Pro
Memory8GB DDR3 Memory
Storage256GB SSD

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Toshiba Tecra A50 2021

Toshiba Tecra A50 D1538
Our last choice will be the Toshiba Tecra A50. You would get a pretty decent machine for the price. For the hardware, it features of Intel I7 8550U that combined greatly with 8GB RAM. The performance runs nicely with lag or stuttering on my test. I did test by opening 20 tabs on Chrome and it has no issue although I streamed 108Op videos at one of the tabs. The Intel HD 620 is far if we compare it with GTX series from NVIDIA, but capable enough for handling heavy graphical usage like doing Photoshop or Corel Draw. Playing indie games are also possible and some light games like Rocket League rocks steadily at stable framerate at the lowest setting. The power is not a matter and provides you a fully working machine for supporting productivity.

For adding more experience into the usage, Toshiba puts 1080p display. The display produces great color production where the color is not washed at all. It looks natural and enjoyable for doing multi-purposes things. What I love here is the brightness. The brightness is not too bright or too time and perfectly comfortable for full day usage. On the top of display, there is webcam which is not that bad for doing Skype. Just never take a selfie there because the quality is not something to proud. The audio quality is also decent with enough power for filling any small room. The bass is punchy and the sounds are clear and loud. I recommend you to use the equalizer little bit for adjusting the sounds for multiple genres. The battery is solid with 8 or 9 hours usage thanks to the low power consumption from the Kaby Lake R processor. I think this is the right time for swapping your old device and then get this one as the replacement.

Toshiba Tecra A50 15 InchMain Specs
CPUIntel Kaby Lake R Core I7-8550U 1.8 GHz
GraphicsIntel HD Integrated Card
Display Size15.6 Inch 1366 x 768 (HD)
OSWindows 10 Pro
Memory1GB DDR4 Memory
Storage512GB SSD

Last price update: 2021-01-20 01:58:42

Final Thought

Those are information I know about it. Toshiba is a great company to depend on having great laptop for our daily usage. They have so many selections outside there available in the market, so I decide to take the very best of them and then fit it into our list. The choice is on you, so make sure to pick the one that suits to our needs. Always put the needs on the top of priority and I am sure you soon finding the one you are searching for. I also have placed some important stuff on the beginning, so get yourself and checking it for more information related to. I just hope the information provided is good enough for you. At last, thank you for reading the article and see you again next time. Leave any comment for further assistance.

What Processor may Become the Best Deal?

The term processor or CPU or we call it the brain of the computer is one of main important hardware components because this computer brain is one the controlling activity in computing performance. More than half of the computing performance is controlled by this hardware. To make the process of computing easier, choosing the right processor will be more beneficial for you. Because those processors will work at the best when you know the use and the function. You can’t expect to play game online smoothly if your laptop’s processor is intel atom or celeron because those type of brains are not compatible for gaming. Furthermore, it takes the high end level CPU to be able to play online or offline game smoothly.

There are two different chips which are commonly used by this gadget brand. They are Intel and AMD. Intel is the famous brand for CPU because its name is already been trusted by the users, so Toshiba entrusts the processor of the portable computer to Intel. Furthermore, Intel can manage its own temperature so the gadget won’t easily be overheated. In contradiction for gaming and 3D graphics purposes, AMD excels much more compared to Intel. But, since AMD has different way of performance compared to Intel, Toshiba also integrates AMD in its gadgets.

Intel processor is mostly used in Toshiba gadgets. But if you are looking for the affordable laptop which focuses more on the functions and the uses such as daily working, typing, internet browsing, or viewing the Netflix then Intel Celeron and Atom CPUs are the most basics processors which can undergo those operations. In contrast, the execution of those CPUs is not super impressive because they can just manage those simple computing activities. Or if you are looking for different chip from AMD which is equal with Atom and Celeron, AMD FX-8800P from Carrizo will fit to your choice.

Another higher brains or midrange models from Intel and AMD are Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, and AMD A8-4500M CPUs. The execution for these mid end CPUs is quite smooth and offers such great combination between the price and performance. This kind of controlling center is useful for some simple and easy going games with the profitable situation. For, AMD processor chipset in Toshiba portable book is more than enough for light gaming and has great response to the game performance.

The highest end processor can be found in i7 laptop. The highest brain level from Intel and AMD are Core i7 or AMD A12. The main principle differences between the two are that AMD series CPU can boost your performance faster while Core i7 manage the durability of the performance because the temperature which is controlled can save up the battery life. In terms of speed especially in accessing online games, although the minus from this AMD A10 is the battery energy is easily depleted because it takes more battery energy to perform the speed. On the other hand i7 can save up more battery life and it does not need the fan to cool down because this processor can manage the temperature so well so that it will not make your gadget overheated.

How Much Storage Required?

Having large storage in your gadget is more beneficial since there are many videos, mp3s, games, applications, and data that can be saved. With large storage, the applications which take more storage to install can be accessed, too. There are different sizes of storage which depend on the processor. The higher CPU is, the larger hard drive storage will be. The chromebook laptop with Celeron CPU is generally powered by 32 GB till 64 GB solid data drive and 2 GB till 4 GB DDR3 RAM. The touchscreen ones with Celeron processor usually take hard drive storage more or less 500 GB with2 GB till 4 GB RAM.

In contradiction for mid end Toshiba products, either chromebook or the conventional ones, which use Intel core i3 or i5 are completed with 16 GB till 32 GB solid data drive and 4GB DDR3 RAM. But the notebooks with i3 and i5 chips are powered with mostly 500 GB hard drive and 4GB DDR3 RAM. With this kind of storage and RAM, the performance of computing for both gaming and editing the video will run smoothly.

The i7 portable computer in Toshiba mostly has 500 GB till 1 TB hard drive with 8 GB till 12 GB DDR3 RAM. With the largest storage like 1 TB, you enable to save any data you want and play the online game will be possible without minor or major distraction. i7 chromebook is powered with 64 GB solid data drive and completed with 16 GB RAM. You will be more convenient to save your data, games, and the application you installed.

What Display and Screen Resolution are Recommended?

When you buy a gadget, you must expect a very bright and clear high definition screen resolution. With a very bright and clear high definition screen resolution, you will experience seeing very qualified movies resolution.

The highest specs and the more expensive budget you invest for a laptop, the higher and sharper the quality of screen resolution is. Mostly the 11-inch laptop is completed with the standard HD display resolution. The 11-inch touchscreen item is usually powered by TFT HD touch screen TruBrite LED backlight display or 1366 x 768 resolution.

13-inch Toshiba chromebook is mostly powered with IPS screen with 1920 x 1080 pixel screen resolution while the 13-inch touchscreen one is completed with mobile Intel HD graphic display with 2560 x 1440 pixels. On the other hand, the touchscreen resolution with 1366 x 768 (HD) pixels completes the 14-inch touchscreen Toshiba gadget.

17-inch laptop from Toshiba has energy-efficient LED backlight display with 1600 x 900 resolution. This is considered high quality image and fine detail for this gadget.

How Long does the Battery Life Survive?

Toshiba leads the innovation for each specification and the feature, including the power of battery. Even though the battery life last shorter than the average of the portable products from other brands, the durability of these appliances has been proven for many years.

The long battery needed for accessing this gadget when the users are away from the electricity source. The longer hours battery power, the more practical and efficient the work will do. A portable gadget supposes to have long battery life.The power of it will make the work more efficient because the users do not need to bring the charger. Having the longer battery survives, the more flexible and practical this portable computer will be.

Toshiba chromebook uses Lithium Polymer which can last up to 9 hours, depends on the use. If it is used for heavy applications, the battery can survive less than 9 hours.

The battery used in Toshiba touchscreen is Lithium-Ion (li-ion), which the average of the battery life is about 3 till 7 hours, depends on the series of the gadgets and of course the use. Even though the battery life can last more than hours. But still, the battery needed to be saved and taken care of. No matter how qualified the power of battery is, you need to handle it with care by not charging the gadget in long time so this power will not be broken or dropped.

How much Budget Needed?

When it comes to buying hardwares, people want to buy a great and trusted product with the cheapest price. Since Toshiba produced qualified appliances and gadgets, many series are launched to fulfill the need of the gadget freaks.

In the technology world, Toshiba notebook are considered as recommended gadgets among the gadget freaks. The quality of this product has been shown by the way how this brand keeps surviving among other brands in the market for years and positive reviews from the users. The price is considered cheaper compared to other brand products which have similar specifications. The specs and additional features complete its performance and the grand design. The portable computers from this brand are considered as affordable laptops.

Besides the price is reasonable, some items are lightweight so it will be easier to carry on for mobile working. Toshiba products available also vary in price range. It depends on the qualification of specs and features. But, compared to high end brand, Toshiba offers more inexpensive laptops to those who just have limited budget. The costs range from 150 dollars to well-over 1200 dollars. The higher the feature is the more expensive it will be. For the cost, you can buy the type of chromebook under 300$ price worth which is more beneficial for students or college students to do their assignments. There are also available $500 laptops which are specialized for playing online or offline games and doing more complex computing works. Toshiba will not disappoint you. So, you just need to set your preference on your laptop budget in order your choice will not disturb your financial. This product will provide you with the satisfaction more than the money you spend.

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