Top 10 Best HP Laptop December 2020

Hewlett-Packard Company or is well-known for HP is one of the most famous technology companies which produces many hardware product series such as lightweight HP laptop, printer, monitor, gaming accessories, detachable or 2 in 1 laptop, chromebook, and PC component. Those various things are designed for some certain funtion and rapidly advanced through the technology development. This HP company often releases the hard component products for almost every month in one year, in which the products could be considered affordable but not gimcrack compared to similar brands. The designs are their selling point in many of them feature a very colorful approach which consist of many different colors available as the general options. These laptop products have been considered as satisfied and manage to perform good sales and compete with other similar gadgets in the same market. HP also in many points always includes the similar specs and features, but with cheaper price which totally attract the eyes of customers. Even, in cases of new models are being launched, the gadget consumers could not wait for giving them a try and reviewing them based on the perspective of HP users. They are going to figure out what minuses and pluses and of course those reviews are going to be published or shared to anyone who wants to consider the products.

Besides being popular with the inexpensive but high quality appliances, Hewlett-Packard company also convinces the customers’ satisfaction with bunches of one-step-a-head performances and sophisticated specs which you won’t miss from them. Furthermore, this company also offers you their ‘stars’ with such amazing prices which will not totally loose up your bank account. That’s the lovable way to have the tech devices cheaply price point.

When your head is full of the thought of choosing the right one among many preferences with all brands existed, Hewlett-Packard appliance would easily answer your bewilderment and convince you that this will be the best deal to offer with. In terms of features and specs, this list will guide and assure you to the new point which will make your decision is much easier. It also will work wonderfully if you decide to take a machine for your daily internet browsing and access work, edit the video, and can be as well as laptop for college. In addition, it works well for running games, but if you use it for games too long, it will tend to overheat. In conclusion, more reviews in details will help you to make up your mind. Here we are going to tell you some best and recommended laptop in the market.

HP Envy 13T

Envy 13
The HP Envy 13 is a really huge deal to spend under 1000 dollars. You will get a pretty decent machine for the price. First, you are going to get the premium look with aluminum chassis that surrounded the entire chassis. The look is really great and also light. The body dimension is measured at 12.83 x 8.9 x 0.55 inches and appeared quite bit thicker than Macbook Pro. Yeah, the thickness is slightly thicker because there is an optical drive on the inside. I do not really know why the company still decides to include it, but should be good for anyone looking for portability and usability at the same time. If you compare it with Dell XPS 13, I think the look is more fancy thanks to the aluminum CNC material. The color combination is the one that makes it better.

Moving to the inside, there is an Intel I7 8250U alongside the 16GB RAM that ready to take your productivity into better. The performance is really wise and run without any lag at all. The power is not much difference in comparable with previous model, but the battery performance is slightly better here as the newer processor brings lower consumption power. The battery easily lasts for around 9 hours and 25 minutes in single charge. The result is enough for running it in full day usage without needed to always plug it into the wall charger. The laptop is branded in Envy series, but the thing feels like Spectre at all as the quality is amazing. The display is bright, the hardware is powerful and dependable, and the overall premium design. The thing provided here is better than any other competitor with the same price. I think this is the right time for swapping your old laptop.

HP Envy 13TMain Specs
CPUIntel Core I7-8550U 1.8 GHZ
GraphicsNVIDIA 150MX
Display Size13.3-inch
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory16GB DDR Memory
Storage512GB SSD

Last price update: 2021-01-04 15:58:13
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HP Spectre X360 16G512G

Spectre X360 2
The Spectre X360 is the right 2 in 1 laptop for anyone who is looking for a decent machine for their work. The overall look is beautiful with aluminum design that not only great in look, but also light in term of weight. The 360 degree system allows you to transform it into tablet, tent, and traditional mod easily when you flip it over. The tablet mode is specifically designed for streaming movies or presenting your presentation in the front of client. The portability is the key that makes the convertible notebook is so popular around the world. We receive three different functionalities into one device. The display is really bright and colorful. I am pretty sure we are not going to lose any important thing when you do the presentation. The brightness is not an issue here where using it in outdoor is completely usable without needed to push the brightness setting into the maximum.

The pen stylus included in the package and means you won’t have to buy it separate like you do on the new Surface Pro. We have to pay around 90 dollars for getting the stylus there and that price is quite expensive for just a pen. Here, we receive it for free and brings pretty much same feature. You can take a note, editing photo and even drawing there with ease. The pen supports more than 4000 pressure level and the display feels responsive. I did not find any delay or lag during the test and I tested it by doing some editing on Photoshop. The stylus pen can be charged through the type-C cable, so just flip the butt and connect it through the USB port. One last thing that important to talk about here is the audio quality. The Bang and Olufsen speakers are back with better thing to expect. The speakers will easily bang your head with the quality. The vocal is clear and the bass is powerful. It can fill any small room easily.

HP Spectre X360Main Specs
CPUIntel I7-8550U 8th Gen 1.8 GHZ
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce MX150
Display Size15.6-inch
OSWindows 10
Memory16GB SD Memory
Storage512GB SSD

Last price update: 2021-01-04 16:05:20
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HP Stream 14

HP Stream Blue
HP Stream 14 is considered as top notch student’s notebook for some reasons. First, the price is really cheap and available at under 300 dollars. Many of you think 200 dollars would be bad in term of build quality and hardware, but the same thing is not happened here. The look is colorful and modern although the entire chassis is made from plastic. The plastic is already ruggedized and the build quality is decent. Few drops or bumps should be taken easily. The plastic shell is really strong and really suitable for students who love on carrying it around. The weight is also quite light and I am sure we would never hear any complaint from them. Some games and applications are pre-installed including the Office 365 subscription for one year that worth for around 60 dollars.

For supporting the productivity, they include of Intel N4000 and 4GB RAM as the companion. The performance is designed for any light or medium activity such as browsing and editing document. Those two things run smooth and in dependable performance. Just never expect to do of Photoshop or Corel here because the system start slowing down when I tested it couple months ago. The processor is probably the real issue here. I still have no complaint as the price is already that cheap. The only bad thing to find here is located on the storage. The 64GB storage is small enough and the system itself already takes around 20 GB for the operating system. It leaves you around 40GB, so make sure to use it wisely. The storage is expandable through the micro SD slot and I think couple GB of them is more than enough. The battery lasts for more than 10 hours and ready to take for school usage. I guess they should not be bother anymore on carrying heavy notebook and bulky charger anymore here.

HP Stream 14 InchMain Specs
CPUIntel Gemini Lake N4000 1.1 GHz
GraphicsIntel HD Integrated
Display Size14 TN HD Panel
OSWindows 10 S
Memory4GB DDR4 Memory
Storage64GB EMMC (Flash Storage)

Last price update: 2021-01-20 01:59:44
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HP Chromebook 14

HP Chromebook 14
The company is crazy enough to put of Chromebook 14 for under 300 dollars as the specification is worth than the price. The design is not that appealing and appeared as plain. I guess the look is really not their main selling point and they rather put the budget over the hardware as the people need it more. The design is plain, but at least the build quality is not a matter here. You do not have to worry of breaking it easily as the chassis is strong and durable. The hinge system holds the display nicely and i give them my five stars for the durability. One thing that will surprise you here is probably on the display or screen. It features of 14 inch screen with 1366 x 768 resolution. The HD resolution is almost impossible with the price, but HP really makes it possible here. The panel is not considered as the best one, but easily beats the competitors as the quality is really far.

When you open the lid, we would be welcomed by full size keyboard with familiar layout from the company. Typing on it feels smooth and decent. The travels distant between keys are not too far or too close and giving overall stable experience. I was able to type for around 85 words in one minute with only 2 percent error rate. The keyboard is dependable for finishing the paper or your work. Moving to the both sides, you soon find well complete ports. It features 2 USB 2.0 and single USB 3.0 for moving and transferring the data. Copying data at the same time is possible and it still leaves one single port for connecting the mouse. Chromebook is always better than Windows in low budget range. If you are kind of person that mainly use the computer for browsing and sending email, the product is machine you need.

HP Chromebook 14Main Specs
CPUIntel Celeron N3350 Up To 2.4 GHz
GraphicsIntel HD Integrated Card
Display Size14-inch
OSChrome OS
Memory4GB DDR3 Memory
Storage32GB EMMC

Last price update: 2021-01-04 15:52:16
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HP Omen 15 Gaming

HP Omen 15 2018
HP Omen 15 series has just refreshed by the company with better specification and slightly new look. They really work hard to make it more appealing to wide consumers and not only targeting the specific consumers and it really works. I heard so many reviews from the consumers and reviewers in the 2017. The hardware is the one that specifically praise for the quality. They pack the system with Intel I7 8750H and GTX 1060 and result a great power. Any AAA game and newer game is playable at all in great manner. Some games like Overwatch and Rocket League steadily stable at 60 FPS in the medium setting. The frame drops are noticeable, but never goes below the 50 during the match. The GPU itself is only not capable on running VR game that really demanding in power.

The hardware on the inside is great, but what about the outer shell? The look is not that bad if only we have no such high expectation. The shell is mainly designed from plastic that later finishing with black touch. The lid is mainly plain and only leaves of the HP logo at the center it. The thing basically looks like the cheaper version of the Dell Alienware. Showing it to your friend will never make you shame at all. This is probably one of the best gaming laptop that available under 1000 dollars. The 12GB RAM and GTX 1050 are so common in high end product, but seeing it on this price really get me surprise. If you think the performance is more important than the look, then I recommend you to check it further and see how it performs on you. The choice is back on you on deciding if the product is worth or not.

HP Omen 15 Inch GamingMain Specs
CPUIntel Core I7-8750H Hexa Core 2.2 GHz
GraphicsNVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB GDDR4
Display Size15.6 Inch FHD IPS 120 Hz
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory16GB DDR4 Memory
Storage128GB PCIe SSD + 1TB 7200 RPM HDD

Last price update: 2021-01-20 01:59:05
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HP Spectre 13 2LU84UA

Spectre 13 2
Many people told me that we should not judge the notebook by only its look. Yeah, I really agree with that statement, but I cannot lie that HP Spectre 13 is really great in term of design. Many people said it as the best looking machine in the 2017 and it’s really true. The aluminum material is used and then finished with premium ceramic white color. The design is quite plain, but yet interesting because the lack of detail makes it better. The 12 x 8.8 x 0.4 inches dimension and slim package do not give any more room for the standard port and the company put single USB-C and two Thunderbolt 3 ports. I have some problems on connecting my device and luckily they include of few adapters that very useful for this case.

The 1080p display in 13.3 inch screen is not something bad to have. The full HD display is one thing to proud here. The images are detail with huge amount of color production. The color is so detail and not washed at all. It produces 11 percent of SRGB color. The brightness is not that really bright here and only produce of 285 nits on my test. I guess they did it intentionally to save more battery as the brighter brightness drops the battery life. The lower brightness really makes an impact to the battery. I am able to use it easily for one day straight without any charger at all. It lasts around 11 hours in straight usage and the result is impressive as it beats other competitors like Dell with XPS 13 and Microsoft with Surface Pro. This machine is cheaper than those two devices and with better specification and design. So, there is no such a thing on stopping me to recommend it to you.

HP Spectre 13 2LU84UAMain Specs
CPUIntel Core I7-8550U 1.8 GHz
GraphicsIntel HD Integrated Card
Display Size13.3-inch
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory8GB DDR4 Memory
Storage256GB SSD

Last price update: 2021-01-04 15:52:08
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HP Pavilion Power 15

HP Pavilion Power Gaming 15
I never know that combining business and gaming into one device would really work. The Pavilion Power 15 is the device for this case that brings productivity and gaming at the same time. It packs with overall nice design with matte surface. It feels nice on my hand when I touch it for the first time. The improvement is not difference than the previous version, but the edges and hinge are stronger than before. Sadly, the hinge gives quite bit limited angle where the viewing angle only limited to the 150 degree. I basically need to get used with it for little, but only takes for 3 hours. Opening the lid, the Chiclet style keyboard is going to be your companion for a while. The center surface for keyboard is more rigid as the chassis is firmer. The keys are softer and more tactile than the fantastic Dell XPS 15.

The Windows 10 is pre-installed as the operating system and fits some useful applications and games. The bloatware is minimal and I did found few annoying stuff. The applications can be deleted from Control Panel and I recommend you to do it as soon as you have it for freeing the system storage. The 1TB storage is big enough for saving dozen of games and important data. The read and write speed are not faster than SSD, but we receive bigger storage as return. The Intel I7 and GTX 1060 really show their power here. The Witcher 3 easily reaches 70 FPS on the medium setting while the CS Go gets around 100 FPS at the same setting. Applications like Photoshop and Corel also runs in stable performance. No slowing down or stuttering thanks to the hardware. I think I am finally sure that the product is worth for the price and might be your next choice.

HP Pavilion Power Gaming 15Main Specs
CPUIntel Core I7-8750H 6 Cores 2.2 GHz
GraphicsNVIDIA GTX 1060
Display Size15.6 IPS FHD
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory16GB DDR4 Memory
Storage128GB NVMe SSD + 1TB HDD 7200 RPM

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HP Elitebook X360 1030 G3

HP Elitebook X360 1030 G2
HP Elitebook X360 is a nice companion for office work and multimedia. The 13.3 inch screen is big with convertible design that let you transform it into multiple purposes. The silver aluminum unibody design reminds me of Macbook Pro with slightly difference in cut around the touchpad. The total weight for the body is only at 2.8 pounds with 12.5 x 8.6 x 0.6 dimension. Lifting the lid will show you the keyboard that fully supported by backlit and means typing on the darker environment is completely possible. Below the keyboard a wide and big touchpad is placed. The touchpad size is big and blocking the entire text on document is easy without mouse. On the next of it, we soon find the fingerprint reader that usable for unlocking the lockscreen. The process is done faster than using of password that sometimes troublesome especially when we need in hurry.

The Elitebook is also durable and has received the certificate from MIL. It has received drop, bumps, and shock tests before its sending to the consumers. I guess this is what most companies have to do to make sure their quality. The display inside the base is giving mixed experience. The images are vivid and the color is detail, but sadly the brightness is quite lower than most notebooks I have reviewed. Watches the trailer from Last Jedi needs me to push the brightness little, but probably not bad at all. What I love here is stylus pen which is included on the package. The stylus pen supports 2048 degree pressure level and you can customize the buttons by using the Wacom Pen application that available to download. Just use it to customize the top and barrel button to make shortcut for sketching application or as the alternative for mouse button.

HP Elitebook X360 1030 G3Main Specs
CPUIntel 8th Gen Core I7-8650U 1.9 GHz
GraphicsIntel HD Integrated Card
Display Size13.3 Inch IPS FHD
OSWindows 10 Pro
Memory16GB DDR4 Memory
Storage512GB SSD

Last price update: 2021-01-20 01:59:08
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HP 15 DA0030NR

HP 15 DA0030NR
HP has started their 2018 lineup by refreshing their premium series. With the price people are going to receive a pretty decent machine with top specifications. The 8GB RAM and 2TB storage are so amazing for the price. The 8GB RAM is already on DDR4 and appeared to be slightly faster than DDR3 memory. The 1TB storage is quite slower since it uses of 5400 RPM, but the speed is paid by the tremendous big storage. No needed to upgrade it anymore as it lasts longer than you expect. The 15.6 inch screen is already in full HD resolution and supports for touchscreen. Using touchscreen in traditional laptop is not great, but dependable used as the replacement to swipe through the system. The display is bright and responsive and never bothers you in term of quality.

Budget notebook does not mean it always bad in hardware specification. The result is shown here by the company put of Intel I5 8250U and Intel HD 620. The power is totally dependable for running any application you want. For example, opening 15 tabs on Chrome never make it slowing down although I streamed 1080p video at one of the tabs. I did not found any problem besides than the battery itself that lasts shorter than I expect. 8 hours to 9 hours usage is quite short, so make sure to put the charger around on your bag. Reduce the brightness is not improving the battery, so the charger is only our solution here. If the users are in tight budget and searching decent machine for supporting the productivity, then why do not make your way here? I leave the link below for you to check it.

HP 15 DA0030NR High PerformanceMain Specs
CPUIntel Core I5-8250U 8th Gen 1.6 GHz
GraphicsIntel HD Integrated Card
Display Size15.6 Inch TN HD
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory8GB DDR4 Memory
Storage1TB SATA 5400 RPM HDD

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New HP 15 Inch BS020WM

HP 15 Inch BS020WM
The HP Laptop 15.6” is probably one of the cheapest products from HP available now. The Intel processor is now longer used and they replace it with AMD E2 processor that basically better than Intel Celeron processor. It handles the graphical demanding apps like Chrome better as the Intel GPU is packed alongside with it. The 4GB RAM is more than enough for doing any light activity, but if you want slightly better performance when you upgrade the RAM to the 8GB if you really need it. The basic hardware is already good enough, so upgrading is not really necessary. I found it’s hard to believe that this laptop is not really popular in the 2018 especially considering the price is cheap. This is a great starter for kids or students who start using the computer for the first time. School activity only relates some light activities and this device is what you need.

The only bad thing to locate here is probably the storage. The 500GB storage is fast, but it runs out easily when you put so many things here. Luckily, opening the base is easy without needed some efforts. I upgraded it to the 1TB and it runs better than before. HP can easily beat other companies if they keep promising the same products like this one. The budget notebook always so interesting to see as the price is cheap, so it needs the creativity from the company to make it appealing to the consumers. The holiday season is coming over everyone, so get chance to take it home and use it as the present. Take a look on it and see how it works well on you.

HP 15 Inch BS020WMMain Specs
CPUIntel Quad Core Pentium N3710 1.6 GHz
GraphicsIntel HD Integrated Card
Display Size15.6-inch
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory4GB DDR3 Memory
Storage500GB 5400 RPM HDD

Last price update: 2021-01-04 15:59:41

Final Thought

Those are recommendation I know about it. HP has been such a good company in providing wide range variety of products. Many people prefer to have their products because their after sales supports and the quality that always better. I have provided good list above and I am pretty sure one of them should suit to your needs. Put your needs in your mind and you soon find the best one for you. I just hope the information provided is good enough for you. Thank you for reading the article and please leave any comment for further assistance. At last, see you again next time.

What Processor may Become the Best Deal?

Processor or CPU is the brain or the controlling center of PC and laptop. 55% of the performance will depend on it besides other components such as RAM, screen resolution, storage, and also battery life, and others included only used as the secondary object. The higher CPU will offer fast performance and boost the use. In this case, the ‘brains’ which are used may vary. But, most of these gadgets use Intel and AMD processors. You can choose the best deal which is accordance to your function and use. The use and the function will determine whether the level of your CPU you buy will be useful or useless. Each brand and level has its own cons and pros. But, you can easily figure out that most HP use Intel and which is fitted for your need. Intel is totally well-known brand which can manage the temperature and power coumsption of the laptop when it is heated. Furthermore, Intel uses heatsink technology so that the performance seems quiet. Intel is well-known among the gadget users because this Intel can save up more the power of the battery life energy and it is better for multimedia application. But, the weakness from Intel is if this is broken, it costs up expensive price to fix it because Intel is integrated with motherboard, so it will be double damages.

New HP Stream 11 with Windows 10

Intel is always always making great development which fits in your need although for these couple of years AMD continue to grow better. Intel comes with different levels of sophistication. More money more satisfaction gained. If you want to have a very fast and fantastic access especially for gaming, core i7 laptop does the good job as the highest end brain from Intel.

But if you want to run a middle end which will enable you to have a better operation, core i5 laptop seems the right choice and quite fast because it excels for you who love to edit the videos. But, if basic needs and uses such as playing the videos, listening to the music, doing presentation, typing or browsing internet, the controlling center will be enough with Intel Celeron and Atom CPU. Because they are the best for basic and daily operation and well-fitted for the students.

Another one which is getting more attention as a CPU is AMD. AMD is quite popular as a fast and reliable alternative which gives good performance to 64-bit application use. Besides its reliable performance, AMD is a way cheaper compared to Intel. In contrast, AMD is quite a speed for you who love to play the games whether online or offline due its more speedy GPU performance in contrast to Intel HD Integrated Card. One expect for a small gaming during work break might this kind of processor.

On the other hand, HP product with a mid-end Core i5 processor is completed with 320 GB till 1 TB for the hard drive. The memory is from 4GB till 8 GB so that you can use it for gamingh because the performance is quite steady.

Core i7 processor is still the highest type that HP belongs. This memory storage is from 8GB till 32 GB. Furthermore, the storage of the hard drive is usually 1 TB, in which this is the largest storage now. The bigger storage will enable you to install the bigsizes softwares and save big sizes data and videos and definitely your games.

What Display and Screen Resolution are Recommended?

There are many types of display and screen resolutions are integrated. Overall, the higher specs the appliance has the higher screen resolution it becomes. Most of the gadgets in the market may have different displays and screen resolution. If you have a very limited budget, there is 11-inch laptop display laptop with diagonal HD LED brightview widescreen of 1366 x 768 resolution or 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. It is the standard screen resolution display mostly used for this product.

13-inch laptop and 14-inch laptop HD Brightview LED backlit widescreen display with 1366 x 768 pixel resolution comes with make a better performance and sharper images, videos, and graphics. This kind of display and screen resolution mostly is found in mid end portable computer.

But, if you want to invest your money and own for a high end laptop display, a way bigger such as 15 inch laptop with diagonal full HD SVA antiglare WLED-backlit 1920 x 1080 resolution and the biggest 17-inch with diagonal HD and brightview LED-backlit pixel 1600 x 900 resolution which are clear and suitable for gaming, will give you more benefit in sharpest performance screen resolution who need the highest specs. 1600 x 900 pixel resolution is the highest resolution, which is equipped in high-end Hewlett-Packard laptop. You buy satisfaction. But somehow, this brand is innovatively designed with a small LCD display with diagonal HD and brightview LED-backlit or on the other hand, HP laptops with a bigger LED display which has standard screen resolution. It is a matter of preference and also the budget you have.

How Long does the Battery Life Survive?

One of the most important specs and features from a PC is the battery life. The longer the battery survives, the more flexible and practical this portable computer will be. For the mobile users, having long battery life really means a lot. Because they work and move from one place to another place. Somehow they sometimes find it hard to find out a place which provide the service to charge the laptop. So if the battery energy can last longer, they don’t need to worry about how to access their job from their gadget. This brands generally use kinds of 4-cell and 6-cell batteries.

In case of the power of the battery, Hewlett-Packard is one of the hard component brands which is popular for its long battery life spec. The HP battery supports its laptop with high end and sustainable battery saving power. The type of battery in Hewlett-Packard laptops is built-in rechargeable battery. The battery life may vary. It depends on the use. The average battery life of HP laptops is about more than 3 till 7 hours. It depends on the use and the specs of the laptop. The longest battery life for light-use is more or less than 7 hours. On the other hand, the battery power for heavy-use can survive more than 3 till 4 hours. But no matter how qualified the power of the battery is, you need to handle it with care by not charging the PC in long time so that your battery laptop will not be dropped easily.

How much Budget Needed?

When it comes to buying hardwares, people want to buy a great product with the cheapest price. Hewlett-Packard laptops are considered as high qualified gadgets among the gadget freaks. The price is considered cheaper compared with other brand products. The specs and additional features complete its performance. Besides the price is reasonable, this item is such a lightweight laptop so it is considered great in performance. Hewlett-Packard products also vary in price range. It depends on the specs and features. The higher the spec is the more expensive it will be. There are many mini laptops under 200$ price worth which is intended for students or college students who are so busy with their assignments. There are also many HP gaming laptops under $500 which are intended for playing online or offline games. Compared to the other brand products which have same specs and features, HP laptops are way cheaper but qualified for anyone.

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