How To Make Bootable USB For Installing Operating System

Thumb drive is always becoming number one choice for storing our data. We just need to plug it in into our computer and smartphone and copy everything is needed. Now, we have our data in portable and mean we could bring it anywhere and share it with our friends. Imagine if we do not have it and just depending on the online services. Online service is good, but we always need to stay connected to the internet to access it. Getting it into rural areas might be not a good choice on this case.

Installing new operating system is not needed anymore to get it from DVD drive. This is where USB drive is shining. You could just take the OS into it and then jump into the installing process. It comes handy for people who do not have an internal or external drive. Here, you only need one app for doing everything and your problem is solved. I am having good recommendation for it and I am going to share it with you. There are too many of them, so I only pick the best of them. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s jump into the article.



Rufus is a popular choice for this case because of its great feature in small package. The app comes with small option such as file systems mode, partition scheme, and a tool for checking the bad sector in our drive. I recommend you to check the drive before you put any your OS to make sure the installation process in a good way. Once you have installed the application, just run it and select of the ISO and then start the process.

The burning process is not that much and depending on how fast of the drive. USB 3.0 is recommended since they are faster than any common drive. The only problem is the compatibility issues. I do not recommend you using it for installing Windows 7 since this version is not fully supported by this model of drive. You will not get any problem with higher version of Windows.


WinSetupFromUSB is having much feature like we could not find on Rufus. It comes handy for some situational case where we need some options. The features such as formatting tools, QEMU Emulator and Bootloader options are ready to use. At first, it would be hard to know its functionality, but you get used with it in no time.

The application itself comes with a manual instruction for each tool. When you pick any tool, the popup window come out and tell you the functionality. The process might look not that simple, but it’s not hard than you think. You soon know when you try it. This one can be your top recommendation because of its great feature.



You might be very familiar with this software if you already jump into the internet for some years. Software is not available in free, but the trial version is more than enough for just burning of images. Just get the paid version only if you think it necessary.

When we want to burn of ISO, just locate the file on the computer and then select it. Make sure the USB is already empty since everything will be formatted. The write process is faster than our previous app with only 20 minutes are needed for burning Windows 10 system. I guess that is a good reason for not missing it.

It comes with other feature such as mounting ISO and creating of virtual drive. You can open any ISO file and even extract it to get file on the inside. This can be my top recommendation from this list.

Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

Windows USB DVD Download Tool

Let’s make us into official software for burning Windows OS. Like the name said, the app is only capable on getting Windows system and not for Linux and even Mac. It features basic option and GUI and simpler method in comparable with the previous one. It would be a great choice for person who is not familiar with this problem. It’s a great tool and can be depended on doing your need.

Final Thought

Installing new OS is not something that hard to do. Now we even able to do it from USB drive. There are many apps are available for it. I already give you some choices and now it’s the time for you on deciding which one is good or not. I also hope the information is useful for you. At last, thank for your time on reading the article and see you again next time.

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